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November 25, 2007



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Snake: it's what's for dinner.

Mot, I was beginning to think Dave & I were the only ones awake. But then, what time is it there?

3:20 pm?

Maybe it was brought in for some special tests. I've had doctors stuff snake-like objects up both ends of me looking for things. They didn't find anything and I'm still missing my car keys.


This is why I live in the great frozen North.
The -20 degree days of January keep all those icky, slimey, squirmy, poisonous critters - and folks over 70 - away.

Sorry Jeff, my Vista equipped computer decided it needed to re-boot so I only got back to the blog a while ago. we're about 4 mins shy of 4:00 pm here now.

Yes, Pooh, we pay for our sunshine in many ways.

Maybe some patients had COBRA health insurance.

If it was a generic instead of a name-brand snake, the bill shouldn't be too bad.

Isn't it about time for a mudstuffin' snake poetic soliloquy?

*waves wildly at everyone*

Good morning!!!!

That was a personal-injury attorney!

Of course CJ, that explains why the kids were so scared.

In China this would have made it to the menu instead of the papers

Patient sues hospital over staff ransacking his lunch!

Hey, Prof! mornin' how's work??? ;-P

I guess everyone's at church this morning.

Will the custodial staff and a snake killer please report to Ward 4. Repeat - custodial staff and a snake killer, Ward 4, please.

[Main desk switchboard explodes]

Snake...the 'other' white meat.

Hi, everybody.

Punkin - you got snakes up North - when it's cold, they just go.....inside.

A belated happy birthday, Jeff!!!!!! I'm sorry I missed it yesterday. Hope you had a great one!

"$473.56 for an aspiration?!?"

I guess the caduceus is short one snake.

I said get me an ASPirin, you fool!

*snork* @ SW.

Hospital workers can be forgiven for not recognizing the snake right away; they thought it was just another insurance company rep.

Or an ambulance chaser

10-zip Jags, 10-zip Bucs, 7-zip Houston.

BlogBar's Open!!!

I'm back! Did anybody see the UK / UT fotball game yesterday? 4 OT!!!! But watching it won me a 4th of a coverall bingo game (Yeah, I am geting to be that old). I watched about two football games while playing bingo and won 58.75 because I wasn't obsessing about winning!But, I am a bit perturbed about UK losing by 2 points after 4 overtimes!!! Happy Belated birthdays, etc. to all whom I might have missed being gone... I gotta catch up on a lot!

Congrats, Kathybear. Just don't bogart the exclamation points, or Doc Rick will be very upset. I didn't know the United Kingdom played football.

Yeah, I'm sure they'll snake it onto the patient's bill somehow. Probably under Misc. Charges.

They don't play football, Annie. They play fotball.

I noticed that, too, Edgar. I'm just too much of a lady to bring it up. You, however....

Kathy, my Mom called me when it went into overtime (my local broadcast had switched to UF/FSU) and gave me the play-by-play through all 4 OTs. She was doing a lot of hollerin'. I get it honestly.

I kin hardly stand it, but today I'm rootin' for the Raiders an' the Ravens. Strange day. CJ, Jags are lookin' good.

Speaking of critters showing up where they (and we don't) think they belong. mrs.dances has insisted for years on thoroughly dunking our grapes in water, 'cuz she's heard stories about people finding nasty spiders hiding in them.

So what does she find today whilst soaking the last bunch of grapes I'd hauled home from The Jewel? Not just any old spider, but one with a little red hourglass. Dead already, but still a bit unnerving.

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.
No wuckers. I'll bring the grapes.

What the hell's a wucker?

I prefer my grapes refined, if ya know what I mean. and as for animal watchin', yesterday was a banner day, I saw both a black-footed ferret, and an ermine. kina cool.

Dances - shhhhh!!! Now everybody's gonna want one

'SCUSE me, dances? Your wife found a dead BLACK WIDOW SPIDER in your grapes?!?!?! Unnerving does not begin to cover it.... I'd be callin' the store and the news over that one!

Didja take a picture of it?

What Annie says is true. I am a male.

And yeah, most people would consider a widow spider a rather big deal.

Slang (Aussie?) for no worries, not really appropriate for polite company. So, no wuckers here. Not that you aren't all exceeding polite.

Wow, Wyo. Ferret and ermine! I've heard about contests with ferrets. I'll stick with grapes, fresh and fermented.

Hmmm, no I hadn't taken any shots of it. Yet. Maybe I'll go fish it outta the kitchen trash.

Critters of all kinds live in the wild and/or outside. Grapes are generally grown outside and/or in the wild. Even black widows have to live somewhere. dwv, you did the right thing. Throw the little sucker away and pop a grape.

A snake in a hospital and a black widow spider in your grapes? That adder get yer blood pressure up!

Get ya a little rattled...that's fer sure.

Seriously, dances, I'd call Jewel and let 'em know. They may need to pull that shipment and do a rinse-down or something.

Okay, here's the best shot I could get of the spider with my not-quite-CrapCam.

Yep...that's a spider all right.

Seriously, Diva, black widows exist. The liklihood is that there were no more in any one batch than any other. Drop stuff like that in a bowl of water while you get a fresh beer. Black Widows aren't that bad. Brown Recluses bother me more, as they are so small.

Ok you have offically given me the creeps.

*goes to kitchen to rewash grapes*

Vowels, it's kinda hard to tell what that is from the picture. I could be a widow, but you can't really see.

Reason 1,672 to stick to only fermented varietals.

I soak my produce in salt water, it kills anything.
I've been bitten 4 times by Hobo spiders. I'm just really jumpy around anything 8 legged.

Sorry - total arachnophobe here. I cannot deal with 'piders of ANY variety.

On advice of council, I let Farmstand at The Jewel know. Not much they can do but offer a refund, etc. If the grapes weren't so good, I'd be more interested.

As CJ and blurk point out, spiders happen. Brown recluses are more worrisome (to me!) 'cause they are more prevalent here. I'm less concerned about what grows in CA's Central Valley, since there's a refrigerated trailer between us. I do feel sorry for the pickers. It's not their fault.

Yeah, Edgar, the not-quite-CrapCam isn't so good with macro shots or much of anything else. The magnifying glass was the only way to get even the merest hint of the red hourglass on the belly. Someday, I'll get a real camera.

You did see the "large" view, right?

Snakes in hospitals and spiders in produce
Headless blue oxen; crazed moms on the loose
Guys who get zapped just by crossing the street
These are the things that make Dave’s blog a treat…

dances - you did get rid of her egg sac, too, right? Before it hatches?
*cues ominous spidery music*
Brown recluse are way worse, as you said. People think they're just a widdle bwown spidey. That can practically KILL you!

Oh, and while you're at it, check the bananas for those big furry monkey spiders.

Usually the big banana spiders give themselves away by the clicking noise they make. The bigger problem is that once spiders get into the store, they warm up and travel, so they end up in all kinds of produce.

Hey, where'd everybody go?

Everyone is furiously scrubbing their produce, annie. NTTAWWT.

AAAaaaannd Ducky ties it all together.

dwv, I zoomed way in and agree it's a Widow... or a sand spur with a bit of bloody flesh adhered.

[Bucs and Jags in a bit of trouble, must drink more beer]

Med- 'scrubbing their produce....' That's not a euphemism, is it?

Bootiful, Ducky.

Stupid Texans. *joins CJ in drinking more beer*

No fruit now for me, thanks...After being away from the house for 3 days with a couple of 20 somethings left in charge, I wouldn't, at this point , be surprised to see spiders... Although the kitty usually takes care of large running insects, I'm not sure about arachnids. From the amount of food left in the cat's bowl, I'm surprised she didn't take a chunk out of my ankle when we got home...

*SNORK*, Med!

Annie - "scrubbin' their produce" could be a euphamism for many activities, no?

And thanks, dwv. Oh, and 69!!!!!! Yowsa!

I have an extreme spider phobia. But even with that, I respect them. I have plenty of black widows around so I read about them and the areas they like to live and avoid those areas. If I have to go into their favorite habitat, I am on extreme lookout. I've heard there are recluses in this area, but havent been proactive enough to look it up. If recluses live here, it is a new developement that has happened in the last 5 years. Honestly, I don't think they live here, but I should probably find out for sure.

Lastly, I'm extremely drunk, so if this post makes no sense to you, then, cheers.

casey - the scary thing is, when you're 'extremely drunk,' you tend to um...sound a bit like CJ.
Sorry...just thought you should hear it first from a friend.

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