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November 29, 2007


Guys do useful stuff.

(Thanks to weaselboy)


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First? (That's all I've got...)

It's important to have diverse means of launching a compact car.

Does NASA have a program for rescuing trapped fire victims?

Awesome video!

Waay too rough on the landing guys.

This was brilliant!! I do agree with fivver. Gotta work on that landing.

As a guy I just got to say....COOL!

Dave, that reminds me of the chart on the back of "Guide to Guys". The entry would be:

MEN fight fires.

GUYS play with their firehoses.

now i know why my boys always want to wash the car.

Your tax dollars at work...much better than them sitting around the fire station eating doughnuts.

Guys -- always wantin' to play with their hoses.....

That was one rough landing. Send them back to flight school.

snork @ coconuts

I do have to say that from here in Atlanta, (official motto: Leaearning to Drink Dust), GA that video made me cringe.

I gather this is from one of the rare places that doesn't have a water shortage...

Don't attempt this at home. These are highly trained professionals.

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