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November 25, 2007


Monkey Meat

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Ah, New York. Where men are men and women eat monkey meat.

They'll be callin' her, "Ebola Mary."

The delicacies today are snake & monkey meat. My appetite is gone.

daisymae - your APEtite is gone.

daisy, there's some leftover spider too, in case you're still hungry.

Rhesus pieces.

*Simian snork* @ Annie! (And ewwww...)


Sounds like you're a fan of Get Fuzzy :)
So am I.

Get Fuzzy

Kristina - absolutely - luv that cat. I couldn't remember where I'd heard that term before, so thanks.

Yum! Tastes like hominid. Er, so I'm told....

According to allmusic.com, there are bands named:

Monkey Beat
Monkey Gone Mad
Monkey Boy
Monkey Siren
Monkey Head
Monkey Death Machine
Monkey Chuck
Monkey in a Mansuit
Monkey Magic
Monkey Monks
Monkey Bowl
Monkey Circus
Monkey, Don't!
Monkey Island
Monkey Jacket
Monkey Puzzle
Monkey Zero
Monkey Shop
Monkey Love
Monkey Hustle

but sadly, no Monkey Meat

Meet the Monkees.

Great green gobs of something, something gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, little birdies dirty feet...

Someone please stop me.

something, something = greasy, grimy

Sorry, cw, I'm no showstopper.

That Chinese monkey-poster needs to be spanked.

But isn't spanking the monkey, well, um.. nevermind.

THAT is the longest doggone spam I've ever seen here. Spam, spam, spammity spam!

What really gets my blood pressure climbing is the fact that this person who flouts all kinds of regulations and has a history of unstable beahaviour was allowed to become a US citizen, whereas the INS is sticky about letting me in on a permanent visa. Go figure. Maybe the fact that I blog here disqualifies me.

Thanks Meanie, I can now return to my regular program, already in progress.

Here in the great Pocono northeast we have a local delicacy. Ground bologna mixed with mayo and pickle relish. It's called Monkey Meat. I could just send her the recipe.

"Monkey Meat" (sometimes spelled "Monkey Meet") is a great funky instrumental by one of my favorite bands from New Orleans, the Radiators. They've been around almost 30 years - I'd bet most of the gang here would like them. See www.theradiators.org. They do hundreds of originals and a long list of covers from classic artists like the Beatles, Stones, Who, etc and many blues, funk and R&B obscurities as well. Plus they throw big parties for their fans. If the RBRs were real pro musicians and knew a couple thousand songs, they'd sound like this, maybe.

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