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November 27, 2007


(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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No way I am first...

And I have nothing clever to say.

Crap. Or, I mean Booger!

Okay.. where can you even buy panties with Bob the Builder on them? (Not that I want them for myself, mind you...)

I imagine you can buy Bob the Builder undies in the UK somewhere. Brits are very cutting edge when it comes to fashion trends.

I'm going to go out on a limb here...do they try to keep stuff away from the dog? We had a loony cocker spaniel who would go to great lengths to eat stuff (usually, though not always, food) that he wasn't supposed. It was a regular battle of wits with the dog.

I won't say who won.

And, for the record, I like Bob the Builder and was very sad when my kids got too old to watch.

I love metro.co.uk's motto on the side of the article:

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing naked

Amen, brother.

Obviously, selective breeding still has a long way to go.

I had a female Great Dane once that ate a tube sock. We eventually got it back.

My Great Dane now thinks it is great fun to get into my purse and eat my chewing gum. I recently was an Rx for antibiotic eyedrops and he chewed the bottle up with the gum and all the drops leaked out. When I asked my pharmacist and dr.'s office for a refill I had to explain that my dog ate my prescription. The common response was "har".

When dogs eat crayons, it can make for interesting lawn art.

Just sayin'.

I had a cat that liked to play with a shoelace. It dissappeared one day. The following day I was watching TV and the cat walked by with the shoelace trailing out its behind.

"It didn’t take long to get to the 'bottom' of the problem." hahahahahaha

Wasn't there a video floating around about a dog that ate tinsel off of a Christmas tree, then the next day it had a very festive butt? Maybe it was on one of those funny video shows, but I distinctly remember that.

gjd - you're never too old to watch Bob. (It might be possible to be too old to wear Bob underoos, maybe...) Barney, on the other hand, is wrong no matter how old you are.

DPC, you are so right. I did actually keep one video, just in case...

We did indulge in Teletubbies way back when, but Barney was a no show in my house. If I can't stand to watch it, then too bad, so sad!

We have watched an awful lot of the Kratt Bros...

posted by gjd - "loony cocker spaniel"

Careful, that could get you in trouble with the Department of Redundancy Department.
Once I gave mrs. fivver Hershey's Kisses in her Christmas stocking. Our female Sheltie nibbled the toe out and chowed down, wrappers and all. The back yard glittered for weeks.

I would kind of be worried about a boy that wears Bob the Builder underware. Just saying.

Hey..it's better than eating poop. Ask Granny back there.

Siouxie, my dog eats that, too...

Hey, now, billinbossier, when my sons were little (3-4), the loved Bob and wore Bob undies and Bob socks and Bob shoes. My middle son wore this Bob costume EVERYwhere. Got so that I forgot it wasn't "real" clothes.

Has this family thought about just going 'commando'?

Some friends of mine have a Westie that eats toy cars, cell phones, all kinds of bizarre things. They can't put up everything in the house, so they have resigned themselves to having surgery done once a year to remove some items...Too much inbreeding.


Reminds me of a joke I learned in second grade...

person#1: "What're you eating under there?
person #2: "Under where?"

...oh, we 8 year olds laughed and laughed... and now, 36 years later, I get to tell it again.

Hahahahahaha! ifitsnot, is eating underwear. Hahaha!

gjd, what's so funny? I've done that before.

Got a little too excited.

*SMACKS blurk*

hey! this is a family blog!

you've eaten poop?

Siouxie, there was that soy based fake ground beef chili my sister fed us one night. Her husband and I had a bite, looked at each other and decided we were going out. She got all upset and put a bowl down for the cat to prove that it was edible. The cat came over, took one sniff and started scratching at the floor trying to bury it.
Game, set, and match.

LMAO smart cat, fivver. My sister is a vegetarian (mostly) and once in a while will eat that fake meat crap. I cringe every time she heats that stuff. Smells like sh!t. I'm sure it doesn't taste any better.

I'm howling my way through these stories! Thanks for the good laughs on a day when I'm home sick. :-)

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