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December 27, 2007


(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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and my request for "Born to be mild" was rejected by the authorities...

*stunned silence*

Wow. It was like staring at a wreck. I had to just keep clicking to see one more.

Anyone else find themselves occasionally wondering exactly what body part we were looking at? No? Oh, well...

I do have a tattoo, but I thought about it for years and did my best to be sure that I would not hate myself for it as time went on.

Man, I know I sent this one in days ago. I guess it got lost in the pre-Christmas rush.

Right, sent 12/18.

Armpit Crotch was my favorite and AGNFARB.

there was more than one?? i'm glad i didn't click on anything. the monkey butt was classy enough.

Yikes! they're all pretty gross.

I love the "I'm AWSOME" (they shoulda added..."and stupid".)

It could have been worse. It could have been a squirrel.

I bet their Moms are so horribly ashamed and embarrassed and seeking therapy proud.

"...the foot is nobler then the shoe...the body, more beautiful then the clothes that adorn it." - Michelangelo

I've always thought of tattoos as a kind of permanent clothing, now I got proof.

That is gonna look so AWESOME when he's 80!

Best tattoo I ever saw - mid 40s/early 50s woman had a tattoo of a sewing machine with hot rod flames coming out of the back. "BORN TO SEW" was written underneath, with a bad-@$$ neddle and thread accenting the script. Awesome. The chairman of Columbia Sportsware, Gert Boyle, has a "BORN TO NAG" tatt. Who says young guys have all the fun?

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