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December 30, 2007


The weather remains extremely cold, with continued coldening forecast, followed by death. But we're still going out onto the ski slopes because all of our brain cells are dead it's refreshing outdoor fun. Many people, however, prefer to engage in indoor activities, as indicated by this thorough report from the Aspen Times (thanks to Claire Martin).


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DAVE! Here's an opportunity to have yet another sewage plant named after you!

Have fun, Dave!! and don't forget to flush! You want to make sure you're present and accounted for.

FIRST to think of a great idea for a DB column!

WHOOP!! A semi-psychic-sewage simul with EL!!

Morning, gf!!!

simul with Siouxie! Nice way to start the day!

wowsa! a sammich even. I'll share the FIRST with you ;-P

another! Good morning back at ya!

Yes! We can share the FIRST, and don't tell anyone but I haven't had to robot for any of these posts - so far!!!

shhhhhhh...I haven't either...for a week or so.

Pinky swear! Looks like we're the only people around this morning. ;)

Pinky me, too! I wanna, I wanna!

Siouxie musta flushed the bot. High-flo lives again!

Happy New Year, you guys! Thanks for being there for me. And not here. ;p

YAY!!!!!! again, Annie!!! Another published piece!! and she posted your blog. You are on your way, amiga.

Off to read it now ;-P

I am flushed with pride for our own published Annie!

It's either that or too much cafe.

Dave - you say you're skiing. Michael Putney just said you were delayed in Atlanta on your way back to be on his 12:30 pm This Week In South Florida with Carl Hiason (sp?). It must have been pre-recorded, I'm guessing.

Dave - you say you're skiing. Michael Putney just said you were delayed in Atlanta on your way back to be on his 12:30 pm This Week In South Florida with Carl Hiason (sp?). It must have been pre-recorded, I'm guessing.

oops! not sure how that double post happened.

Too much cuban cafe. Is this report really accurate? I mean, you're way out on the slopes, nature calls, you're already IN nature.....are ya really gonna schlep all the way back to a potty? Especially guys...you're always whippin' those things out for any silly occasion. I can't imagine guys hiking all the way back to the lodge when they can pee on a tree.

*tries to imagine what would happen if everyone flushed at once* *shudders*

PS: Congrats Annie! Very good! Do you have a hit counter on your blog? Would be interesting to know how many people have stopped by.

ellie - um....yes, I think so. That stuff gives me a headache, though.

This just in. Aspen, Colorado, taking a leaf from Las Vegas, Nevada has come up with a new tourism slogan...
"[N]ot everyone who flushes in Aspen spends the night in Aspen"

"What 'happens in Aspen, stays in Aspen."

Annie, can we do 2007 over??

I'm kinda thinking I wouldn't have eaten all those Hersheys kisses last week. OH and maybe just a few more spinning classes.

Worst job in Apen must be the census taker. I bet the pay is shltty too.

*kicks an 's' or two up to JEC666's post*

Well done, Annie.

Thanks, gjd. I have experience kicking 's.'

I wonder if Dave's ever gone inner tubing on the snow. We may try that for New Year's Day. Looks like crazy fun. And you don't fall quite as far. All you need is a cupholder for your beer beverage.

Yay, Annie! The new column is terrific.

With all those extra folks flooding into Aspen, I'm sure the lines for the ski lifts and trails are all backed up.

So you're in Aspen Dave? Tsk, tsk, everyone knows the posers go to Aspen, the real skiers go to Vail, Breckenridge or Beaver Creek:-)

Annie, a nice balance of humour and pathos. Well done.

Mot, maybe Dave is afraid to ski the beaver (iykwim aityd).

Hey Sooz, I agree, I don't think fresh powder, smooth slope and beaver should be used in the same sentence.

"The 98 gallons per day standard reflects an individual’s use of water."

So after the tourist season when things get back to normal they sing...

"Hey, ninety-eight point sh*t, it's good to have you back again..."


Snork @ Siouxie. Excellent column Annie. Sorta explains some things. :)

*Snork* @ Siouxie & Mot!

BTW, Mot, I loved the phrase "dreaded lurgy." As a hardy Austinite, I hadn't been sick in years. It was a fluke. A poorly-timed one.

Thanks, guys. Doc - watch it.
Just Ducky - 'fluuuuuuke' WBAGNF the 'dreaded lurgy.'

Ducky, my mother had the flu at Christmas while being 8 months pregnant with my little brother. To make matters worse, my dad had it as well. Thankfully my grandparents lived next door and filled in on the "Santa" duties for a very young Doc Rick.

Good point, Annie. Doc, grandparents are the best! I had to take Mr. Ducky to the emergency room one Christmas morning when the kids were little and called my folks to come over and babysit. Thankfully, we were home by noon and commenced with the opening of presents. Mr. Ducky, thanks to good drugs from the ER doc, was feeling no pain.

Seeing as the Jaguars aren't playing a lot of their starters, I don't get the pleasure of gloating over the whipping they're taking from the Texans today. Still, 2 kickoff returns for a touchdown is pretty cool so WOOOOOHOOOO! *Sorry CJ*

Hey Doc, what do you think of the Pats achieving a 35 year old record? I think Tom Brady has got some class.

I like the Patriots Mot and I would be pulling for them to go undefeated just to shut the surviving members of the 1972 Dolphins up for good. But I made a promise and I'm sticking to it by rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs this year. As far as Brady and being classy, I've been convinced by the gals on here that he's a low-life dirt bag for ditching his pregnant girlfriend for a super model. If I've learned anything in here it's not to upset the Blogettes. ;)

I'm only referring to his on-field performance. We don't get all the personal dirt over here.

Other than the personal side, he's one of the best big game QBs to come around since Joe Montana. He just has a knack for making the right pass at the right time when the game is on the line.

Clear evidence of what you say was the 65 TD pass that sealed the game.

Make that 65 yds. It's late over here and time for bed.

Goodnight Mot. Have a happy new year's eve.

Dear Rick:



As I said CJ, the Jags were resting the 1st string so that meant a lot of the backups who normally only get in on special teams were pulling double duty today thus the 2 touchdowns on kickoff returns. Without that, the game would have been tied and decided in OT. Don't worry brother, I'm pulling for your Jags from here on out. Super Bowl or bust baby!

Annie, great column!

Maybe it's the whole New Year's clean slate thing, or whatever, but I feel compelled to confess that I know nothing about sports teams. I mean nothing. And I resolve to no longer nod stupidly and try to keep up in sports conversations. No offense to everyone who enjoys the banter. Ah, that felt good.

I was a little taken aback by the thought that I am likely responsible for producing 98 gallons of personal water waste per day. That kind of blows my mind.

Off-topic question, if I may? My kids want to go see the Chipmunk movie, and I was trying to explain to them that Alvin and the chipmunks were around when their dad and I were young. But I honestly couldn't remember much about them -- of course, that song has lasted forever ("Christmas, Christmas, time is here...") but besides that, I can't remember if the 'munks had a weekly TV show, or a Saturday morning cartoon, or what. Does anybody else remember what the chipmunk deal was back in the 60's?

Seriously, I need a life. Maybe I'll get one in '08.

Hey Cat, when I was in first grade (1960) I watched
Alvin and the Chipmunks every night before I went to bed.
I don't remember much about the show but I do remember I enjoyed it!

Or is could be all the drugs in college?

Apparently it also affected my spelling.

So it was a nightly tv show? Wow. I wonder when it went off the air. I was born in '61 so there must have been something a little later. Maybe they had a TV special or something. I don't remember any story lines or plot development though. I probably watched the same TV special every year.

I think alvin and the chipmunks cartoons were the offshoot of some musical group's off-beat songs in the late '50's early '60's. I think I was in Junior High School (middle school?) when I first heard their songs on WLS. At the time I thought it was Dick Biondi, this would have been around 1960-61.
I think I recall the tv show, but not sure when it was on.

Alvin and the Chipmunks also had a revival in the early to mid-80's with a weekly cartoon show and covers of the current music at the time. And feel free to jump in and change the topic anytime Cat. Some of us just tend to ramble about what we think we know best. *looks right in the mirror with that comment*

Doc - I remember the '80s revival. I gave a copy of 'Chipmunk Punk' to my cousin for her kids. She nearly killed me. Guess hearing 'My Sharona' a la Chipmunks over and over would be a valid murder defense.

This is what I typed a minute ago and they said it was s-p-@-m.

C H A R G E R S W O N ! !

(without the spaces)

I remember the Chipmunks and their TV show very well. Peter Tork was my favorite.

Great column, but one minor quibble: those people in Times Square tonight are not New Yorkers. They're from everywhere other than New York. New Yorkers know better than to stand for 10 hours in a cattle pen with no bathrooms, food, or drinks. Although the subway can sometimes approximate that experience.

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