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November 17, 2007


Can we enhance our productivity and do something good at the same time, this week?


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ooh, I love this one!!!!!!

One of the words I got was, IANMTU, "strumpet".

One of the choices for that word was, ISIANMTU, "prostitute".

I clicked on it, and 10 grains of rice went to someone in need.

Makes ya wonder what Dave does during his book tours. ;-)

I've already donated 1120 grains of rice!!

I was running a shaky 45 yesterday. My daughter is trying to figure out how to work acanthoid into everyday conversation.

I play this almost every day at work.

At work? I meant "before work." Before. Yeah.

Love it! I'm sending this URL to everybody (it helps that I'm crossword fanatic... I actually knew what "pannier" means....

It even works without Flash installed.

I hit 49 for a minute but a couple bad answers later I was back down to 46.

Yay, Scott! My career high (I've been playing for a week) is 48 - so far. :)

Wow, What fun!! Thank you! (I think)

*Wonders what the two year old has been doing for the last half hour*

Me too, me too! I'm playing, but I got one wrong and it hurt my ego, so I'm stopping for a little while.

When I tried to return to the blog site it began to deduct with each click. I built it back up and had to reload to resume my reading wondering if anyone else experienced this.

Thanks, judi. This is great. I've sent it to a lot of people.

The corollary of this comment is that my prospectus is to find out how in tarnation to work a word like somnambulate into a conversation.

Odd, Use it when you're sleeping. You're welome.

...and now I have something to do during my history lecture!
Thanks Dave!

Wooohoo!! I hit 49 finally!

Finally, 50. I quit, for a brief spell. Must send more rice.
Is this site for real?

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The UN is nothing but evil world government that
takes our tax dollars to kill unborn babies in the third world.

Roll out the gumballs, we'll have barrels of fun
Roll out the gumballs, we've got the blues on the run

much better to refuse people abortions and then let their already-living children starve to death, right? lol idiots.

*whacks at spammers with hi-tech Swatter of Doom.*

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