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November 24, 2007


(Thanks to Brad)


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I call mine Vesuvius.

I keep asking this--CJ, do you need a tissue?

Oh my. *gigglegiglesnorkchokegiggle* How awful.

boisterous schoolboys will be trying the "but you laughed when he did it" defense.

and *SNORK* @ CJ

I'm not sure what he was s'posed to sing was much better than what he did sing.

Many a time I've heard "Is the Mt. McKinley under the sheets or are you just glad to see me."

Don't make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

"My pen!s is a mountain"?

Where are Siouxie and Annie when we need commentary?

Mountain climbing?

Mole hill? How did scientology get on this thread?

Let me tell ya, that flag HURTS when they finally reach the summit. CJ used the best one.

Is he single? I'm a mountain climber, ya know.

Himalayan much?

Himalyin about the size of his pen!s...

Stop thief - Casey took my line! Although she's earned it fair and square. Did you know her theme song was "Climb Every Mountain"?

Andes singing about it, too.

Ural very funny!

A bit of laughter always Alps the day go by.

Atlas this thread is making sense.

We nEverest.

The guy weilding the gravy was trying to

Sorry, that was the best I could do this early in the day.

Very good ellie. It looks as if I'm Aleutian this contest.

In keeping with the tread topic, I should mention my Bighorn.

Ig, I don't view these punfests as contests. I prefer to think of them as an exchange among Pyrenees.

(Also, please cye.)

LOL igloo and meanie.

So, igloo, are you saying you don't have to take Virunga?

We're talking one LARGE tube of K2.

I suspect you're correct, ellie. That's only for when we remain Olympus.

You guys should be careful not to Stubai your toe tripping over your Pennine!

No Virunga, ellie, it gives me a Bitterroot.

is designing a condom as we speak

That would be a Hood, Wayne?

OK, the joke isn't all that funny, but I accomplished my first successful link. Pats self on back.

Snork. Exceptional, Meanie.

*Heaps mountains of praise on WayneHere*

Yea Wayne!! Funny that you lost your virginity on the "mountain/pen!s" thread...

This is Tibesti thread ever! Too bad I must adjourn for lunch. Thanks for the many, many *SNORKS* guys/gals!

I never used to compare my penis to a mountain until the first time someone of the female gender started yodelling at the sight of it. The neighbors find the sound of yodelling and cow bells disturbing at times but I feel there's no such thing as too much cow bell.

Fer sure, St. Helen's knows who's Zigurating and who's Pike's on a Peak.

Just based on this thread alone its obvious most of the bloggers in here have smoked way too much Krakatoa in their lifetimes.

Doc, I've smoked a lot worse than mere volcanic effluvia.

I found my thrill...

SW, I had NO idea you swung that way. And "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" is my theme song! ;-) Oh, well.

*walks off humming, "She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain When She Comes."*

LTTGranite, but *snorks* at the range of upthrusting thoughts!

*zips™ in*

Somehow Mount Rushmore comes to mind. I don't know why.

*zips™ out*

must be memories of my ex...

*snarky snork* @ Siouxie! Feliz Dia de Precio Bajo, chiquita!

Andes guys think they're funny.

"Croatia rose (HAR!) to the occasion..."

I can't believe that a whole day and 46 comments went by without someone else noticing this.

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