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November 24, 2007


...only outlaws will have flying cans of gravy.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I can't believe you overlooked such a great name for a rock band... Obviously they should be backup for Meat Loaf ...

Ouch! Hit him right in the egg noggin!

It's a case of gravy causing lumps, rather than having them.

Canned Gravy?
What is Thanksgiving coming to when they can't even bother to make their own weapons gravy??

I thought the whole thing couldn't be more ridiculous until I got to this line.

It was unclear what flavor the gravy was.


I wouldn't have understood the story unless I saw the can of gravy photoshopped onto the picture of the parking lot. Thanks, Graphics Department.

He is just thankful that he didn't get hit by the Gravy Train.

gravy doesn't kill people, people kill people. if guns and gravy are outlawed, people will reach for a rubber chicken and strangle each other. it never ends.

Exactly, Wayne. I needed to know what the gravy can looked like.

It's like the British site with the generic "fat naked guy" photo.

I wrote the other day about how the blog wasn't sarcastic and mean-spirited, then I pull out the Wharehouse Club-sized can of sarcasm. I've had my coffee now, it's all gonna be alright. And yes, my ex was a graphic artist. Why do you ask?

I make a pretty mean homemade gravy, but not that mean.

EVERYTHING'S better with a little gravy on it.

WayneHere, are you related to Annie?

If I were hit with a can of gravy, I'd have knocked the stuffing out of him.

He's lucky he didn't get arrested for carrying a congealed weapon.

*Bravo/SNORK, ellie!*

It's a good thing it wasn't ladled.

Meanie-not unless Annie also misspent her youth here in Philly. And pronounced youth as "yut", as in the movie My Cousin Vinnie.

I couldn't find the clip, but here's the script from one of my favorite Simpson's scenes... Dr. Hibbert: Well, your cholesterol level is lethally high, Homer, but I'm more concerned about your gravy level.
Homer Simpson: Now, wait a second. You doctors have been telling us to drink eight glasses of gravy a day!
Dr. Hibbert: [laughs] Well, you're a little confused.
Homer Simpson: Oh, confused, would we?

Ah. I thought that Here was such a unique last name that you must have ties somewhere along the line.

(*SNORK*@ the Homer reference)

Quick history of the name... I worked at a company that had several guys with similar voices, so I learned to answer the phone and truck radio "Wayne Here". It became a signature and a greeting. Entering a room, it is often similar to the Cheers pub yelling "NORM". More blessing than curse.

Wayne - I'm quite sure we're not related because even if we were, I'd never admit to a Philly connection. I'm still having trouble admitting I have relatives in Joisey.
btw - this blog IS the Cheers of the Internet. Just watch when Wyo saunters in. He's our 'Norm.' Not normal, but just 'Norm.'

I stupidly (as my kids remind me) married 2 Joysey girls. I didn't learn the first time. I'm sure there's some fine women there. I just haven't found them yet.

L-o-ellie, and meanie too.

While we're on the subject, anybody see "Jersey Boys?" Fantastic.

The line that got me..."He got a can of gravy and plucked him in the head,'' Taylor said.

How in the world do you pluck someone in the head?

This reminds me so much about Dave's column about the 2 guys with leaf blowers. At least this time the guy didn't press charges.

Can you picture 2 women doing this?

Well, maybe. Times are changing. A woman ran down a cheerleader so her daughter can be top cheerleader. Yikes!

Waynehere, I used to call my DH Pearlman, because I phoned him where he was working and asked for Steve Pearlman. I got another Steve who said he was Steve Richter (I believe, can't recall now),and asked if he could help me. I said, "no, I was waiting for Pearlman". It stuck and I'm the only one who can call him Pearlman - the kids he teaches have to call him MR. Pearlman....

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