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November 26, 2007


From the March 22 Houston Chronicle:

A man accused of leaving an El Lago restaurant without paying his tab was arrested a short time later on a trespassing charge by the Lakeview Police Department.

According to a police report, an employee at Gabacho's Mexican Restaurant in the 4400 block of NASA Parkway called police to report the theft.

When officers responded, they learned that the man was seen walking toward a vacant building on the other side of the road after leaving the restaurant.

Police checked the area and found an open door in the back of the building. An officer went inside and called out, "Marco."

The man's name was not Marco, detective Tim Dohr said. Instead, "the officer was trying to inject some humor into the situation."

Police found the suspect after he responded, "Polo."


(Thanks to Claire Martin,  via oomsa, with further research by Ms. J. Smith)


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Injecting humor will do it every time!

*applauds officer*

*laughs at dumb criminal*

Obviously not the champion of Hide and Go Seek. Did they find him in a kiddie pool?

That's some darned fine detective work there, officer.

They found it works better than calling, "La Migra."

Did the officer keep his eyes closed?

MKJ - If he didn't he was cheating.

Does that mean the guy gets off on a technicality?

I heard that's how we got Saddam as well. We should dispatch the Houston Police Department and Mrs. Jones 3rd grade class to Pakistan immediately to search for Bin Laden!

Also works: "Mr. Loser, stand up, please."

Thats a great idea HIMYM, except that it makes sense and we all know the feds don't work like that.

another criminal mastermind makes his single fatal mistake!

Did you know that "gabacho" is a Mexican word even worse than "gringo"? Didn't think so.

4400 Block of NASA parkway
....my guess is he wasn't near work.

Ummm.... Isn't it like a law that if someone yells Marco you HAVE to yell Polo....

I'm not a lawyer or anything, but I'm pretty sure this is the case.

Phil- I thought that was a cold Mexican soup

Jazzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! How's ya? Keeping people numb and happy these days? :o)

(I heard someone do this to find a family member in the store on Black Friday. It was funny there, too.)

hey diva baybee!!
on vacation this week. sitting by the fire keeping my arse numb!

DD- so that was YOU!

Ooh, Jazzzz - a nice fire? I'm so jealous! We have a little built-in fireplace in our house, which was a little gas unit at one time, but is no longer working. Enjoy yours!

Vic - I was there! Where were you?! ;-)

lol, annie.

But I think he said pollo.

Hey, Jazzzz. Ice down some favorites for Sunday at Indy; at stake is an approximate tie for the AFC South. Should be a humdinger!

Hey, CJ - you and Wyo over yesterday's Bears game yet?

@ home cuddling by the fire w/ Mrs. Vic
-nowheres near any mall marauders

LOL. I don't blame you a bit. It was pretty brutal at some places. Schmears was the WORST.

Naw, Diva. That one was amusement only (and a good game). For playoff rankings, it didn't matter much which team one, although your Bears were helped a bit. I think Denver still wins the AFC North, and that's all that matters as we go into December.

Now, if Denver was in the AFC South I would have been cheering your Bears.

...the man was seen walking toward a vacant building on the other side of the road...

Why did the pollo cross the road?

To get another side of rice.

got the Diet Mtn Dew™ ready ;-)
how 'bout dem Jags?....and ...how 'bout dem Hogs?


I do love my boys, CJ.

OK, pollo was pretty dam funny after migra.

Jazzzz, I forgot to ^5 you on Arkansas; heck of a game!

CJ- Denver is no shoe-in for the AFC North; especially since they're in the AFC West...

tanx, buddy

Since the Bears are NFC North, I'm not following that logic, either, CJ. :)

Unfortunately, the west in any conference will be a non-factor this year. :-( (crying in Santa Barbara, CA that the NFC west sucks so bad).

I take it everyone are Jacksonville fans? Jack Del Rio went from village idiot (releasing Leftwich) to football mastermind in less than one season!

Of course, you all cheated... everyone else seems to have a player that is in prison (Vick), suspended (Pacman), shot (Taylor), hurt (Smith), or just plain bad (Lemon).

Oops! My bad; obviously NE has the North locked up. Denver is tied with San Diego in the West, but they play San Diego on Christmas Eve to decide that.

himym(abh)....I'm just waitin' on Baseball season

Jazzz... I'm a 49er, A's, and Warriors fan. The only time I can be optimistic about each sport is opening day/first game. Then it's back to waiting until the next sport starts!

"At Gabacho's...we take away your right to remain silent!!"

*snork* .... I feel your (not you're) pain

Diva, that was why the Denver/Chicago game had little playoff implication as we move into December; Denver is AFC and Chicago is NFC. Those two Conferences won't meet again (meaningfully), until the Super Bowl. You need to worry about Dallas and Tampa. The Jags play Indy on Sunday, both AFC South; very big game in December, like Denver's game against the Chargers.

All I gotta say is mark down 12/30/07 CJ. Thats when it all comes crashing to the ground for Jags fans. If you can't get into the playoffs, screw over those who can. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *runs off to pray for a miracle 5 game winning streak*

Doc, stuffing dog poo in a paper sack, lighting it, and knocking is not playing pointy ball.

Or maybe it is.

Hey, the Texans could also help your cause by knocking off Indy the week before. Of course, the game is in Indianapolis so its a long shot. But no Dwight Freeny equals at least a slim ray of hope.

Slim Ray of Hope, TX? Isn't he a tight end?


You are thinking of "gazpacho"--not the same thing.

No, he's Doc's bookie.

*snork & 2 chomps* @ CJ.

Vic - I don't think Phil caught your joke....

Shhhhhh! Bookies don't like having their names tossed around so lightly, if ya know what I mean. Annie, I figure between you and Siouxie y'all have all the tight ends in the NFL committed to memory. hehe

Diva, I went and checked standings and here's the deal: you and Doc need to fill paper sacks with poo. I love the Bears, as an idea, and I was a Sweetness fan as a kid, but only Atlanta is worse, in the NFC this year. Every game you win from now on makes you pick lower in the draft. Sorry.

[Diva say: It's not your fault]

HEYA JAZZZZZZZIE!!!! Keep that fanny warm!

What's all this talk about sports? WHO CARES? The only reason I like sports is the convenient excuse to tailgate/party. WoooHoooo!

Doc - we have them committed to something, but it ain't memory.

*tosses flaming bag of poo @ CJ*

Pthththth. ;-P

*Flaps in, avoiding Diva's flaming bag o' poo*

Isn't Marco Polo a second-string receiver for the Texans?

*WAVES @ Jazzzzie!*

I think that's how the q-back finds the Texas receivers - by yelling, "Marco!"
Or by searching thru abandoned buildings. That works just as bad good.

Texan's QB, Matt Schaub. They've got their star Receiver back now and appear to be squeezing dogs.

Whoops, Ducky! I wasn't aiming at you. :) How are you?

Annie, no wonder the Texans are having trouble. None of the receivers on the field is named Marco.

Howdy, Diva! The house is beginning to return to normal after the massive amounts of feasting and football-watching.

Fine. Everybody pile on now but after a quick scan of the old record book it turns out that Houston leads the series with the Jags 6-5. And another glance indicated that the Texans were 1-0 all time against Los Angeles mainly because THERE IS NO TEAM IN LA. Even better, the Texans only exist because the citizens of LA didn't want the NFL in their fair city. So PHHHHTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! *takes pointy ball and goes home...HMPHH.*

Come back, Doc, we're just funnin'. Here, have a cold frosty mug! With beer in it, even!

*stealthily slides the gumballs and a couple of beers across the bar to Rick*

All kidding aside, I'm pulling for the Jags if it means kicking the Colts out to pasture. As for the Bears, pray for losses Diva. You guys need a quarterback that can see in color in the worst way.

Doc - are you seriously wondering why we said no to THAT team?
Put that pointy ball down and wash your hands, mister.

It's just not in me to pray for losses, no matter the consequences. But HOLY CRAP are you right about that QB issue!

Fine. I won't compliment the Texans again, after this. On paper they are very good, one of the best. They have drafted right and snuck in Schaub in Free Agency. The Texans have drafted in the Offensive and Defensive lines for several years and they will crush teams in the next few years to come.

I do not look forward to being in their Division.

*Pops popcorn to go with the beer & football, puts bowl on blogbar*

Dangit. I hate it when CJ goes all common sense on me. The Texans will be just fine in the near future although I'm not as keen on their offensive line just yet. Otherwise, a piece here and there and a division contender is on the horizon. What was the original topic in here? Seems like I unintentionally thread-jacked it. Oh well...

It takes more than one to threadjack, Doc. We all did it. :-)



You're under arrest! Come out with your hands up! ;-)

Speaking of pollo, a horse walks into a bar and the bartender raised a Chihuahua.

*smacks self in head*

D'oh! I fall for it every time!


Diva, the Bears are getting better, just too late for this year. Poo Sacks in Flames, to mess up other teams.

*horsey snork* @ CJ & dances - and may I add - doesn't judi look just positively fab with Walter?

Judi looks positively fab anytime, anywhere. Especially when doing the Electric Slide.

The Electric Slide--isn't that a dance you ladies do with your partner Bob?

*dons blinders*

CJ - They're always the best, every year. Forever. :-)

SW!!! I'm SHOCKED!!!

*reminds self to use waterproof BOB in the bathtub next time*

*wonders what happened to little shockey-faced emoticon*

OK, I have to go tempt Darwin in the morning. Nite all....

Well, that explains a lot. CJ tempts him, ddd fights him. No wonder he can't get a decent night's sleep.

BOB? Who? Huh?

Lol, dd. Good one!

DD, Bathtub BOB's looking more electrocuted than shocked ...


Been messin' with Darwin, mebbe?

Man, that's one pretty wild looking BOB! I bet the ladies would have lots of fun with that one!

Stevie, batteries only. No electricity involved. My electric slide is all about dancing ;-P

I got a Stevie LOL - I can go to bed fulfilled. Er. That didn't .... oh, who am I kidding? That's exactly what I meant! ;-)

casey knows. Like judi said...you can dance the E-slide to just about anythang!

What in heck is a bob? And do I want to know?

Wait. Never mind. I figured it out from context. And now that I did, the answer to my second question was no.

"Stevie, batteries only. No electricity involved."

What an utterly female statement.

*waiting for sparks to fly ...*

*flaps back in for a moment*

You know those GEICO commercials? The ones where they say, "Mary is a real person, so to help tell her story, we've hired _____(Little Richard, the guy that does commercial voiceovers, etc)." Well, I just saw one, and the celebrity hired to help tell her story, complete with white hair and guitar, was...


Doing a GEICO commercial.

Just shoot me now.

*flaps off to bed*


That BOB looks like Walter all grown up :)

Nite y'all.

Have you checked out this Lol cats:

Lol Cats

The question is whether the Dolphins have what it takes to pull off that perfect 0 'n' 16 season? Sorry. It's not your fault.

Rice lost to the Golden Hurricane Saturday, but with a final score of 48-43 there was enough scoring for a not-pointy-ball game.

At least the Naperville North Huskies (13-1) won the Class 8A State Championship, so one of my teams went somewhere this year! Have a margarita, and raise the chihuahua!

Congrats Dances! Take the victories, no matter how small, where you can get them.

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