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December 28, 2007


Take your skillets.

(Thanks to BrownK)


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Why did the chicken lie on the road?

Merely to give thanks it hadn't flown in from Aspen, without a propellor ...

... the driver was going too fast around a curve on Dry Tavern Road in Brecknock Township.

I just hate it when that happens.

What a cluckin' mess.

what the flock?

BBQ chaz, BBQ.

Not to worry. We'll handle this. Please move along.

As God is my witness, I thought chickens could truck.

They apparently got rid of all the chickens already.

O the U(manity)!

(and HAR! @ "Mr. Carlson" ...)

*weeps at 'Dry Tavern'*

Was the truck traveling at Brecknock speed?

This's what happens when too many chickens try to cross the road at the same time.

Birds of a feather truck together?

Others on the blog can tell more of this...but my friend in Maine says when lobster trucks overturn up there, the poor critters are broken up and can't be sold. So, as he tells it, the local radio stations announce for folks to go to the accident location and go get some fresh lobster. YUUUUMMMMM. Another reason to go visit again. PS-He doesn't like lobster.

*brings gravy and biscuits*

Dayyum-I loves gravy and biscuits.

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