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November 23, 2007


A suspect is identified from a video of his buttocks.

(Thanks to DavCat and Siouxie)


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I knew there was a reason to wear clothes that fit.

I think everybody's in a turkey coma, Dave. Where's CJ?

See kids, that's why your mom told you not to get that buttock tattoo (which WBAGNFARB).

Momma always said that showing a plumbers crack would get one into sh!t.

Stabby stabby stabby stabby Birthmark, Birthmark!

OK, I got nuthin.

Serving only half of a sixteen year sentence for such a heinyous deed? The law IS a @ss.

Not enough time butt, I'm sure he thinks it's a bum rap

Aha, we got your @ss on video!! No, literally, we got your @ass on video.

What an a$$hole.

At least he got a vigorous defense -- Sam Stein, defending, said: “My client deserves punishment and knows that full well.”

SW, I thought the same thing! I'm impressed by this lawyer. I'm not sure a US lawyer would do the same thing. Maybe he'd try to explain about the trauma caused his clients by having his rear end looked at by experts :)

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