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November 28, 2007


It can come back to haunt you.

(Thanks to Tom in Maine)


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What happens in Vegas gets sold on E-Bay to the highest bidder.

D@mn Dave. I would've just hit delete on that email. And then emptied the folder.

My grandfather used to have a banjo act. Did you ever meet him, Dave?

An so your rock star career starts...

nice hat

For the record, that Dave Barry was a comedian (now deceased) who worked in Las Vegas for decades. My father (also Dave Barry) and I used to watch him on TV. I met him once, maybe 15 years ago, at a book-signing in California; he told me he had some of my mail.
More info on him here.

Yeah! Right

I didn't know you could play the banjo, Dave! Do you know the Deliverance theme? If you're gonna play the banjo, you better learn it.....

gee dave, good thing you weren't named after a stripper or your career would have been something entirely different.

Mot, you don't believe Dave???

Dave, that is pretty cool to have met him. Did you get your mail back??

Did you autograph eachothers' instruments?

Jeez Sooz, look at the picture the similarities are just too obvious.

Oh Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are going to have a field day slinging mud using that photo Dave... better call The Spin Doctors to help you out. :-)

I hope He has a money back guarantee clause written into tickets to his shows.

They had banjos when you were young(ish)?
You played Beinstock in 'Some Like It Hot"? Wow, can I have your autograph? Again?

Dave....you play a stringed instrument?

Well...I stared at the picture rubbing my eyes for 5 minutes before I found Dave's message that it wasn't really him. I'm just glad to know I don't need to go the doctor and get my prescription changed. For my glaassses.

I had the same problem. The geezer bus is idling in my driveway; I'll be by to get ya in about 1/2 an hour.

A question for Dave. You're clearly a southpaw yet you play right handed guitar, how come?

Mot..... are you asking Dave to explain something with, say, logic?

I knew it wasn't him...no blue shirt.

"He's a-pickin', an I'm a-grinnin" Yessum, I'll go warm up the geezer bus.

Dave, You'll also be glad to note that you are a drug abuse counselor at the hospital I used to work for in York, Maine.

I admire your energy - and your time travelling abilities.

But you are better than he ever was, cause you have a Wikipedia article and the other Dave Barry doesn't.

Punkin - are you sayin' Dave has a flux capacitor?!

Well, that sounded dirty.

...not as bad as autographing each other's instruments...

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