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November 23, 2007


(Thanks to Doc Rick)


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Time for me to flap off to bed, too. Nighty-night, y'all; sweet dreams!

Thanks, Ducks! There's room for the whole blog inside. :-) Not sure how much protection The Dew House provides from flying hot blurklead, tho.

BTW, the full Dew House film has been released, but hasn't made its (not it's) way to YT. The first two speaking parts in the trailer are dancesgirls. And the geezer is the dancingfool.

Could someone tell me to just get over it without asking what "it" is? I kinda need that. It's been almost a year and I need to let it go.

Suzy - yes. Let it go. Holidays bring things like that out, and often that sucks. You deserve better and will get better by letting it go, as in letting it go play in the street, letting it go hang itself, letting it go take a flying leap. Howzzat?

New mantra- It's not your fault. Blame the squirrel.

(private note to Suzy- just that fact that you're creative enough to bring up a question like that shows you deserve better than whatever is bugging you. Yes, really. Guys, if you got dizzy reading that, I TOLD you it was a private note to Suzy.)

Annie, I purposely stay confused just to avoid getting dizzy over all of the "hidden meaning" stuff that goes on between certain bloggers. Best option as always is to just get another beer and drink up. ;)

Thanks, Annie. I needed that, more than you know.

I should maybe turn off the Patsy Cline now, huh?

Why turn off Pasty Cline? Hell if anything crank it up. The blog jukebox could stand to play some decent music for a change. Just make sure ya play "Walking After Midnight" first. Seems appropriate considering the hour.

Right now, "You Belong To Me" is playing. "Walking After Midnight" isn't up yet. But it will be.

Excellent choice Suzy. "Crazy" is still my all time favorite, but Patsy could have sung Manilow songs and made them sound awesome. *sigh...stupid mountain*

Stupid mountain??

Your song is on now, Doc Rick. "Crazy" already played.

The mountain should have recognized true talent and moved the heck out of the way of the plane. Just sayin'! *rolls eyes in mock indignation*

Suzy - Patsy's one of my faves, too. I recorded a cover of "I Fall to Pieces" when I first came out to LA. They digitally removed Patsy's voice and replaced it with mine, so the Jordanaires were singing backup for me. Very fun!

Oh, that stupid mountain. Yes. She really is an amazing talent; what a great pure voice.

"Sweet Dreams" kinda sums it up for me tonight. Sigh. Guess I'll sign off and go to bed.

Wait, what? You can sing, Annie?

Yes, silly- I was in a band called the Tomboys for years. My demo tape had Patsy Cline and Bonnie Raitt, among others.

* scrolls through 107 posts looking for any that are on topic. Had a comment, but....sigh....decides just to shut down and set sail with Capt. Morgan*

suzy, get over it.

wanders off to load up on coffee and contemplate cj as nic cage.

a/c cranked down on thanksgiving, heat on yesterday. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. who turned the winter back on?

*zips in*

Suzy, today is a pretty tough day for me but I can join in and say....

GET THE F@&K OVER IT! (((((( Suzy)))))))))

*zips out*

*Igloo wakes in the middle of a swamp and scans his immediate area on the lookout for gators. The swamp is somewhat chilly this AM, which maybe good for the Seminole Nation. In cool weather, gators become dormant and crawl into their "gator holes". Mindful of his 7:00 PM appointment with CJ, Igloo dons armored britches for protection against the expected Chomp.*

Cold? yes
Enjoying covers and pretending to be asleep? check
Phones in another part of the house in the chargers? check
No hot coffee tempting me? check
Phone ringing (9 times!)? check
Dial back last number to call? check
Several minutes of trying to get an answer out of cg's youngest, as to who called? check
Ultimately narrowed down (without coffee!) that youngest himself had called? yep

My number must be set in the speed dial, 'cause, so far, I have figured out that he reads '12' as '21' and 'd' as 'b,' so there's no way he knows my number. Plus he's annoying in the morning. BBRRrrrr.....

Morning (yawn).

(goes for coffee)

for the record, i'd been holding that call off for a good hour. yes, he's annoying in the morning. and persistent. the only way i could get back to sleep was to throw you under the bus hand over the phone.

*snork* @ crossgirl & CJ & cg's youngest! I told my oldest that if he was going to answer the phone, he'd have to take a message if I wasn't available. The first message he wrote down - "Someone called."

"Dormant Gators" WBAGNFAflorida college football team.

*SNORK!* at cjcrossrungirl.

(((Suzy Q))), belated.

CJ, it's not your fault, but for crying out loud get over it already. Here, have a Dew.

(((Q))), I am sorry. A year's a long time to deal with whatever it is. Hope you can let it go soon. Booger.

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