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December 23, 2007


We link; you decide.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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That decor is beyond frightening. It's saying something that the picture Dave posted is the second least scarring of the bunch. That living room!

What's wrong with the decor? It is timeless elegance.

That wallpaper reminds me of something I found in my kitchen during the remodel when the cabinets came off the wall. Yikes!

I haven't been remodeled since 1962.

I have to say this has aged a lot more gracefully than the olive green/burnt orange/old gold, with mushrooms and owls in the kitchen, that I seem to remember from that era.

...although the pepto-bismol pink bathroom seems to be universal.

My bathroom is that color the day after too much red wine. Projectile pink paint.

Two words: spray enamel.

Or perhaps, two others: sledge hammer.


*zips in*™

What I saw:

He doesn't put the seat down, not even when they come to take pictures for the newspaper. ick.

I was kind of expecting shag carpet, though.

It seems to me that this color bathroom was still en vogue the last time I was renting in Miami. My house (outside), and appliances in the kitchen were that color, too.

This house should be designated a museum. And preserved. Of course, I spent years and many $$ trying to restore my home to its 1912 glory. I LOVE it when people walk in and say, this looks like my Grandma's house. Needless to say, it was "updated" in the 60s. Sigh.

*nothing's changed sicne 1961?*
*opens fridge*

i LOVE that house!

So now he has to move out of the basement?

So now he has to move out of the basement?

My grandmother had that pink and black bathroom tile in Queens. I love it!

I had that pink/black bathroom in my old Coral Gables home. It had a certain kinda...flair.

Buyer beware. Wouldn't surprise to learn his mother was lovingly preserved along with the decor, IFKWIM...

Damnit Richard, that's what I was about to ask.

= ^ (

When I was house-hunting 4-1/2 years ago, I looked at a house that was built in 1972 and hadn't been altered in the slightest way since. The first "assault on the senses" was the bright orange shag carpet. Wow...

Bright orange has me beat. My 60s home had maroon carpet and drapes when I bought it; it didn't look 30+ years old, though, so I assumed it was a more recent choice if you can imagine. Needless to say they were victims of the remodeling that happened in short order.

Have you seen the always-witty James Lileks' "Interior Desecrations"? While decorating tastes in the '50s & '60s may have been questionable, it was in the 1970s when true horrors were released onto an unsuspecting public.

I don't know why this is news. Isn't all of England fifty years behind the US and working a three day week trying to catch up?

My grandmother's house used to have red - really, really red - shag carpet. She eventually replaced it, about ten years ago. But...she didn't change my favorite part of the house: the powder room with wallpaper that has a red background and a print made of black felt. The wall is fuzzy.

We still have red shag carpet in our bedroom. It was like that when we moved in in 1985 and is one of the things that hasn't changed. Along with the pink and maroon tile in the master bath.

The PirateBoy's Parents last moved in 1957. Other than paint and carpet, everything else is unchanged, including them! Try installing DSL on a 1950's telephone line. It takes patience, and luck... Avocado green bathroom, anyone? (And they have entire *closets* not opened since 1961.) I did throw away their "emergency food" left over from from the Cuban Missile crisis. I thought that the cans of rice and beans may be slightly beyond their shelf date.

My house was built in the 50s and it has pink and maroon/burgundy tile in the master bath. I've redone most of the house, but I think the tile is pretty cool. I did paint the walls white, though.

I see houses like that every weekend when I am out estate saleing. Those journalists should see Cicero IL.

Estate sales rock! And there are plenty that are in this "pristine" condition. My mothers kitchen is still mid-seventies (orange, yellow and green flowers). She's holding out until they (mom and dad) decide to build a house on land they've owned for over 12 yrs. I'm afraid I'm going to have to be the one to remodel it (the kitchen). That's okay...being as I'll also be the one holding the estate sale.

The TP roll is on the holder the wrong way! It should roll off the TOP!

england swings like a pendulum do. vedddy hip. where is 'changing rooms' when you need them. blimey.

Some of that furniture is actully coming back into style with a rage. How very retro.

Well, a slow news day for the Daily Mirror -- which says it all.

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