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November 27, 2007


(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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C'mon guys. Getting the correct side of the head to operate on isn't brain surgery. Wait...

Get the sharpie™ ready!

NOT HERE<------ ------>HERE

Don't laugh. A couple of years ago I had outpatient surgery on my shoulder. Part of the pre-op instructions were to take a permanent marker and write 'NO' all over the shoulder not to be done.

Look, it's an easy mistake to make. Both sides of the head look the same.

Edgar, don't be silly. One's left and one's right.

*hair flip*

Yeah Siouxie, but is it the right side when you are looking AT the patient, or from the patient's perspective? It's no wonder they don't screw up more often!

Sio, that is probably exactly what happened. He had her all layed out the right way, and then *hair flip*. It's no wonder that he got confused.

I always thot I was a genis genus clever before my brain op now I no I am

"While the hospital has made improvements in the operating room, they have not extended these changes to the rest of the hospital."

And they did this operaton where, exactly?

Howard, the improvement they made was they no longer perform a vasectomy when you're there for brain surgery.
Actually, I guess some people would say those are the same thing.

On a much much smaller scale...yep, blurk. Although the little brain does control the bigger one most of the time.

ellie, you stole my question! GMTA

*hands gjd her question back*


I had a knee surgery that started with the doc using his signature "We're working on the [insert wrong side] knee today, right?"

When the surgeon had to go back a few years later and perform the correct procedure, he used the same line. When I responded "Yep, that's right" he almost crapped his pants. Given that he had to go back in because he messed up, I didn't feel badly for him having to go back and scrub up again.

S'alright, ellie. I can share.

Come on! It's not rocket science . . .

I went in for knee surgery. The doctor kept looking at my chart, then looking back at me, then my chart again. When I asked wtfbbq, he said, "Your chart says you're 72 years old."

I bet all those surgeons stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before the operations....

This is merely another example of the confusion surrounding the whole "right brain-left brain" question ...

and ...

Dyslexic Doctors wbagnfa band of surgeons ... but not in the OR ... merely sayin' ...

Sounds like the surgeon needed the operation worse than did the patient...

This sounds like a good time to say "abby normal".

This type of thing happens to me every single time I go in for brain surgery! I finally said, "Look, this is the sixth time I let you make this mistake....I think."

funny..........I'm sitting in a holiday inn express right now. will I be able to perform brain surgery tomorrow?

azred, you're as qualified as those brainiac surgeons.

Can't a Doctor switch his political
persuasion? Probably an ex patriot Brit Doc driving on our roads?
Solution : Tattooed traffic sign with a logo depicting a red circle surrounding a red diagonal slash.

My grandfather had neck surgery (involving a bone graft from his hip) when he was 80. When they checked back with him a couple of weeks later to see if there was improvement in the arm that had stopped working over a year earlier they realized that, oops, they'd put the xray up backwards and had done it on the wrong side. So they tried again with donor bone, his body rejected it, so they tried again with a metal plate (at age 83) which his body also rejected. So now he's 85, had 5 surgeries (including taking the bone and removing the metal plate) and still cannot use his right arm.

*d@mns Kaiser to he11*

*touches up halo*

*wonders if anyone knows this is as close to swearing she's ever gotten*

That's Crazy! And the resounding stories are even worse!! We (at the hospital I work at), have a basic tatoo on our bodies....NO MED 1! They are the trainees. If you are the learning tool, you will be learned...even if it kills ya! Not really...but you don't want to be a lab mouse. Never, ever.

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