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December 31, 2007


So I'm skiing down the mountain (as opposed to up the mountain, a common beginner mistake) and I hear this loud voice talking behind me, and a second later I get clipped by this guy who is not really paying attention to where he's going because he's talking on his cell phone, while skiing. So I go, quote, "Hey!" and he looks back and kind of waves his phone to indicate (I think), "Sorry, but as you can see I am on the phone."

I think there should be a Rudeness Patrol out there, consisting of officers equipped with tranquilizer darts.


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I'm sure as President - Yes, of the United States, you will make that your top priority. That, and free beer for your supporters.

Seriously, how stupid was that guy? Can't you be without the damn phone long enough to enjoy yourself?

I just hope cell phones really do give one brain cancer

May he crash into a tree and be Bono-ized.

Dave, could cyanide be classed as a tranquilizer?

Oh, crap! Sorry, Dave, didn't realize that was you.

*mounts peace offering of beer and Cheezits® onto tiny phone-free snowboard; launches gently toward The Blog*

fivver, no. Cyanide is a drink mixer, like cran juice or rat poison.

He is obviously from Miami. Rude driver. Rude Skier

Dave, Dave, Dave...

Didn't your ski instructor tell you why they really gave you sharp metal poles to carry?

They're (not there or their) for self-defence and revenge.

Tranquilizer darts would not have sent the correct message...the dude should have been tazed.

Dave needs these ski poles.

WWJBD? JB would shoot him in the thigh. The thigh area.

Nothing says "Put down the phone!" like 00 buckshot.

Take 2:

Could someone please tell me how the following could be rejected as sp@m:

*s-n-o-r-k* at Hammie!

Um, maybe because sp@m is made with ham?

Umm, the Bot doesn't like me...

We were at the roller skating rink yesterday and this lovely little girl kept cutting off all the other children as she was skating and texting. I would put her at 11 or 12 years old.

enjoy the snow ... you may be there a while.


let's see...
We can spork at Hammie;
We can fork at Hammie;
We can nork and sork and maybe even lork at Hammie;
but, obviously a sn___ at Hammie is bad -
because we can snork at sammie;
and snork at jammie;
but we never would snork at mammie (or you'd get slapped!)

Send lawyers, guns and money...

are people allowed to be armed on ski runs??? cell phone jerk should just be shot. no questions. ka-bam.


I agree with the need for a Rudeness Patrol, but I believe they need to be equipped with weapons much more painful than tranquilizer darts. Perhaps Tasers? Rabid weasels?

Make a mogul out of him!

There is only one excuse for a cell phone on the mountain. We signed up my son for snowboarding lessons in Winter Park for his 12th birthday. After rudimentary instruction the teacher took off down the mountain. My son promptly fell over and sprained his ankle, and by the time he got back up, he was all alone. The teachers didn't notice he wasn't with them. He struggled for about half an hour, all alone, up a mountain, before he called me on the phone I had given him to call when the lesson was over.

"Twizzle trazzle trozzle trone, time for this one to come home."

Trip notes: Dave's most fond of fondest memorys on 'o7 CO ski trip. Ability of the experienced skiers to apply Italian salute while skiing and talking on the cell phone.

If he was 7, and you were from Allentown, you could SUE him! The cellphone could only add bonus points in court.

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