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December 11, 2007


Be sure to check all the ads thoroughly before you buy.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

Thanks, Sioux and judi. Nice retort to the BM movement on the last thread.

judi - I misread your headline as "Attention Ladies Looking for the Perfect Husband or Boyfriend." I was starting to wonder if I'd been shopping in all the wrong stores!

Ohhhh...nice world cup ;-P

Oh come one ladies, it's all airbrushed. Men don't look like that in real life. You know, just like the Playboy pictorals.

Since Siouxie STOLE my 'world cup' line, all I have to say is that this explains Posh's constant pouting.

How about for ladies looking for the perfect husband or boyfriend?

*snork* @ daisymae! As if.

Yes, dd, what you said.

I'm not sure. I think we should review a few more shots from the portfolio before deciding.

HEY! I did not STEAL nuttin'!

I'd like one of those, thank you.

Annie, Posh is constantly pouting cuz he's prettier than she is.

No thanks. IMHO, he needs more (cough!) rope.

Yeah, but if you actually buy the underwear, won't your husband find out?

praying that my boyfriend doesn't want david beckham as a gift.

and what's up with that scary arm in the background? looks like a snake.

Sioux - I thought she was pouting because he could use some more (cough) rope. To be a real cowboy, anyway.

*blink* *blink*


i wonder if he had to borrow Tom Jones' sock. i'm betting that this is NOT a natural look for him.

there's an arm in that photo??

Annie, you gotta cold or sumptin?? ;-P

*tosses over some cough drops*

I wonder what his kids think of this ad.
"I see London, I see France.
I see Daddy's photoshopped, manicured, waxed, wide stance."

Beckham-simul with Sioux!

Siouxie, stop looking at his package before you short out your computer.

Siouxie....you ok?

It's nice to see you girls are not focused on the money.

It was bound to happen. judi's penchant for bare men has claimed a victim.

A moment of silence for Siouxie, please.

and i don't know how many times i've told her NOT to lick the monitor.

Is that a Photoshopped soccer ball in your shorts or are you just happy to see us?

He's the underwear model version of Medusa - look long enough and you turn to stone.

I'm OK!! just a little wet (heh) from the drool, people...sheesh.

*had to make some Cuban cafe cuz I was starting to fade*

and a *snork* @ Annie's sweet poem for the kiddies!

I'm just wondering how much of Beckham's package is balls. Because, you know, there is such a thing as too much of that. In a package, I mean.

*Dribbles silicon down Siouxie's leg*

Hang on, Suz...lemme go look...again.

I think Lairbo is calling for a penile-tee kick.

oooooh drippy simul with my kb!

Well at least they weren't these . . .

Where can I get some of this air brushing and enhancement? Is this available to us non-celebrity types?

OMG! Did the BOT finally devour everyone?

*looks around*
*sneaks onto Blog*

Sorry, AD. I was banished after the last thread.

*runs off before anyone see me*

Sorry, AD, I was researching...stuff. Siouxie went home early. She was running a temperature.

Dude! What did you do? Any casualties?

I could look like this. All I need is a completely new set of DNA, a personal trainer, and the financial means to quit my job and work out 7 hours a day. Piece of cake! (By the way, do you ladies think that's a big package? Really? Interesting...)

Sorry, Annie. I was talking to gjd. Missed the earlier thread where he apparently got in trouble....

I have to admit Beckham is a pretty attractive guy.... even though I lean more toward Posh myself....

I bet she keeps an airbrush handy, though.

*sneaks back in*

Pssst. AD, I am a she. And I admitted to liking Barry Manilow music.

*hurries back out*

psst, AD - gjd is a woman of the female persuasion. i've done that to folks, too. :-)

Woo! Psychic simul with my Slide Girl! Listen, chica - you're a Lost and Found fan, so that makes up for the BM faux pas.

Whoops! My bad.... I thought it involved something insulting to women or something and that gjd was a guy....

This is what happens when you pop in occasionally. It always leads to trouble...

Ok, gjd. By way of apology I will throw myself to the wolves and admit I do sort of like "Weekend in New England."

(ducks head to avoid flying walrus bones)

And I'll throw this out too..... I have a friend who was listening to this CD of punk rock music where they did a cover of "Mandy" that was kinda cool....

It works surprisingly well as a pissed off punk song....

Of course, don't let Barry know or he will attempt to put out a punk album like Pat Boone did with heavy metal and that will truly be the last sign of the apocalypse....

Po' widdle thread...started off with manly man shorts....ends up whimpering about Barely Manenough.


Gosh, DD, you're a great friend.

AD, apology accepted. :-)

Anytime. :-) I'm as loyal as they come. My folks always said that, too.

Forget the jockies, show me the package

Great. Two posts in a row with 'ain't gonna click' links, and the only reasonably safe in-thread link was from MKJ! I note that "Where's the Mistletoe" goes unanswered, as the plants on those undies are American Holly, not mistletoe, and prickly at that! Ouch!

After the Manilow sneak attack on the last thread I wasn't going anywhere near Judi's link. This blog used to be so friendly and now look at it. Random BM links and God knows whatever disgusting semi-nekkid boy toys Siouxie dug up. Well I for one will not stand for it and I'm taking my blogging elsewhere.

*SNORK* @ Doc Rick!

*SNORK* @ Doc Rick!

*SNORK* at Doc Rick...

You sure you're not their star reporter?

I have been LMAO while reading the above posts. I have no Idea why, since judi's link just goes to a blank page. Did the Dave Barry Bloggers break the server?

Iggy, I think I short-circuited the link with my drooling. *sigh*

and Rick?? I did NOT dig him up..I was doing research. yeah.

You must have quit licking the screen to make your post, because the link is now working.
Not my kind of picture, but the humor becomes clear.
C'mon judi, how about some Victoria Secret® pics.

What does it mean if you look at that photo and all you can think of is "Hmmm, comfy looking bed."

It probably means that you have dialed in the wrong sleep number.

...wonder if he had to borrow Tom Jones' sock. i'm betting that this is NOT a natural look for him.

I was thinking it looked more like a tennis ball.

For some reason it reminds me of Spinal Tap when he goes through the airport metal detector and it turns out he has a cucumber wrapped in tin foil stuffed down his trousers. Classic.

I see London, I see France. I see Beckham's underpants!

ellie - go to my 3:21 post - gmta - some slower than others. I also thought of Spinal Tap, and the sound the screener's 'tool' made passing over his 'area.' Tee-hee.

iggy - if you have to beg for it, you don't deserve it.
and yes, that's your next tat. :)

Sorry A W-b h,
But begging has always worked for me. Perhaps because I have low standards, (eighteen to eighty, blind, half-crazy and not dead over three days)or because my begging has panache. To quote Cyrano's last words "...yet there is something still that will always be mine, and when I go to God's presence, there I'll doff it and sweep the heavenly pavement with a gesture - something I'll take unstained out of this world...my panache".

Not sure which.

Annie, My bad! That's what I get for skimming posts.

OT but, last night I went into a 7-11. The Pakastani (I swear) guy at the counter called out, "5 min. before we close". I was so confused and then I realized it was 7pm. Har har on me. Then when I went to check out he kept cracking lame jokes and then saying, "my bad, my bad" in an Apu-type accent. I left the store severely confused and slightly humored...

Back OT...

And who was the lucky girl/guy who got to "arrange" his...well... I mean, it must not have looked that perfect when he sat down. There just had to be some shifting around to do...*wanders off to ponder this revelation*

Have I been out in the country too long? This guy looks so arrogant and metro that he doesn't warrant another look.
Wait, let me check again and see if he warrants another look.

Annie, let me help you check. I'm just such the good friend.

Iggy, I stopped licking the screen when my drool got in the way. I think it's dried out now ;-P

Seriously, I agree. He's WAY too metrosexual and into himself, just like Posh. Butt...he's good to look at. I prefer a more masculine and NORMAL kinda guy, not a man that looks better than ME!

Butt...ya know....eye candy.

Excuse me, I think I'm going to gag.

need a spoon, CJ?? ;-P

CJ - I agree - iggy's begging makes me ill, too.

need a spoon, Annie??


I took Sushi to the vet today and he's doubled his weight and the eye infection is gone and he's a healthy lovable kitten. I guess he'll keep me ;-)



Bend it like Beckham

With all the drooling and begging, this thread is vulnerable to heartworms.

Yay for Sushi! :-) That's awesome.

Ducky, if and when you get here...CYE. I sent you the link to the Keith Urban pics I promised ;-)

just for the record. Beckham looks kinda swollen to me. maybe a Doctor could help.

Hiya, Wyoooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Doctor Turnankof, I presume?

Maybe Posh introduced him to collagen or silicon? No way it was saline, 'cause that would just be saltpeter.

snork @ iggy's Cyrano quote

Yeah, Wyo. I'm thinking Neuticles. Not personally.

I'm sure he has a very nice personality.

ok, ok, *snork* @ CJ, 'cuz he's tryin' so darn hard.

I will admit that like some other icons, Becks seems to be a solid guy.

*snork* @ CJ

*hangs pity snork next to gold star from 5th grade, to cover holes in sheetrock*

Uh-oh! Did I scare everyone off again? Should I ask "Blog, May I?" before I come back?

gjd, last night I thought I'd killed the blog. sometimes there's a lull. sometimes there are multiple simuls. perhaps we could get a federal grant to study this phenomenon.

Hiya, "gjd" (or whoever you are, wink-wink). Wyo, would the grant be payable in beer?

one could always hope.

Sooo, is that Victoria's Secret?

Victoria's Secret, is that she's fat. so I've heard.

Perhaps from drinking all of her research grant.

silly men, this is victoria's secret.

um, ewwww. somehow I'm much less interested in Victoria now.

♪I've got hers that dingle-dangle-dingle.♬

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