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December 28, 2007


We have decided to walk home.

(Thanks BrownK)


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Seeeee? This is what I keep saying.

I have had a heart attack just thinking about being in that plane!

How do you know you need a propeller?

I landed faster and longer than I wanted to,"

Operative word: LANDED. Didn't crash.

Maintenance? Ha, ha, maintenance! We don't need no esteenking maintenance!

All of the pilots I've ever known have one thing in common ... they agree with the premise that " ... any landing you walk away from is a good one ..."

(Tho personally, I may decide to walk away from a few more takeoffs, to avoid those "chancy" landings ...)

Upon landing, the pilot asked to be towed from the flightline and requested clean underwear for all his passengers and himself.

Seriously, he succeeded in obeying the first rule of flying: Make you number of landings equal your number of takeoffs.

Kudos to the reporter for properly using the term 'emergency landing' instead of 'forced landing'. An airplane will always come down. You don't have to force it.

"It was exciting."

YA THINK???????????????????????????

My brother-in-law discovered that the cleared forest area he was aiming for with his engine-dead airplane had poles set up at intervals to prevent offroad users.

Technically he was an offroad user, albeit unintentionally. He was able to tear off his wing three inches away from the fuel tank.

He took my two youngest up in his new plane Wednesday. I have every confidence in his skill as a pilot. It's his offroad skills that need improvement.

Hey, Dave! While you're in Colorado, stop by Colorado Springs and I will give you a reason to file a restraining order buy you lunch.

People, do not make fun of the pilot's name, as this would be inappropriate.

Gee, think The Dave just cancelled that sight seeing trip?

The first (and last) time I flew into Aspen, Pitkin County Airport was engulfed in a particularly dense cloud. Like absolute zero visibility. As you probably know, the flight from Denver to Aspen goes straight up the mountain side, which isn't scary AT ALL so I was feeling really secure.

Anyhoo, we're evidently near the part where the plane switches from climbing to descending when the pilot, who drawled like a cowboy, came on the speaker and announced "We haven't been given official clearance to land but we're gonna go for it."

Amazingly, we didn't crash. Not amazingly, I chose to drive home.

I fly every other week and I'm still slightly disturbed when the pilot comes on and says, "We'll have you on the ground in about 10 minutes." Can't he say, "We'll safely land with nary a scratch in 10 minutes"?

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