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December 29, 2007


LAPD uses feral cats for rodent control

(Thanks to  Siouxie and Annie Where-but-here)


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Okay, if I'm not first, it's because I can't "meow" without being spam. Grumble.

I'll MEOW for you.

Thank you, Igloo. I'm glad someone can meow around here. The bot has never gotten me for spam before. I feel a little violated.

The obvious question: cats vs. squirrels/terrorists - who wins?

"Garrison's group selects the cats unlikely to be adopted, and sprays, neuters and vaccinates the cats prior to working at LAPD offices."

What do they "spray" them with?

The cats will always prevail, Meanie. They can follow the squirrels up the trees, unlike the poor dogs who just run fast and look up.

Woo-hoo - shared post with Sioux - ^5, amiga mia!
And it's about cops & kitties, too!

*waves at Auntie M*

*congratulates her on her first Botfocking*

gjd--Umm, "Fertility B-Gone"? Somewhere I heard about a kid telling someone that her cat was going to be "shoveled" because she though that "spayed" meant the garden tool.

These cats are Ferrel?
Does this mean that Will will soon be eating rodents on his next movie?
Can Will play an instrument?

"It's the smell of the cat and the cat urine,"
They spray some sort of Eau de anti Cat. Gotta be the worst smell on Earth.
*Igloo, voluntarily goes to corner to await beating from cat lovers.*

*throws a "t" up to make a complete thought*

Auntie E - remember this Farside?

Auntie M might remember it, too. Sheesh.

Alfred-I had a PE teacher in high school who ate cockroaches to motivate the football team.

Igloo-It looks like you'd enjoy your beating too much. Besides, cat pee really does smell bad. The police station probably smells like kitty litter, stale doughnuts, and old coffee. Ick.

Sure do miss Gary Larson. Kinda like Dave retiring. At least we have the "blog".

I LOVE Farside, Annie!!! That's one of my favorites. My dad quotes it to me occasionally, in reference to my sister and her million dogs--most of whom are breeding stock and are NOT spayed or neutered.

Igloo-At least Dave still does some new stuff. Gary Larson hasn't done anything new in a long, long time. I miss him, too.

grrrr at AuntieM's sis....grrrrr.

Well, she's a dog breeder. I just shrug. She breeds the "Spuds McKenzie" dogs (or "Target" dogs, if you prefer). I went dog showing with her the other weekend. It's like a cult. I'm in the processing of blogging it, but I've been so lazy on my mini-vacation.

.... and her million dogs, too!

I prefer mutts anyway.

Are we still talkin' dogs?

I thought the topic was cats. And cops. But mutts are good, too. They're usually less neurotic than your average pure-breed.

I received a great gift several years ago from my eldest son. Two volume copy of "The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 (2 vol set)". I wasn't going to open it because it was sealed in plastic, and my greed gene was pushing me to keep it pristine. One day it would be worth a bundle. Much like some of the baseball cards I clipped to my bike, back in the '50's, that now sell for many multiples of their original cost.
Anyway, Larson fever took over, I ripped off the plastic protection and was rewarded with the pleasure of thumbing through all of Larson's work in one (very long) setting.
I can only hope that one day, before I pass, Dave will compile "The Complete Dave Barry". I'm just a year older than Dave, so I hope he gets going on the project. Imagine; all of Dave Barry's columns in one complete volume. Not just some. But all. The bad, the good and the great. Chronologically so we can savor his development as a writer.
OK, not funny. SO...

Cheese it! The cops!!

"I'm more of a dog guy," said Officer Mark Miraglia, "but I try not to hit the cats when I drive out. Does that count?"

An additional use for cats - speed bumps!

*smacks Officer Mark Miraglia and ArcticAl*

YAY!!! ^5 amiga!

Um, Igloo? Print runs back in the '50s for baseball cards were much smaller than the print runs for books such as that Far Side Collection in the '90s. Don't regret opening it. It's going for 82 bucks now on half.com, and unless that's a lot of money to you, you've got a keeper! Enjoy.

AuntieM- Cockroaches can actually taste good, if cooked correctly.
Ever seen Dates? They look like cockroaches, but taste like heaven.

During the 90s there was such a huge craze for Comic Book investments, that most comic book prices actually lessened. To many buyers, not a lot of reading.

Anyone here read PEarls BEfore Swine?

I agree with Suzy. I have a great Garbage Pail Kids collection that will never get me any money. EVERYONE collected them when I was younger. They're all over the place on eBay. Unless it's a truly "limited" run of something, just open it and enjoy it!

Igloo - I got that edition of "Far Side" last Christmas. THIS Christmas, I got "The Complete Works of Don Martin" in a similar, 2-volume edition. Don Martin was a genius. GENIUS, I tell you! Thbbbttp.

I get the same feeling when I read Larson as when I read Barry.

Pen envy.

Geez Guin,
I forgot all about Don Martin. Must seek out Don Martin on Amazon.

Annie's got penis envy? I shall use my trusty machete, amiga and get you one!

*chop* *chop*

I don't think you can write with it.

(btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Far Side)

Don Martin.

Pearls is a great strip, Alfred. Poor Pig!

I read iy on-line, daily:

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls is a great strip, Alfred. Poor Pig!

I read iy on-line, daily:

Pearls Before Swine

It, not iy. Darn spell-bot is offline.

The bot's on a rampage, PirateBoy. Don't sweat it. I like Pearls. It's a good strip. I don't get the paper, so I usually borrow from my parents or sister.

There's a cat strip I like, but I can't remember the name. Must...Google...can't....stop....myself...

If I'm not back in 5 minutes, send a rescue party.

cat strip=Get Fuzzy?

Get Fuzzy--that\'s it!

*removes illogical "/" from that's*

You can read my mind? That's mighty impressive, Igloo. I think everyone here shares the same brain sometimes.

Nothing to it, Auntie. "Get Fuzzy" is one of those newer strips the local newspaper dumped on us; and for one I am grateful. It's hard to lose comic strips I have followed for years (Mary Worth; Mark Trail; [Geezer alert!]The Katzenjammer Kids) but the new ones can be just as entertainingl.

Alas, the story is no longer available from the UPI.

Try http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/Quirks/2007/12/30/lapd_uses_feral_cats_for_rodent_control/1286/

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