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December 28, 2007


It's almost over. And that's a good thing.


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if Cheney doesn't shoot someone, Huck will.

I promise, I will eventually finish reading this epic ode to 2007... probably in 2008.

Meanwhile, I want to be clear that I was not 'technically' involved with Anna Nicole Smith, because I hate standing in lines.

Dave Barry's rear in yer view?

Another instant classic, Dave ... tnx muchly, once again ...

... and ... I Lollered @ " ... Edward R. Murrow ..."

Tnx also for the Geezer Connection ...

*hopes Dave has a better href="http://www.amazon.com/Squirrels-2008-Wall-Calendar-Prints/dp/1846624223/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1198888497&sr=8-2">2008*

Dave summed up the BCS perfectly when Bryn Mawr was rated #1 in college football. I almost laughed, but now I think that might happen.

I've been waiting all year for this. Thanks, Dave.


*hopes Dave has a better 2008*

my cheeks hurt from laughing

loved "the dollar... vs. most foreign currency and ... bathroom tissue."

"On the weather front, the nation is gripped by a heat wave. This has happened pretty much every August since the dawn of human civilization, but it totally stuns the news media."


"Iranian President Mahmoud ''Scooter'' Ahmadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, defends his denial of the Holocaust and claims there are no gays in Iran. He and his entourage then head to Greenwich Village to shop for chaps."

Be careful what you say about this guy, Dave. He might give you a fatwah. Or whatever.

You are the best! [Igloo is not sucking up. Honest]
I am fortunate to live during the same era as you. Mencken and Twain were very good at their craft, but you are the tops. I have been enjoying your wit for 25 years and I dearly hope you don't quit.
I am so thankful that CJ and others will help fund my "boomer" retirement, allowing me a long life in which I can enjoy your writing.
CJ, this Bud's for you.

Thanks, Dave. Now I understand why the Dolphins had such a bad year. I had no idea they signed all of those players to the team this year. No wonder.

"And Dave Barry immediately collapses on January 1st, 2008, from writing the exhausting 2007 Year In Review article."

"Mr. Barry's publicist immediately denies that beer was involved."

Yay Dave. Now I have something to do on this Saturday night! :)

Bravo, Dave! A great year in review, as always. The Hannah Montana thing cracked me up! Especially since you are a participant in that craze (not voluntarily, I'm sure).

Thank you, Dave, for a terrific year in review. My 2007 is now complete. I'll have to print it out and put it in the back of my signed copy of The History of the Millennium (So Far).

Dave wrote a column???


Don't mind me. I have had nothing but 'down' conversations for months. From my family, from my company. I know I'm an idiot leaving my company now, when times are tough.

Today is my Mom's 78th birthday and she accepts my mayhem and that's what matters. I have worked so hard for so many years and she trusts me.

cg sent me an email, during a not great week, telling me that if I could convince her offshore drilling in Florida was not bad, then I might be able to sell an article. I can do that, or maybe not, but I couldn't try until today. I suspect I know more about the subject than anyone, but Annie will stick out her tongue. But I do know. I was just never able to write about this before this afternoon. I am now officially free to write about what I want to write about, but I won't put it over here on the Blog. I know water, chemistry, and sociolgy in ways some people know video games. I am just into water chemistry in a weird way. I 'see' fate of transport in ways that have everybody else bored. I don't know why, but the company I'm leaving has made sure I stay in touch.

I am just a nerd.

You know, some of his columns would make really good books.
I was talking about CJ's. Ok, ok, Dave's would, too.

I just finished History of the Millenium (so far) which I got for Christmas - ending with 2007 is like dessert!!! Thanks, Dave!

CJ!! you silly nerd you!! we love you and you will do great things. Greater things. I will even read about them. I do have to find something else to put me to sleep when I run out of Chardonnay. Right??

You know I jest.

CJ, love you, you nerd. (non-brokeback way, of course.) hang in there!

CJ, just so ya know, some of those stories have a minimum word requirement.
Hey, come on - somebody had to say it.

Happy Birthday to Mommy CJ!!

Cheryl! I'm sure he'll love that calendar ;-)

Okay, I just read the first sentence of Dave's column, and I just had to come back here and say, SNORK!

Going back now to read the rest . . .

. . . And I'm back. A brilliant performance as always, sir!

Never mind Ahmadinejad and his fatwah, daisymae. Once Hillary reads that crack about her ankles, Dave's life won't be worth a plugged nickel.

LOLLOLOLOLOL! i was wondering if any of michael vick's dogs got mortgages, and that's really why he got in trouble. just askin.

I believe they are called cankles, Renee.

Excellent year end review, Dave!!

Completely hilarious - how do you remember all that stuff, Daveboy!

You could have left me out, Dave. I am, once again, 100% not guilty.

Bravo. Looks like Dave had his fact-checker (Walter) working overtime.

CJ, yesterday was my mom's 77th birthday. Happy Birthday to our moms.

Dave, thank you so much for another riveting history synopsis. I plan on using it in the classes I teach next year. (Why not? It's not like they will notice the difference.) ;>) By the way, how hard was it for you to forego mentioning ALL of the lunatic things Rosie O'Donnell was responsible for?
Based on what a flop her book was, you could do a much better biography on her. I would hold out for a generous beer clause, however.

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