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November 29, 2007


Scotland pays $250,000 for a new slogan.

(Thanks to CJRun)


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wow..I'm speechless.

That. is. BRILLIANT!

Golf...Robin Wuilliams...see it.

Hey! They stole that idea from us. Only here is says, "Welcome to Atlanta" and then it says "Buckle up. It's the Law."

"Welcome to Scotland.
Yes. Scotland."

California's new slogan...This place is already ruined for everyone involved, say no if you are ever asked to come here again.

The best country slogan I saw was Australia's "So where the hell are you?"

welcome to scotland. stay off the yard.

*snork* cg

Welcome to Scotland.
Here's something to wear under that kilt on a cold day.

It's not so bad if you say it with the proper Connery burr:

"Welcome to Sssscaaawwwtland."

just slap craig ferguson's face on the signs and i'll have an immediate emotional connection (if you know what i mean).

actually the old one was a pretty darn good slogan, don'tcha think?

agreed, scrooge. i liked it!

Haggis, it's not just for breakfast any more.

Welcome to Dave Barry's Blog. That'll be a quarter mil, please.

A bumper sticker I saw in Tampa:


Exciting slogans for other countries:
Own land in Afghanistan!
England: Ask about our dental plan
North Korea: No Phones, no food, great haircuts
Russia: Come meet our drunken citizens
Japan: Better cars than Detroit
Australia: Where down under is how we like to deal with our sheep
Saudi Arabia: Holding America hostage for 35 years!
China: Holding America hostage for the next 35 years!
South Korea: Home of the Little Puppies Chef Shop
Thailand: Gay houseboys half price
Mexico: A country all to yourself; we all left for the United States
Singapore: Spanking clean


maim - those are hilarious!


For another waste of money, this cost about $30 million.

Okay, thanks to ALL you all, I got a HUGE laugh this morning, just whut grammaw needed to start the day...YEEHAW y'all are FUNNY

Welcome to North Dakota
The Land even Canada didn't want

I think Scotland should capitalize on it's success with Dolly with the slogan:

"We were only trying to clone that sheep"

Scotland, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.(No zippers on Kilts)

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