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November 21, 2007


OK, here is a photo of last night's Hannah Montana concert, taken for the Miami Herald by Emily Michot:
And, here, once again, is the CrapCam photo I took of roughly the same scene:
I frankly do not see any difference.


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One of them is a boat explosion. I think it's the first one.

I'm with The Dave on this one.

Actually, I'm thinking The Dave's has better "framing" as it draws the eye to the lightening strike in the middle.

The other's ... well ... just "too busy" with all those fingers, arms, mic stansd and what-not going in all sorts of directions.

In the first picture, they're holding their hands up for the lightning strike, and in the second you've captured the actual strike.

I'm pretty disturbed that Hannah Montana has got a throne of boys.

it's just like it, only different.

You certainly got your money's worth, Dave. It was almost like being there.

Without my glasses on they look exactly the same.

It looks like the Herald wasted money sending Emily Michot there. You obviously had everything covered. You captured the vibrancy, the excitement, the warp-core overload...

If you look really close, I think that's the two-faced cat in the picture.

I didn't know that Hannah was a Texas Longhorns fan. Hook 'em horns!

Which one did you take again, Dave?

You'd think those guys would have worn something nicer than T-shirts to such an expensive concert. Kids these days.

i'd rather check out the two faced, three eyed cat before breakfast. but Dave's photo was much easier on the stomach.

Since when did Barbie get four Kens?

I'm sorry. I've SEEN Hannah Montana on tv, and that looks more like Billy Ray in drag than a 13 year old girl.

She is only THIRTEEN?

Not 13.
Born 11/23/1992.

I believe she plays a thirteen year old on TV, not that she is actually 13. But I can check. Hang on...

Destiny Hope "Miley" Cyrus was born November 23, 1992, which makes her 15...

That's a little better, DPC. Not much, but better.

Emily's picture is just ever so slightly air brushed to remove 'flaws' but other than that there's no difference.

I always wanted a little girl for the Dad-worship they generate, but wound up with two boys, so I get a little jealous of Dads with girls like His Blogness. Every once in a while, though, I have a "Thank God I Have Boys" moment, and knowing that I will never be commanded to attend a Hannah Montana concert is one of them.

(Although my 11-year old has her CD...)

What I like most about Dave's CrapCam shot is how it captures the other 1,700 CrapCams.

Padraig: Another pitfall along the road of raising girls - Daughter #2 got her first, um, womanly cycle this week. She's fine with it. Dad, on the other hand, is not taking it well.

Indeed Scott-It ages us Dads 5 years,'cause we realize our little girls arent "little girls" anymore.

Heh - Scott and Wayne - My dad was actually first to know because he wouldn't let me go in their room to see my mom when I needed her. When I told him why he just shut right up.

I can see that Hannah was REALLY impressed to have a Presidential Candidate, and fameous author and member of the press in the audience. She really gave you some great seats!

hah. my kids are older. i've never even heard of hannah montana.

I'm still confused as to why she's touring as "Hanna Montana" when that's just the name of the character she plays on the Disney Channel. Why isn't she touring as Miley Cyrus?

Thank you for giving us...forgive me...the Best of Both Worlds. Note: Only parents of the female pre-teens will be able to process this comment.

Why are the people holding Hannah up giving the sign of Satan?

I once dated a Hannah like that.

Doubleyu-Tee-Eff is the deal with the devilhorns? It's a pop concert, for crying out loud!

I am really not at all a metal fan, but I'm still annoyed by people who think that this hand gesture makes them 'cool' somehow.
They are SO blacklisted.

Take it easy, Penny. They are obviously just UT fans.

Who's Hanna Montana? That sounds like that song about the bananafanafofana. I'm a 24 year old chick and I have no clue who this kid is. I must be getting up there in age.

>M< - Hanna Montana is the lead character of a television show on Disney that goes by the same name. Played by Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, who did the Achey Breakey Heart song.

Oh. I know that song.

Although I'm not sure I was alive when it came out. I think that she should just go as Miley Cyrus on the tv then. That's a nicer name than Hanabanafanafofana.

Dave, you didn't get in??

Your daughter is going to remember this when it comes time to put you in a home!

Dave, you and Michelle will remember this and WANT to forget, but Sophie will love you for it. Good job!

Destiny Hope Miley? What a name! No wonder she goes by "Miley".

She's a very talented performer... judging from the later picture, you didn't have a prime seat, but I'm sure the music was loud enough to appreciate it all.

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