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November 28, 2007


Madonna has been baaad.

(Thanks to Laurie)


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Hurray! I've MADE it! Wow, so this is how y'all feel...

I guess we can stand to keep Celine Dion as long as the UK keeps that whack-job.

She learned how from her friend Paris.

Whew! That is not at all what I expected to see.

hahahahaha! It's beaaaaautiful!

Wait a minute. Is this anything like spraypainting goats?

She's a dyed in the wool artist. Notice how the Madonna post has the least responses? Her 15 minutes are well over (we hope).

It could have been worse. I was cringing when I clicked on that link.

A wise man once said, "Never confuse success with fame. Helen Keller is one, Madonna the other."

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