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November 16, 2007


I am, incredibly, back in Miami. I know this because (seriously) I just saw a driver on a 6-lane highway (Le Jeune, for those of you who know Miami) make a sudden left turn from the extreme right-hand lane, causing my taxi driver to yell at him in Creole. Home!
You folks have a good weekend.


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First to say welcome home!

Dave, when are ya gonna visit LA?

kidding, kidding, ha, ha...sigh...

Welcome home, Dave! Where's Ridley's hand?

You, too, Dave!

And where's my usual alias? Making a hard left across 5 lanes, I think.

Cold here now. Good thing you came strumpeting when you did.

Vowels, are ya having some consonant issues tonight? ;)

Have Sophie Joy Soon!

Welcome back to Miyami, Dave. That was a 6-lane salute, just for you. Have a great weekend.

Ah, SoFlo... cars will actually park in the middle (any lane!) of one of those 6-laners for a quick trip into a store.

Vowels weren't moving. Better now, thanks!

And, thanks, have an excellent weekend yerself, Dave.

Miami sounds like a walk in the park compared to Houston traffic-wise. Annie, since you didn't like the picture of Mr. Caruso, this one is just for you.

CJ, when I was growing up in San Antonio, I saw a truckload of people get off the highway, stop halfway down the exit ramp, then back up onto the highway. Guess they didn't want that exit after all.

They probably moved to Miami.

*snork* @ Ducky.

How are those 'Stros doin' in the off-season, Doc? ;-)

I once saw a taxi make a left turn from the far right lane (of 4 or so) in Chicago.

The light was red.

But since it was from a one-way to a one-way, the turn itself was legal.

Sorry about that Annie! I thought it was just a pic of Billo and didn't wait to see if it had text on it. Highly inappropriate link on my part.

And a good weekend back at you, Dave!

Doc - I'm cool with it. But I sure hope Mary's got her sharpies out. I think it said a bad word.

Like 'republican.'

I just know Wyo's skulking out there somewhere. Reading Coulter's book can't take him that long. Unless he's correcting it.

Hiya Ducks! Thanks for the update on your rockstar! Give her our best (mrs. dances and I met at the old Institute). We hope she enjoys Rice. I think back on it fondly, 'cept for the humidity, mebbe. Hats off to those who thrive there. I quit after 16 years. :-)

Doc Rick, are you anywhere near the Med Center?

Doc - that link was hilarious!

I saw someone do that on University & Commercial when I lived down there. They went from the far left turn lane to the right. No one even honked.

Here's a post for Doc AND the ladies! Yes, it's a Gibson. Please note the logo.

Ah, Jeez Dave,
I can remember back in the day when Le Jeune was just two lanes. However, the same left turn method was employed. It is not the number of lanes, it's the need to turn left.
Welcome home from the Strumpet Tour that out Strumpets all previous Strumpet Tours. Even Cher's never ending, final, I really mean it, count me out, tour.

Dances, I live southeast of Houston in Angleton, but I've commuted there for work until just recently. Been by the Med Center plenty of times though. You live in that area?

Annie-W-b-h, he's not a player, is he? NTTAWWT.

It's a good thing A-Rod isn't a guitarist Annie. He'd just wind up forgetting how to play in mid-solo. Or choke on a guitar string, either one. hehe

There's no place like it! I'm glad your cabbie went to the "Learn How To Swear In Creole To Avoid Miami Drivers School"!

Glad you're (not your) back home, Dave. Have a good weekend everyone. I am gonna be way busy for the next couple of weeks. I will pop in to say "hi" once in a while.

*notes Doc never answered 'Stros question*

Not for a looong time, Doc. I lived on-campus at Rice back in the last millennium ('71-'74). Then mrs.dances and I got married and lived in The Village, not far removed from the ambulances and med-evac choppers. We later bought a house across Almeda from the VA.

We fled Tejas in '81 and have hung out west of Chicago since.

Welcome back, Dave! Sounds like the drivers in Miami are a little (not much more) talented than D.C. drivers. May you not have to travel anywhere any time soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs to all who needed them....Med, Ducky, and Cheryl, I believe. I got to visit my doctor and cry all over him and his nurse this morning. On a happy note, I got to speak to a favorite uncle and cheered him up with stories about my crazy sister. So it all came out in the wash.

snork @ Wench Lizzy.

The Astros are doing just swimmingly Annie & DD! They killed two birds with one stone by getting their starting CF for next year from the Phillies for closer "Lights Himself On Fire" Lidge. That move alone guarantees 10-12 more wins next season. Not exactly getting A-Rod, but better than nothing at all.

Gotta go buy some groceries beer now.

(((((Auntie M)))))

Sounds like you need one, too.

stop that.

wow- that last line had more strikeouts than Lidge had all season.

((((Auntie M and everybody else who needs them))))

Needs fixing?

Did I help?

Thanks for the hug, Diva. I heard there was Gray Goose around? I'll have a dirty martini, please. Liked the pic.

Uh-oh ...

Apparently I'm the strike-out king tonight. And I was carefully trying to hurl a bean-ball.

Oh, and thanks danceswithvowels, too. I'd been putting off going b/c I knew that would happen.

Any time your closer has the "Charlie Brown" face on coming out of the bullpen, you know things aren't going to end well. He's from Colorado though so maybe after 1 season in Philly he'll sign free agent with the Rockies. That should make Wyo really happy.

DWV--it looks like alcohol was involved in this mishap.

*Snork* at Annie.

One more dirty martini for Auntie M, coming right up! Anyone else? O? dances? Scott? Annie, I have half a Coors Light around if you like. Siouxie says that's your limit.

*Snork* at Auntie M, too. I plead the fifth.

Thanks, Diva. One for the road, although English Ales are my usual. Off shopping ...

*perks ears*

Shopping?! *blissful sigh*

Glad to know you know your constitutional rights, DWV.

OT to Diva--you and my hubby are going to have that "duck season, wabbit season" going on for a while. He knows he's right! /OT

Doc, I'm sorry that whatever sports thing you're watching isn't going well. I just found out I get to go to a bouncy ball game next Saturday in D.C. I'll be just as confused there as I am here.

Well, then, English Ale it is. How's this?

Well, eventually it'll get around to Elmer season, I'm sure, Auntie. LOL! I just couldn't wesist it!

Ok I am back from Happy Hour with my friends and I'm offering hugs to all who need it and drinks are on me tonight!

*having vodka and cran at the moment*

Dave, welcome home!

ducky, way up there.... in the truck, that was me!

*pours liberal amounts of Grey Goose and olive juice on Siouxie*

Well, you SAID!! ;-)

Don't sweat it AM. Annie and I have these playful sparring situations over our respective baseball teams from time to time. Bouncy ball is a lot more fun in person so you should really have a good time. Bring lots of money though if you plan on buying beverages. An armored truck's full should cover 2 beers.

The only problem with bouncy ball is that they don't sell peanuts like at the parks.

DC still has a basketball team?
btw - last night, my team finished the season with a 7-1 record. 1st place! On to da finals.

*reaches up and replaces "situations" with "sessions". that those 3 home rums really did the trick!*

next we're goin' for an inside the snark home rum.

We went to see this same "Harry Potters" bouncy ball team go against "some other team with a tall Russian guy" back in 2006. We had really good seats, but all I really understood was that the cheerleaders for both teams never eat.

We'll bring 3 bars of gold for beer purchases. You're a captive audience, you know. It's the same when we go see round ball in D.C.

*wipes down Blog Bar with towel* Watch the spillage, DD and Siouxie!

Congrats Annie and good luck in the finals!

Heh. *refills Docs glasses*

Yeah the D.C. team sucks. I think they used to be the "Bullets" or something, but now they're the "Wizards". Their magic wands are broken. The mascot is a big blue knock-off of Grover who wears a dunce cap.

YAY for Annie!!

*wipes self* I MEANT I'd be buying the drinks!

Oops, my bad!! The other night I thought... oh, well. I just can't win. *hands Siouxie Med's leftover shoe catalog and chocolate gumballs*


Auntie - you might prefer the Mystics. Way cheaper, family crowd. They play in the summer so you can beat the heat inside.

Congrats from me, too, Annie. That's awesome.

Congrats on winning, Annie!
*wonders if Annie's team has a better mascot than the Harry Potters*

dances, I will pass along your good wishes to the duckling. She's not so fond of the Houston humidity, either, but is suffering for science. And a PhD, we hope!

cg, no wonder you look familiar! ;-)

Yay, Annie! And Yay, Siouxie for buying drinks!

*snork @ the HPs*

Annie, the Mystics look like fun, too. I'll look into seeing them. My hubby gets discounted tickets for sports games, sometimes. His workplace gets blocks of tickets to sell for 10 bucks. I go because I love him and want to drink beer with him.

wait, siouxie's buying drinks? i must have missed that! my juice glass of amaretto is 'bout empty. *hint hint*

*chuckles @ the idea of cg NOT pulling off the road if she had a truck full of men*

Speaking of bouncy ball, my Rockets just lost again. In the immortal words of one Mr. Jack Bauer...DAMNIT! *sigh*

Auntie - that's a very good reason to go see the Mystics - cheap beer in the summer. And since I'm still the only woman in the whole league, I've kinda become our team's mascot. When the boys dog it, I tend to wake them up. Last night I got in an opponent's face about him slapping our center around. Very hard to get in a tall guy's face when you're only 5'6". And kinda funny.

I am, cg. drink up!!

*buys Med some of the finest boxed wine there is*

AWBH--Just don't dress in a dunce cap, okay?
*pictures Annie head-butting tall guy in the tummy*
Yeah, that's funny.

Annie, you're my idol. If anyone can get those boys to behave, it's you. YOU GO GIRL! Here, have a piss water beer cold Coors Lt.

((((Doc)))) Shall I shoot you in the thigh to make you feel better? ;-)

*pours cg a stiff amaretto on a plate....* Look, cg! Your favorite!

Rick? whatcha drinkin' tonight?? I'm buying.

Well, I was trying to find a picture of people sleeping at sporting events to demonstrate how exciting the WNBA is, but I found this site instead. Who says the internet is just a waste of time.

Happy Friday!

Siouxie, I'll take a Shiner Bock. If I've learned nothing in life, its never to turn down a hot Cuban lass buying you free drinks. ;)

Man. I need to take a picture of my brother-in-law when he's sleeping and post it there. AFTER I've drawn on the mustache and beard.

Best Mascot ever. A real Wizard.

Rick, don't you go talking about my Cuban @ss! ohh..lass...nevermind.

*gets the Doc an ice cold Shiner Rock*


*whew - glad I kept my mouth shut*

Low blow, ig. Thank the Lord for HOVER!!

Hi, Scott! How was the potluck? ;-)

Looks like igloo's already had a box or three of wine. He's hallucinating. I'd like a refill, please, Diva!

make that BOCK not Rock. FOCK!

oooooooooh! cake!
could i have some in liquid form also?
it's fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing.

iggy, I'm about to *SMACK* you! don't you be linking to BM!

I grabbed the wrong Link. This is the creme de la creme of mascots.

cg, I knowwwwwwwwww it's friggin cold here too.

btw, Scott? nice to have you on Facebook! Get ready to be poked..etc.. lol

igloo--that's just a knock-off of the head of the Harry Potter's knock-off of Grover-wearing-a-dunce-cap. No originality there!

How cold is cold, Ladies?

*pours a liberal shot of DiSaronno into a nice hot chocolate for cg. makes a very dirty martini for Auntie M.*

Wow. I don't know if I can eat all of those olives...

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