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December 27, 2007


Blogging from me will be sporadic for a while, because I'm in Colorado skiing covering the crucial Colorado primary. My professional journalism assessment, based on several hours of being here, is that the voters are cold. Also they tend to fall down. I will try to keep you posted, but there is ice on my keyboard.


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Put your crash helmet on FIRST!

Cool. (in a weather sort of way).

Dave, what out for that TREE!!!!

and WATCH out too!

Dave, remember fivver's first law: Ice belongs in a glass surrounded by your favorite adult beverage, not running wild in the streets.

*Raises an alcoholic beverage to his Daveness*
Stay warm!

I suppose the rest of the Blog family is there too?
*Send and additional schnapps down the blogbar for Mrs. Blog and a hot cocoa to the munchkin*

Yeah, it can get cold in Coldorado.

One word, Dave: vertical

Hey, Dave, where in Colorado are ya?

It's just not right that people in Miami who can be all warm and toasty in December, would leave said climate to get cold! I'm willing to there are people in Colorado leaving right now to go to Miami!

Andy, don't you think that information would be classified, for a presidential candidate? ;)You may be getting a call from Dave's Secret Service Detail......

Uh-oh...yer right, Eleanor. It's not like I'd do anything to any snowy ski slopes while anyone was on them...

All the Cold in Colderado
is on the bank of a mountain somewhere
in somebody else's dream.

My apologies to the Gatlin Brothers.

*Hot buttered rum, light on the butter, for the blog and Mrs. Blog; Hot Cider for Blog Kid*

When you stop by the lodge for booze cocoa, don't forget to take a Tancredo. It's hard to squat on skis.

Don't break a leg, Dave.

Watch out for any federally funded programs should you required compound francture assistance. And to take that thought a broken hip to boot farther, stear clear of any yellow/brown snow and/or mean female canditates of the socialists party.

"bet". And beer.

All I know is, I'm counting down the days till Sunday and your "Year In Review" comes out. I have a friend traveling north from Miami this weekend and I've warned him not to even think of getting on that plane until he's hunted down the magazine section from this Sunday's paper! Enjoy Colorado!!!

If you find yourself in need of anti-freeze, Dave, just
stop by. I can offer a choice of Maker's Mark, Jim Beam Black, Absolut, Tanqueray...

That didn't work out too well, did it Andy? *giggles*

Nope, didn't. Darn. :(

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