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December 27, 2007


(Thanks to Kurt Lathrop and JEC666)


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Not sure I quite got the point of the...game?

Good for him.

There is a God (this time, anyway).

Somehow my post for previous thread got posted here. Must be an end of the year glitch. My only comment about Paris is I share her father's (or was it grandfather's) embarrassment at her behavior.

Finally, a Hilton with half a brain.

Man, that is some "TIME OUT, HO!"

Alas, she will need to share only $69 Million.

Can I have some?

One of his charities is housing for the mentally ill. So she'll still benefit.

Even with only 3% of the dough, Paris will have a comfortable 69 Million bucks.

she might have to get a job! good thing she has experience in the film industry.

That is great!

From now on we get to call her Paris TraveLodge!




According to the Daily News, after taxes her share will be a pathetic $5 million. How will she EVER survive??

Guin, she's got her talent to fall on her back on.

Kinda ironic, dontcha think? Part of the money she woulda pissed away will go to providing clean drinking water in Africa. Now that's poetic justice.

"Ms Hilton, known for her party lifestyle, spent three weeks in jail earlier this year for violating probation in a drink driving case."

Is it no longer OK to drive a drink?

A SNORL? Is that better or worse than a SNORK?

(And speaking of, SNORL at Neon Leon!)

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