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November 27, 2007


(Thanks to John Regan)


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Thank you John!

"named Stoom, which translates as 'The Big One'".
Hot D@MN! Got me a new euphemism for the "package."
Sorry CJ, didn't mean to take your line.

Get there early, or you'll be escorted to the back room with the little porthole window only.

*SNORK @ Sandy*

Dangit Igloo, I was about to adopt "Stoom" myself.

Key quote: "This is such unbelievably good news. My whole body is shaking with joy," Holmlund told The Local.

*packs her travellin' bunny in a one qt. clear plastic zip-loc baggie*

I've always dreamed of having dinner in a moose ass.

Yes, I'm strange.

From the Traveler's Advisory:

"Patrons should raise the tops of convertibles parked in the South lot."

Siouxie - don't forget the power converter for European voltage ...

...lots of parking in bork, botk, bork...

Mind yøu, møøse bites can be pretti nasti...

My sister bit a moose once.

If you give a moose a bite...he'll want the whole thing?

I love mousse?

First to mention Monty Python's Møøse and the holy grail

Swedish moose run fast. Four Lapps per mile.

Want to be the FIRST to rent retail space in the moose's @ss.

But will someone set it on fire before Christmas. Oh wait, that was a goat, right?

"This is such unbelievably good news. My whole body is shaking with joy," Holmlund told The Local.

Over a moose? That wouldn't even be legal here.

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