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November 19, 2007


But they're definitely making the best videos.

(Thanks to Beth Armogida)


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That was sooooo sweet! You just can't keep writers down!
Ok, so I couldn't watch it from work, but hey...FOIST!

Nothing says tough mediation like Brokeback bargaining. This will make, "Look for the Union Label," obsolete!

It's been a long time since I've laughed that hard at two guys making out on the beach.

That was a sweet way to say, "You lying Blockheads!"

The blog is making me Scab. I couldn't leave a blanc in support of the strikers.

heeey, whaddaya mean they 'may not win'?
I'm tellin' Santa.

England Dan and John Ford Coley. I have that on vinyl. and I still have a turn table. gives me somethin' to do durin' the strike.

The ironic thing about that video is that the artist that recorded the song probably doesn't get a royalty for the song in that video, which is exactly what the striker's want!


Steve (who supports the writers)

Exactly, Steve. It all depends upon whose ox is getting gored.
Not that I'm calling anybody an Ox or am I casting aspersions on Al Gore. I'm just saying.

LOL, Steve - right on!

I won't tell you to start writin'
And I don't want to end your strike
But there's a rerun showin' on my TV
And I'd like to see a new "House" tonight.

Yay, Ducky!!

How much money is this vid making for the writers' guild? I'm sure the profit will be split 50/50 with the original artist.

Thanks, Diva! Wyo, we have it on vinyl, too. I have quite a few albums left from my misspent youth younger days.

I recently saw a turntable that will burn CDs from albums. I'm tempted--anybody know if they're any good?

Ducky, no. I have gone through many versions and the best thing is to go into a computer. My brothers have digital recorders that take the old analog signals and do well, but I haven't tried them; I have tried the vinyl-to-CD turntables and don't think you would be happy. Get a decent turntable and go into your computer.

Ducky - if you find out it's any good, I'll send you BOXES of vinyl to transfer!

Hm. Poo. Well, CJ, I didn't even know you could do that, so I'm gonna have to look into it!

Here ya go, Ducky: Polderbits. That's what I used to make the copies I'm most pleased with. You need a stereo RCA male pair to a 1/8 inch stereo male pigtail; just ask at Radio Shack, or order it. Very simple to plug in. You already have the converter... you're typing on it!

That was a hoot! Great creative work. Obviously the writers of 24 had nothing to do with it.

Wyo... technology is catching on. Look here. Vinyl is cool again.

GeeksRUS! I have LOTS of vinyl. And not just clothes ;-)

But you DO have the clothes, too, right, Siouxie? I mean - no sense in disappointing all the blogguys here. ;-)

Siouxie I thought that outfit was leather?

shhhhhh Prof!

OK, I've tried to check everything, but the 'tubes are crawling. Plus, it's bedtime... nite all.

Thanks, CJ! That sounds easy enough, even for me.

Now I'll have to answer to all the animal rights peeps.

DISCLAIMER: NO animal was hurt whilst trying to put my leather pants on.

Nite CJ!

DISCLAIMER: NO animal was hurt whilst trying to put my leather pants on.

Just the human animals... male ones at least.

Vinyl is nasty to wear. Makes even us skinny girls sweat. Leather is much more breathable. Just make sure your leather is made from animals that died of natural causes, such as old age or lead poisoning.

I kinda miss the old scratchy albums. I have a guitar patch on my keyboards that has the scraping strings sound on it. Pretty realistic.

Prof, I don't pretend NOT to hurt the male species. YOU should know that.

CTProf, I love that website. I have gotten Mr. gjd several gifts from there.

CT - she did, however, frighten a kitty.

blurkie made me write that.
*slaps blurkie*

*hides behind the couch*

no... really?

*smacks blurkie too*

I did not hurt a pus..kitty!

gjd... it is a great site.. I will admit to owning a number of things from there

CTP, I have a t-shirt that reads "There are 10 kinds of people in this world -- those who understand binary and those who don't"

I also like the one that some of the writers from The Daily Show did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzRHlpEmr0w

LOL I've seen that one gjd. I have a coffee mug from there that says "There's no place like"... yes I am a computer geek.

gjd - Nurse Tammy had a cousin who could read binary the way you and I could read English. The man was just something else.

I love that song. It reminds me of the night that this guy and I - um, er, - never mind. I really can't say any more, but I do love that song.
Eleanor who supports the writers.

El, I'll say my goodnights now but I do want details!

Nite all!

It's okay, prof. We love geeks.

And El, it's the writers who give us the stories and images that inspire and infuriate..... the execs are bean counters, the actors are puppets. The writers are the ones who bring stories to life..... they deserve the bazillions and the kudos. just look at 24. 'nuff said.

Yeah, with the writers' strike, we need stories. Tell us a story, El.

Rats (mammaries)! I missed Siouxie!

Gotta keep my night schedule though I'm off today.

Guess I'll have to watch re-runs.

Ha ha, those Daily show writers have still got it.

that is fabulous

I wuz trineta think of a parodized version of Woody Guthrie's Union Maid ... but I got stumped for a rhyme with "Union Dude" ... um ... OH! ... um ... on second thot ... nevermind ...

Yay, final's done, submitted, gone, time's up!

Happy sounds fade away.


Echoes ...

Anyone? Bueller?

<teel deer>

The Writers have nothing to fear from me, but I did have a little fun with this Database Design final, part of which required researching and modeling an emergency room. There was ...

1) a fictitious name for the place, the Johann (Hans) Hölzel Commissary (musical reference) Medicine Center for Graduate Students, connected with Starbucks General Hospital (slightly inside joke)

2) a set of odd medical problems, including onychocryptosis, the heartbreak of psoriasis, lack of referential integrity, and nose crayons

3) the obligatory anagram, Emergency Room ~ Germy once more

Hey, let's make a TV show. About patients with obscure diseases. And brilliant, flawed doctors with attitudes, and nurses. And female ninja robot toilet squirrels that shoot anagrammists in the thigh. Wait ...

Ah, (milked) rats! The intertubes says there already is one.

</teel deer>

You may resume your naps.

teal deer.

There are teal deer? And I thought I had the blog beat with azure squirrels. *sigh*

Y'all still up, too?
*snork at lack of referential integrity*

My fave (coined by an EMT who was giving us report on a woman who was hyperventilating), "acute drama exacerbation"

And Doc Rick- I like chartreuse monkeys.


DDD, I'm okay with chartreuse monkeys, but lavender spider monkeys and olive sea horses are my all time favorites! Nothing brightens a room like those two animal species frolicking in your backyard. *okay, where'd the wife hide my last 6 pack Damnit?*

Seeing pink elephants too?

Nah! Just blue stars and green clovers. I save the pink pachyderms for the weekend.

Isn't our South African contingent showing up right about now?

Should be. Not sure where Mot is hiding tonight. OT/ Have y'all gotten any rain lately in the ATL?

Not really- had a sprinkle a couple of weeks ago with a brief hard downpour, then nothing else. Still saving out bathwater for the plants. I didn't think we would get much color this fall- just leaves going from green to brown- but we are seeing color in even the most stressed of trees. My oak tree out front sure smells good.

Oops- make that "our"- my eyes are starting to close, but I need to tough it out another hour or so to keep my schedule. It is weird- Mr ddd just woke up (he is such an early bird that he sometimes gets up an hour before he goes to sleep) and I have been up all night.

Well, since the unemployment began I've been all over the place in my sleep schedule. My original idea was to get readjusted to the graveyard shift since thats where they stick you as a new hire in TV. As a result, I haven't slept more than 5 hours a day in the past month. Today might bring a change to that situation so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And I have a really good feeling you guys are about to have a really wet winter to make up for the past few months. Hang in there and know you're in our prayers.

Thanks Doc, and good luck to you- hope you get good news!

*places out Egga-Mooby muffins for breakfast, kidkstarts blogomatic coffeemaker and hopes she doesn't get a DVT from sitting at computer nearly all night*

*swaps "c" for "d" before anyone else sees it*

a little LTTG but

*SNORK* @ at Annie's natural causes like lead poisoning (10:41)

Morning! IV caffeine drip for anybody?

dances...we're over ----------->


Thanks, Sioux! Be right over.

Hi, guys. The Daily Show one was amusing but the England Dan song was hilarious.

And yes, I have a TON of vinyl (not clothes like Siouxie - pictures, please?) and over 500 45s, but nothing to play them on.

Here ya go, Jeff!

Fish eggs for writers!!! Is that what they want?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc7X12nTW68&feature=related

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