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December 29, 2007


(Thanks to Timothy)


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Don't mess with the Trekkies. They'll phaser your (not you're) butt. Then sue you.

I thought for a moment that Brent Spiner was the auctioned prop.

DDD - I've heard he is "fully functional"?

Brent Spiner has had it rough, you know.

No one knows his secret life during Star Trek.

PirateBoy-how exactly did you "hear" about that?

AuntieM, it was a common line in the show. sorry to disappoint you.

tonight is a tough night... Just got a new Warren Miller DVD, but there happens to be a football game on...

Geez, Wyo, try to make a joke around here...I'm actually a big fan of the shows. Not "Deep Space Nine", but the rest were good. I follow Wil Wheaton's blog right now.

Enjoy your pointy ball! I'm watching Food Network and trying to annoy my hubby. It's working!

Sorry, Anutie, no insult intended. I'm just kinda distracted.

Did you see/like Firefly?

I know, I know, try to stay on topic...

The Giants pre-victory celebration is live on NFL.COM, and it is free today.

I have the whole series on DVD, and saw Serenity in the theaters. Joss Whedon is my main man. I'm a huge "Buffy" fan, too.

On topic...Star Trek, William Shatner, and Lenard Nemoy.

Change that spelling to "Leonard Nimoy". Apologies.

I here there's another Serenity movie on the way. can't wait.

Second Touchdown, (74 yards!!!) Giants!

ok, now, BOT

Dave, please give an update on your CO ski trip with Dion. Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham? How about sperm usage updates?

Umm....see PirateBoy's 8:10 comment for a sperm update.

A new Serenity movie? Yay!

...and as for the Nimoy video... that's just not logical. (d@amned ear worm.)

AuntieM....I'm watching food network too........uuummmmmmmmmm...GIADA

Wyo, you should hear him sing "Proud Mary" or "If I Had a Hammer". You'll wish they auctioned his singing voice--to someone else.

14-13! Go Giants!

No doubt, Auntie. within my collection are several recordings of Clint Eastwood singin'. Thank God he and Nimoy never formed a duet. Brooks and Dunn they ain't! (probably would be better than Big and Rich, though.)

AuntieM:: Almost as bad as "Kojack" singing "If..."?

*hands hanky to Jazzzz*
Yay Giants?
Clint and Leo. I shudder to think.

*picturin' Auntie playin' such songs for her students in Music Appreciation class. Thinkin' the PTA would have something to say about that.*

What the freaking hell is the world coming to?!

(Jazzzz, can you slip me a sedagive sedative?

Now, Wyo. I just torture them with historical music. You know, "Over There", "The Editor's To Blame", "White Cliffs of Dover", "Goodnight Saigon", "Starving to Death on a Government Claim", "Heart of the Appaloosa", etc. Some of them are more modern, but I still get massive eye rolls. If it's not "their" music, they think it's crap. I'd love to play some Weird Al for them, but I hear some teacher got fired for playing it to her students. No one has a sense of humor anymore.

I have a friend who teaches 2nd grade in Southern Kalifornia, A-M, and the only song everyone in her class knew was Madonna's "Like a Virgin". I worry about our future, sometimes.

Will Wheaton is huge in Geek Culture. He actually tried everything else before getting back into acting. He has a wife and a few kids.

Feel sorry for Brent Spiner, he will always be noticed as Mr. Data.

My roommates are brown Coats.
Jane has man parts.
River will very likely kick my trash any day.

PirateBoy--I lament the loss of common cultural stories and icons. The kids look at me like I'm crazy. I do a bit on "The Three Little Pigs" at the beginning of the year. Half of them don't know the original story. Did I mention I'm moving to a desert island when I get older? I've seen the future. Run away.

Alfred--I bet you'd love to have River kick your butt!

Auntie, Mrs. Cowperson's teachin' K'gart's this year, and next year jumps to 6th graders. what they (elementary students) don't know about their own culture is astounding. terrifying.

One day they'll be allowed to vote. God help us all.

Ah, 6th graders. That's me! They have no clue. They're too involved in video games and texting each other to have any concept of the outside world. Sad. Again....desert island, anyone?

got room for a couple'a more people on yer island? we're there!

We'll need a bunch of specially chosen people to inhabit our island. You're welcome to come along! Sigh. My hubby thinks I'm kidding. I'm kind of not.
*goes to check real estate listings for affordable islands*

sometimes I wish some cosmic pulse would knock out all of the satellites/cell towers, etc. I'd miss you folks, but gettin' back to reality would be awesome.

Science fiction? wasn't the topic?

or was it that the Giants Just Scored AGAIN!!!

Auntie/\/\- If I was a time traveller, I would travel to 3 more years into the future of Serenity time. This way, River would be legal.... And a little more sane.

I am wondering how they would make another movie. I mean, the last one ended certain things so it would be difficult to move on.

Yay Giants?

Science fiction....oooh oooh ooohh....Double Feature.
Or something.
At least Shatner doesn\'t pretend he can sing.

Hey, didn't we find out a while back that if you discover that you are royalty that you get an island? Maybe you should be checking in with Buckingham Palace.

Alfred, I agree. They sort of wrapped everything up in the movie--and killed off some key characters. Not that something like that has ever stopped Joss before. Heck, he killed Buffy twice!

And, for the record, if Brent Spiner was the prop up for auction, I'd be bidding.


Sorry, gjd. I'm Norwegian, Scottish, and Irish. I might end up with a fjord or a moor, but no island. A pot of gold would be nice, though.

Don't forget, guys, in Science Fiction (or any good story line), sequels need not go one direction in time. Just because Star Warts couldn't get it right, doesn't mean it can't be done.

Good point, Wyo. And Joss IS a genius. I bet he has several sequels in his head, and knew where he was going at the end of the first movie.

Saw Brent Spiner as John Adams in the revival of 1776 on Broadway and he did a good job so you don't have to feel sorry for him.

Go, Giants!


I don't know, it seems he had a story for the season, but it ended. In the place I really didn't want it to end.

They did explain Reavers though.

I wonder if Buffy would make an appearence in the next movie.

I know where you're going with this, Alfred. There probably won't be any catfight between River and Buffy.
Sorry to dash your hopes.

just as an aside, while I'd love to see a Serenity sequel, a Master and Commander II would just be ultra-spiffy.

Really? I guess I didn't appreciate the appeal of the first one. They do sequels to everything, but the writer's strike could put a kink in everyone's plans.

I found out last week that most elementary schools no longer teach students to write in longhand. It has been replaced by "Keyboarding Skills". How will these "youts" (My Cousin Vinny quote) ever write a business letter? They all write like Prince: "I H8 2 Spel 2 Gud."

Death to "Leet speak" as they call it. If one more kid says "I pwned that dude!" I'm going to lose it.

Go Giants!

You'd probably have to have read all 20 1/2 of the O'Brian novels to really appreciate M & C. not a great movie, without all of the background one gains from the books.

Imagine trying to make a movie out of one of Dave's books! OK, Big Trouble was a good flick, but without havin' read Dave's version, it was just OK.

same old song and dance, yeah, it was a good movie, but not near as good as the book. Why then, do so few people read?!!!?

I wish I knew. I've always been a reader, myself. Runs in the family.
*thinks longingly of desert island*
Oh, well. I need to go to bed now. Go Giants?

Can we make sure that the Island doesn't have television? "MTV Cribs" and "The Real World" cause brain damage in both rats and teenagers.

"Sleep well, and dream of large women."

ok, maybe that flick quote wasn't right for Auntie, but it's what came up in my twisted mind.

Wyo, can the Giants hold on? I hope so!

If there's room on the desert isle, I'll teach snorkling and spearfishing. And I'll cook for everyone. It's my new love.

bali!!! missed you! I'll take my steak blue-rare.

Pirate, only time will tell, but Eli's lookin' pretty good. Giants are fired-up.

Missed you too! Ahi tuna rare all around. Currently single and lookin' to stay that way, but always glad of friends. Happy New Year!

Wyo, at the risk of sounding d-u-m, who are the Giants playing tonight? There's nothing in my TV guide about a football game, and nothing in the Herald's pathetic sports page.

bali, do we need an update?

Correction: Were fired up. That entire series from Eli wasn't very good.. I'm listening to "WFAN" on the webstream... NY Giants home radio channel. Outstanding coverage.

B-Gurl: In Kalifornia, I wouldn't want to eat the fish. Ever seen "Blinky", the 3-eyed fish from The Simpsons? I think he was caught around Long Beach...

Suzy, they're playin' undefeated Patriots.

And how come this games is not on TV in Miami? What channel are you watching?

Yeah, I'll send one along tomorrow. It's been a tough 2007, but I'm hoping 2008 can be nothing but better. Still, it sure feels good to be back among friends!

And what's the score?

You guys are complaining about this 'future' thing, and then typing it on a typewriter and having it be seen within an instant, by people around the world.

If you learn to type quickly, you spell much better. It just tends to happen.

M&C got me into the books. They don't show off the characters peculiarities very well. The commercials for the film were awful. All about how brave the captain was. Not about the relationship of the captain and the doctor. And how the crew worked.

29-28 right now. NE just scored.
11 mins to go.

31 to 28 now. Rats.

NE just scored, now lead 31-28.

bali, use [email protected]

(end shameless promo.) and to any internet freaks, I'm very well armed, and one d@mned good shot.

OMG, I just found the game on TV. Damn TV guide LIED TO ME!!!!!!

Hey, PBoy, I was thinkin' Desert Isle meant away from the US. When I was in Bali, they used dynamite fishing, but I'm not into that. I was thinking somewhere in Fiji (the 300+ islands where no one lives) where a BFK (Bif Fargin'Knife) might come in handy.

BFK= BiG Fargin' Knife...sorry...

Fargin' Ice Hole.

My mother called me that. Once.

as much as I hate to admit it, Tom Brady is one class act. wow.

Well. That far north and all...It's a term of endearmeant, right? Moms are allowed. At least, us Moms related to Johnny Dangerously!

The Giants seem to be imploding here :(

True, B-Gurl. If I tried to hunt & fish at Wal-Mart, I'd either get arrested, or offered a job. But they just opened a "Pro Bass Shop" in Ontario, Ca. It's a DISNEYLAND in there! It is so plastic and artificial (Including the plastic molded boulder waterfall) I'm surprised they don't charge admission. I need real water, and real fish.

Rats. Touchdown, NE. 37-28.

AuntieM, I'm glad you showed the restraint to not loosely toss up an O to Lenard. Not that he doesn't need to loosen up a bit.

So I finally turn on the pointy ball game, and the first thing I see is Giant jersey that says Whimper. And they begin to, apparently.

quote of the night, from Chris Collingsworth:
"They win a lot."

re. New England.

no kiddin'?

BassPro Shop has great breading for fish...yum!

I enjoy Cabelas.

Crushed cornflakes, a can of beer, and a fry pan. Why more do I need for great fish? Tilapia or Sole for me, please. With garlic toast!

Rats. Now I'm hungry! All we have here are "fast fish" shops. Doesn't taste the same.

Shatner sing? I can't get behind that. (Actually, I have the Has Been album.)

Pirate. cornflakes will get you nowhere with trout.

just sayin'.

TD Giants. but I'm thinkin' too little, too late.

hats off to the Giants. That was one hell of a game.

I'm not sure even Mal Reynolds could beat the Pats this year. Jack Bauer could, but Chloe would have to swipe their signals.

kevlar thigh pads would help too.

It was a great game until the 4th quarter.

Trout with cornflakes is still good, provided the trout was caught in cold water.. Our warm-water lake trout here tastes "mushy".

bring all the cornflakes you want to Wyoming's trout streams, and you'll have to eat hot dogs for supper. just sayin'.

Ok, boys, gather 'round. I have a football question. I understand that NE "won" the onside kick, but then why did the game stop? There was 1:01 left on the clock. There could have been an interception or fumble, or something in that remaining time for the Giants.

'Splain please.

Oh, and good trout don't need no fancyin' up with cornflakes.

Punkin wins! Biatch....

for each play, Suzy, the play clock allows so many seconds. If an offense actually risks a play, it could be fumbled or intercepted, etc. By deliberately taking a knee, an offense can kill 30 seconds at a time, and lose only a down. Better to lose a down, than a game. When the clock's short enough, better to simply surrender the down(s), and kill the clock.

Ah, the play clock! *smacks forehead* Thanks, Wyo.

It still seems kinda unfair with that much time left, though.

Suzy, there were still 61 seconds left but the Pats could use up ~90 seconds with their remaining 3 downs, so they didn't need to do anything but keep the Giants from getting their (not they're) hands on it. Kind of a mathematical elimination.

Sooo, I'm just outside of the woods near Ft. Drum, over in Vero Beach. There are big cats here. Just sayin', after talking to folks. I don't believe folks, because they say they have seen bobcats that are 3.5 feet tall and have footprints the size of softballs, which should not be possible. Everybody always exagerates about critters. I have seen the yard where the child was 'attacked,' and that is panther country, but I need to get access to go search. And another beer....

Sorry, Suzy & Wyo, I took too long answering. I got distracted by a Shatner "song" that made me laugh.

No problem, dwv.

Game over. And all the geezers are in bed.

Darn, lttg. But the restaurant didn't catch fire tonight... that's a plus. ;-)

Aw crap! Finally a decent sci-fi conversation in here and I missed it. I LOVED Firefly. I never watched it or "Buffy" until they went into reruns, but I can honestly say that I missed some really well written television. Oh, Go Patriots until they meet the Jaguars of Jacksonville in the playoffs. I hate the old tuna net rejects showing up on ESPN trying to rap/hex their way into keeping their perfect record.

Med, I thought all of you were iced in up in the greater K.C. area? Good to see y'all could get to work and such. Down here we'd have had paid vacation until the roads reopened.

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