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December 29, 2007


Tiny robots powered by sperm!

(Thanks to Kellii)


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Mrs. Cowperson is workin' on another Homeschooler's project, dealing with scientific discoveries. Too bad those folks can be so narrow-minded. This is a way-cool (can I use that phrase, bein' over 45?) concept!



Scientists are examining whether they can harness the energy driving human sperm to propel nano-scale robots or deliver medicine to targeted sites in the body.

This will never work. If they get lost, these tiny robots will never stop to ask for directions.

Doctor: I'm afraid it looks like your kidneys are almost entirely nonfunctional, and surgery is not an option for you. Once they shutdown completely, you will have no way to remove toxins from your body and, I'm sorry, but you will have only days to live.
Male patient: Isn't there anything that can be done, doctor?
Doctor: Well, the only option left is highly experimental, and I've never administered it.
Patient: What is it?
Doctor: There are new pills available that can deliver specialized medicines directly to particular organs, including kidneys, once you swallow them.
Patient: How do the pills do that?
Doctor: They use harnessed energy from sperm.
Patient: Which way's the restroom, doc? I gotta go bad!
Doctor: Amazing - they really work!

Sperm are not known for their sense of direction.

Wyo, ask Mrs. Cowperson to make 2 editions. I'll take the fun one! *grin*

Dave, what do you mean by "another" practical use?

"Acme Spermbots: Not Just At Your Cervix Anymore"

Anybody remember the film where Woody Allen played a sperm? If they are like him, I'd have a concern that they would be *reluctant* to do the job.


Since these robots would be the delivewry system for dramatic new drugs, I'm sure that there will be unlimited volunteers to provide the delivery system for the delivery system when Britany wants to try the newest drug!

Ah, perhaps an opportunity for a second income "stream", perhaps... :)

Merely testing ...

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