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December 29, 2007


(Thanks to Timothy)


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Hi, Med and Doc! Hope none of you have to work New Years evening.

Hi, guys! I, too, am a sci-fi freak. Blame Dad, who hooked me on the original star trek when I was a small, impressionable child.

Roads are great. Yes, I am working NYE. Good for the wallet, bummer otherwise: but I should be done in time to have an adult beverage and watch the ball drop. In KC, at least.

And btw, what is this global warming BS the well-connected idiot Nobel laureate espouses? Because we have had snow and ice half dozen times, and winter started, uh, 8 days ago. Sheesh.

No one has mentioned Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Taken (by Stephen Spielburg) or my current fav, Jericho.

Sorry to come in to this about 100 comments too late, but a second Serenity movie!? I LOVE Firefly (when I get to the 3rd disc, I start to tear up). That's so cool! And Data was always my favorite.

Glad to see K.C. hasn't turned into the planet Hoth Med. I was a big fan of the original Battlestar, not so much with this version although the CGI is outstanding in its accuracy. Firefly is my all time favorite sci-fi series because the heroes aren't always all that heroic. Buffy ranks a close 2nd only because I'm not a big horror fan.

Doc Rick- If you ever are, look for a show called Supernatural. The Winchester brothers will find and kill Samæra Morgan. And then Dean will get a girl and Sam will brood.

I love the show.

My roommates just rent the many series they like on DVD and watch from there. We are working on Season 2 of How I met Your Mother right now. and Avatar the last Airbender.

Taken is a really cool conglomeration of history, family and sci-fi. Check it out. I love Buffy, too. Always good to see a hot chick smack the bad guys...

Also loved Jennifer Garner in a similar role in Alias. I swear, she is so cute that I could ALMOST swap sides.
Don't know how any red blooded American male could not adore that show.

How is your job search going, Doc? Are the apartment walls closing in?

I also loved "Buffy" - except the final season. "Angel" too.

How could you not love Angel? Hot guy agonizing between being good or being evil... Holey Garlic Cow.

I found this while looking through comics.

Alfred.... you worry me. Secret Asian Man? How the heck did you come across that?

And niters, friends. Gotta go make doughnuts serve brunch at the crack of a$$, so carry on.

Live long and prosper. ;-P

Alfred, my stepson has alerted me to Supernatural and I'll be looking into it shortly. I'm told they ride around in a muscle car so I've got to check it out just for that.

Nite Med! See ya on the brighter side.

Yeah, they do ride in a muscle car. And listen to old hard rock music.

Med- I saw the name, decided to check. It was hilarious, so I am bookmarking this guy.

Good morning! I thought you all would enjoy one last bit of Star Trekkin .

gjd - can't believe I missed a sci fi conversation. Thanks for the Trekkie link.

(goes for coffee)

As a lifelong Trekkie, I'd be pissed, too. I wanted to go to that auction just to see all the stuff they had. It was amazing!

Live long and blog!

Trekkie fan here.

*zips in*™

Good morning, all! I just started reading this thread this morning, having watched the Giants collapse play the Pats last night, and it was not really funny to see everyone being so excited about how great the Giants were playing (as was I last night) but to know the heartbreak that was coming. :(
Living in San Diego, I hate Eli, as do all of us here, so I never thought I'd be rooting for him, but I was last night.

Suzy, I thought 61 seconds was a little long to just take a knee too. That usually only happens if there are 30 or 40 seconds left. I guess the Pats were too chickensh!t scared to take a chance. ;)

El - I thought that was a bit much, too. I was hoping one of the Giants would tackle anyway. 61 seconds is way too long to take a knee. And I never thought I'd root for Eli, either, but I'm a bit tired of his brother, and Brady is too arrogant to live.

*will keep my opinion to myself since I am not a true sports fan and apparently don't know chit* ;-)

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