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November 28, 2007


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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now i don't feel so bad about missing the parade

Could anyone understand that stuff? I got lost after the venereal, I mean visceral, human relationships.

My firewall is protecting me again...
Is this a picture of a giant helium balloon shaped like a guy with Puff tattood on his Johnson?

One time a hot air balloon was perched on my garage roof. I am grateful it did not look like this.

dang guys...anybody suddenly feel the need for a smoke? ;)

Close, Chris.

My favorite is THIS one!



CJ, that's not blurk. No cowboy hat.

The Giant Inflatable Naked Man wbagnf something...

How 'bout a warning there, Dave? Some of us are at work. And the rest of us just don't want to see that (excepting Judi of course).

In fact, I think this particular type of warning should be dubbed the "Judi Alert".

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling a bit light-headed.

"idols, dolls, and disturbing puppets" WBAGreatNFAB!

Doesn't anyone believe in capitalizing proper nouns anymore? It was cute for e.e. cummings, but I'm SO over that now. Also, WTFBBQ? A giant naked man hot air balloon? That was never in any parade I've seen! The balloons are more fun in Europe, apparently. This makes the Super Bowl's "Nipplegate" look like....never mind.

What an airhead(s).

Aticusser has a point, Dave. Chemist don't take kindly to naked man balloons.

Is it just me, or has the balloon had some kind of enhancement surgery? (I mean before inflation of certain parts) Or is this the normal range of size? If so, I've truly missed out with my encounters with balloons.

Ya know....that looks awfully familiar....if it just had a blue shirt....

Punkin, you don't mean Dave Bari?

Siouxie - are those Camargues in your picture?

Annie, hell if I know. You're the horse expert ;-P

Am I the first to notice that that balloon isn't, y'know, FULLY inflated?

Or just the first to admit noticing?

From what I read, the helium sculpture was designed by a Pole. Explains a lot....

That line from Airplane! keeps popping into my head. Something about a "manual valve-stem"?

SNork @ CJ

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