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December 27, 2007


The mood in Colorado this evening is tired and cold and achy from spending the day trying to get down steep slippery hills with big chunks of gravity all around. But soon Colorado's mood will improve drastically.


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Subtitle: The Blog Has A Heineken

Will the "mood" be drinking beer??

Will the "mood" be drinking beer??

Just one?

gmta, judi! and the dang bot too FOREVER to post it and posted it twice!

With all that "moo"ding goin' around, it sounds like a herd of cattle must be in Dave's hotel room ...

the bot tooK my K!

Just one?

Hmmmmmm ... must be Y2007K ... the tally says there are six posts on this thread, but only two show up ...

O, I think the bot beat Dave to the beer.

Oh, sure ... bot makes a liar outta me ... of course, Mother Nature made a fool outta me ... so ... um ... nevermind ...

fiv' ... there's beer?

*goes to check inventory on Killian's, Guinness & plain old American stuff ...*

O, it's not nice to fool Mother Nature!


Geezer Alert!! remember that commercial??

Dave is having a Rolling Rock.

"If you think it's butter but it's not..."

Semi-geezer here -- I was a wee tot when that aired, Siouxie. ;-)

Siouxie, I remember glass shampoo bottles. One oopsie and the shower got a whole lot more interesting...

*stocks the geezer bus bar with 'strawbeery' shasta, fresca, throws cherry mash on the bar, and revs up the engine*

Dave is skiing? WOW!!!!!
Quick, dial 911

Dave! The mood is exactly the same here in NH! Cold, wet, achey....just without the fun and the beer.

And did you say weepy? No, of course you didn't. No weeping *snif* here, either.

*plugs in shiatsu massage machine she got for Christmas, grabs a diet soda, flips on Discovery Channel*



Uh...shampoo? Wasn't the "not nice to fool Mother Nature" for a margarine commercial?

Party at Punkin's place!

Hang in there, Punkin. The year is almost over.

Thanks, gjd.....

*waits for giant ball to drop*

"You can brach my heart,
my achy brachy heart..."

*plops tub of iced beers and tray of hot toddies on BlogBar, as penalty*

Cold beer here, now that I'm back in HOT Miami (84 today).

Dave's about to make some yellow snow.

I will also be in Colorado "covering the primary" just after New Years. Since you beat me to it, I think I'll just ski/fall down instead.

Dave, er, shouldn't the press be covering you as you ski pander mood enhance campaign, not the other way around?

Oh, and do say Hi! to Congressman Tancredo for us, and tell him that the Third World is just not the same without him (i.e., it's way better).

HEY, med! Don't forget the Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine! That was the BEST for underage drinkers, not that I'm saying I ever did anything like that!

Suzy, and Cold Duck! Boone's Farm & Cold Duck! those were the crappiest bestest booze refreshments we could get with our limited budgets.

Oh and MD 20/20!

I just saw on CNN that Denver is getting hit by another snowstorm, and flights are being canceled again. Maybe Dave can ski back to Florida.

I think the bot beat Dave to the beer. It is just without the fun and the beer.



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