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November 30, 2007


(Thanks to Steve Pietrowicz)

(Note to support staff: "Classical" music?)


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Yes, Judi, if your computer starts randomly playing any music, you definitely should have it checked!

First to say I can't hear you.

And if it starts playing "Louie Louie" over and over again, you spilled beer in it.

A small, small world is "CLASSICAL"???

A nuclear earwig, perhaps, but classical?

and if it starts playing BM music, i'm going to put it out of its' misery immediately.

Eh...Bug, Feature. What's the difference, really?

Mine just sounded like a LOT of emphatic cursing. Oh wait...

Darn, I was hoping for the theme to "Jeopardy!".

It doesn't even apply to Windows XP or its successor, Windows BS.

Obviously some code writer's idea of an easter egg joke. We computer nerds have a warped sense of humour. Which is why we fit in so well here.

At least it didn't start to play Barry Manilow music! Can you imagine logging on to "Copacabana"?????

ww, while I was at my sister's for Thanksgiving, she admitted she LIKED BM music - I may have to disown her.

The Mac user will sit quietly and let you discuss this phenomenon amongst yourselves.

sthnbelle - this is the sister who is the vegan? Maybe she's delirious from lack of meat in her diet.

quick, sthnbelle, get her into one of those 12-step programs for the seriously tone deaf and mentally ill. it may be her only chance for a normal life.

My computer plays funeral dirges as it dies.

ArticAl, trust me it is not because she is a vegan. i'm a vegan and while i might not be the most stable person in this solar system, even i don't care for BM except to scare rats and small children away from me.

She's only a vegetarian, not vegan, and normally a very sane person. I;m trying to remember if she told me this when she had been drinking - maybe we can blame the beer!

I'm what I call a carniverous hypocrite.

Someone in the neighborhood throws a steak on the BBQ and I hear the Copeland movements and am salivating like Pavlovs' dog.

But alas, if I had to hunt it myself, I'd starve.

The Windows users will observe that the Mac users are insufferably smug.

Are Vegans the ones with the pointy ears?

Aren't the Mac users the ones who stare at their computers a lot cause no one writes fun software for it?


By "fun software" you mean viruses, right?

Yeah but don't your Macs make faces at you to tell you how they're doing? Is that truly an improvement?

At least they used to . . .

The only Mac I want is a BIG one, as in BigMac.

As for music coming out of my computer. What's so strange about that?? I have hundreds of music files that I illegally downloaded purchased with real cash -inside my laptop. Music comes out of my computer ALL the time ;-)

*geeky hair flip*

Actually I was referring to games, but Mac's get viruses too. I agree that they're aren't as many viruses, as there aren't enough Macs around for them to be of interest to hackers, just as they don't write viruses for Commodore 64's any more either.

I'm doing the vegan thing for health reasons right now. I've blogged about it here and there. I met someone who kept saying I was a "vay-gun" instead of "vee-gun". I was flashing back to Contact and she thought I was an alien from Vega. (Round-about comment back to Mot's 4:32 post)

I use PCs, but am seriously considering getting a Mac as my next computer.

OK Mac users, how come when I turn on my brothers MacBook it plays this annoying 'wake-up' noise that is (apparently) independent of the volume controls?

judi: support staff = Walter?

Vista plays the theme from "The Godfather" as it kills off your data...

AuntiM: Get a Mac, plus buy the "Parallels" program ($84). That way, you get both Mac OS + Windows (Provided you have an Intel Mac)

Ah, screw it. Just get a Mac! :) They don't crash.


Auntie M,

Just don't do what I did and buy an E-mac. It weighs about a metric ton, is the size of a baby whale, and does not have enough memory in it to run Leopard, even with the expansion.

But it comes in really cool colors, and looks good on my desk! And it can find the Blog and lets me ramble on and oncomment, so what more can I ask for, right?

Yeah, Kristie, I actually need a computer that works. I use my laptop at school with my LCD projector, and sixth graders will turn on you like sharks if they smell technical problems. I had to do a major improv this morning when TWO overhead projectors died and then I couldn't find my network cable...Thank God it was my best class and they're not quite as bloodthirsty.

Maybe I should try fire ants?

Anyway, I've heard that you can get both operating systems on a Mac, but I don't know if I could handle a computer with a split personality.

One more thing: NeoOffice for the Mac is at least as good as MS-Office. It reads/writes all Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access files, plus a) It doesn't crash and b) it is free.

NeoOffice Website

Go for the iMac. It is fabulous. I've had 2. I had the original Bondi blue one and the current one I have is going on 5 years old. I have been secretly lusting over the newest one...

*sigh* It is true that not as many games are made for the Mac as for PCs, but that is getting better.

And, for the record, in 9 years of owning iMacs, I have never had a virus. (Well, I have, but my computer hasn't.)

*enjoys a moment of insufferable smugness*


*throws ant poison on Auntie M's post*

*sits back and lets the Jets and the Sharks PC and Mac users battle it out while my computer plays "I feel preeeeety...oh so preeeeety..."*


I am listening to "Oh Santa" by Larry the Cucumber (of Veggie Tales fame).

PB, have you used NeoOffice, or is it just something you're familiar with? If it's useful, I'll put it on bro's Intel MacBook.

*smiles sweetly*

Love you, pogo! ;-)

Um, Auntie M - is that fire ants as replacements for the students or your IT folks? ;-)


1. I like "Small World."
2. My mother HATES "Für Elise" because I played it ad nauseum (well, SHE was nauseum, anyway) on the piano after I taught it to myself in 3rd grade. I should so put that on her computer. *EG™*

It would seem that we need to focus on our similarities rather than our differences. I, for one, recognize that WE ALL HATE THE STUPID BOT.

Is it time to open the blog bar yet? It's Friday...

DD, my son is channeling your 3rd grade self. And I feel your mother's pain.

"It's a Small, Small World" seemingly at random? Egad... I'm not aware of that being on my computer. And I have Vista Ultimate.I've had Windows systems on my computers for 10+ years and have never had a virus that stayed -virus fighterss swept intand took care of it. They were more like bacteria. Anyway, everything that's ever happened to my machines were my own stupid fault. That's how you learn when you can't afford those endless classes...

sure, i'll open the blog bra now.

Grab that t and take it out of there. Those virus fighters (or anti-biotics, as the case may be) didn't need it...

Kathy - can we make those anti-botics?!

*sneaks up behind gjd and kisses her wickedly on the neck*

*wanders off looking smug*

I'm listening to "Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young" of the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album. Cracks me up every time.

Someone pass a pineapple tini down the bar! It's 5pm somewhere!

Hey! My computer is playing "Fur Elise" Oh, wait. It's the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Nevermind. It's supposed to be doing that.

Wow, gjd. Pogo ain't never done that to ME! Youse must be somethin' special. ;-)

LOL, pogo! Good thing Mr. gjd just left to go make supper for the young'uns.

Try being insufferably smug, DD. He seems to like that.


There may be snow on the roof, but there is still a fire in the furnace.

Also I'm still writing code, and getting ready to knock off for today.


Well, I thank you, kind sir. I might as well just sign off now, because it's not going to get any better than this. ;-)

Aww shucks.

Wonderin' if Cheryl Howard wuz referrin' to the old rock band Pavlov's Dog in her post up there ... I know the guy who useta do keyboards for them ... and I have (both of) their albums on vinyl ... merely curious ... but not jaundiced ...

*wonders if "knock off" is a euphemism for something....*

*tries being insufferably smug*

*fails miserably*

"Knocking off" means merely shutting down the "work PC" and taking off my Software Engineer beanie.

*Boldly approaches DD*

I love it when you are insufferably smug!

*leers dangerously*

Surely a Diva such as yourself can find smugness within yourself.

Ooh, a simul with Pogo while he is leering at Diva. It's getting a bit racy here tonight.

Perhaps the Insufferably Smug Ladies would be interested in a threesome?

Hmmm... I'll have to see what Mr. gjd has to say about that.

Meanwhile, The Insufferably Smug Ladies WBAGNFARB.

OK, but we'll have to decide quick.

The dogs are reminding me we promised to help move some cattle in North Georgia in the morning, and they want to get going early.

*sigh* You'd best go get your beauty rest, pogo. ;-)

Well, OK. 'Sides I have to go cook supper. This is "gourmet hot dog night", because I'm not up to anything more complex and we're tired of turkey.

pogo - want another dog? I have one that I would gladly ship to you....


My son spilled a large (probably 32 oz) cup of milk on the carpet night before last. He cleaned it up, to the best of a 13 year old boys' ability.

My dog (retriever) ATE THE CARPET today while I was at work. Seriously, the carpet and the pad, down to the wood sub-floor.

I am laughing hysterically at the 3' diameter pile of shredded carpet because if I don't laugh, there will be violence. And I love my dog. And my son. It's just carpet, right?

Hmmm, 3-foot diameter; sounds like a good spot for a dog bed!

It's just carpet. You have to change it every few years anyway.

I love retrievers, but these Borders are keeping me really busy.

Med -

If your dog is anything like mine, he probably looks at the hole in the carpet like a monument to how helpful he is!

Which I guess is true, but not in the way he intends...

I am ROTFL in sympathy, Med. Is your dog related to mine? (a yellow lab) So, how do you feel about new flooring? Concrete perhaps?

I was ready for SHAG.... just thought I would get to pick it out instead of pick it up! :-)

*snorking* at Med....in a good way..pogo, you may remember I have a Border A little high strung, ya think? :-)

pogo (and gjd) - sorry I ran out on y'all! I had to close up shop for a bit was overcome by the heat. ;-)

Med. Rut-Roh.

Lets just hope that too shall pass. Um. Literally.

Having rescued and fostered Retreivers for the past 15 years, I can only say that we no longer have carpeting anywhere that the dogs might be. And that we refer to all of them as "housekeeping".

tosses errant this into above post. I've been dropping words all day.

Cheryl, my retriever is unbelievably well-behaved and has NEVER done anything remotely destructive.

Ah, but who can resist..... milk, anyone?

FTR, this particular pooch is the first full-blooded, registered animal I have owned, and his pedigree is well-deserved. I never had to train him: pointing, sitting, obeying, retrieving all came as naturally as potty training.... which he did on his own as well.

He punishes himself for the slightest offense. I know when I walk in the door, for he has the, "I'm sorry, Mom, but I couldn't help myself," look on his face. And that's for shredding a kleenex or eating bubble gum that was left at his level. He is the best animal I have ever loved or known.

Carpet, shmarpet. Having THAT kind of love from an extraordinary dawg.... what more could I ask for?

Sorry 'bout the carpet, Med. My cat, Boom, loves sharpening his claws on my oriental rugs. Other than waking me at 5 a.m. for breakfast, that's my only complaint.

Cheryl....People who foster animals are very special. We have a house full of cats and dogs and fish and etc. Thank you for what you do

Cheryl....People who foster animals are very special. We have a house full of cats and dogs and fish and etc. Thank you for what you do

I should pay attention to what I'm doing........naaaaaaahhhh

Jazzzz - they are doubly special. ;-)

Med, my Carla gets that look, too. She is completely unable to do something bad without looking adorably horribly guilty. Unfortunately, she is also completely unable to NOT do something bad. She's just turned a year old, though. I'll give her a little more time. Like 10 years.

*blushes @ Med being ready for shag*

Sure, DD. Leave me to handle that firey Cassanova on my own!

My border collie would have gotten the steam vac out of the garage and cleaned the milk out of the carpet, and then steam-cleaned the whole carpet for good measure.

Or he would have, except that he's recuperating from surgery.

CJ - I'm glad YOU said and NOT me!!!! :-D

*hides fireplace poker behind back*

gjd - Whut? ;-)

OK. I'm tendin' bar since no one else is steppin' up tonight. Who's drinkin' what?

*preps an icy pitcher of blogaritas and a crock of mulled wine*

Evenin' Diva, I'll have a glass mulled wine!

Or two...

Ahh...we're talking dogs now.

My two mutts, were both rescued as well. Lucky, the fox terrier mix, was still inside his mommy's womb when some horrible person left her to die in a home that was going to be tented. The workers rescued her and my sister's neighbor got them to us. My sister and her friend adopted the two females, I adopted the male. And I called him Lucky. Because he was. This was almost 14 years ago to the day. My lab mix, Shadow was part of a litter of puppies that was abandoned and then rescued by another of my sister's friends. She took one male, I took the other. This was 6 years ago. So, like her and I, our dogs are siblings. They are a pain in the @ss sometimes, but I love them.

I'll take the mulled wine. I need it here, tonight.

My cat was a rescue, as well. He is the most wonderful, viscious killer brilliant hunter. He does his job WELL....

Wouldn't trade either of them for all the new carpeting or a new scratching post sofas in the world.....

CJ, kindly get you mind outta the gutter. I am on the geezer good girl bus. Lifetime VGG pass.

I'm already having wine. Don't know if it's mulled or not but it's doing the trick. It's been another emotional day.

Mulled wine, please, barkeep!

Siouxie, I'm seriously considering producing a line of T-shirts that say:

I Should Have Raised Dogs

I think they'd be best-sellers, especially among many of the moms I know!

Siouxie, that's AWFUL!!! :-( I just don't understand people who could harm sweet animals without a mean bone in their little bodies. Bless you for loving them. :-)

*pours a warm double mug of mulled wine for ellie and one for gjd...and one for herself cuz her toes are chilly*

Siouxie, that is such a sad story, buit a happy ending for sure. I think adopting from shelters and rescues is so important.

I have two pugs that I adopted from a rescue. I loved the people at the rescue so much that I volunteer there now. They are in OK, but they adopt to Texas, so I help them with TX adoptions.

Tipton came from a shelter and his ears were so ruined he has a permanent head tilt and is deaf. We have only has Shelby for 1 1/2 months. She came from a puppy mill. She had heartworms and erlichia and her poor little toes are splayed out from sitting the first three years of her life in a small wire cage. After all of that, they are both the most wonderful dogs I could as for.

The only pets we have that are from a store are the fish. I find that they aren't often found abandoned...but then again, I haven't checked in any barns, either. Our dog and 1 cat are from animal shelters. The other cat is a genuine barn cat that adopted us.

hopes annie and her english grammar teacher sharpie are on sabbatical

Mulled wine for me. It's cold out there! I just got back from buying a new mini-van, though, so I'm warm and bubbly on the inside!

My sister has the best dog. He's one of the "I'm SO SORRY Mom" types. You can always tell when he's done something wrong. He's an AmStaff (purebred pitbull--no, really, they're dolls) who's just a darling.

Our first dog was the best on the planet. She was the size of a cocker spaniel, but looked just like a golden retriever. She had the golden personality. We had her for 12 1/2 years. The one we have now is mostly a yellow lab, but has something mixed in there that gives her the pinkish nose and the light golden eyes. She is a precious pain in the butt.

*Make that a line of T-shirts that says*

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