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November 27, 2007


Key Quote Indicating Naivete or Cluelessness on the Part of Authorities: Authorities don't know why Clifford E. Clark III, 47, of Knoxville, allegedly put three bullet holes in the Redflex Traffic Systems camera.

Maybe he thought it was a coyote.

(Thanks to Mike)


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Up here they use all their ammo breaking in new "Caution Deer Crossing" signs, so this is a mystery to me.



The city signed a three-contract with the company

1400 = "several thousand"

Paging Mr. Language-Person...


Haha! Dodged that bullet. Thanks to the Acme cow company.

Some years ago in Cape Town the traffic cops were monitoring a new-fangled camera on one of the elevated motorways when an irate motorist screeched to a stop and hurled the camera over the retaining wall, he then proceeded to drive over the foot of the cop who rushed out of hiding in an effort to aprehend the motorist. Needless to say, the camera din't survive the 60 ft. drop, I believe the motorist has never been caught because the cops couldn't see his license plate as he'd smeared mud all over it.

This looks to be one of the longest stories posted today (so far). So - was alcohol also involved?

Maybe even something stronger, Kathybear

Vandalizing something that can take a picture of the crime? And no alcohol?

Hey, you've got to fight the minions of Skynet wherever they appear...

...Speaking of vandalizing traffic cameras, the resistance is active in England, as well...

Or it's entirely possible that Clifford E. Clark III had the same sort of experience as fellow Knoxville resident "Tamara," who found out the hard way that neither Knoxville's traffic cameras, nor the cops who review their take, can apparently tell the difference between a Toyota Tacoma truck and a BMW Z3 convertible.

It's probably amazing that more Knoxville residents haven't taken to using red light cameras for target practice...

The AAA, and by AAA I mean American Automobile Association, not Anti-Aircraft artillery, objected to the red-light cameras in the Washington, DC, area because they were being used more for revenue than safety and the local government said as much.

He took out an automated ticketing device?

So this guy is being hailed as a national hero right?

.....nice shirt..........

A .30-'06, eh?

Seems as if he wuz a bit "over-gunned" to my way of thinkin' ... an AR-15 with FMJ (or armor-piercing) ammo should've done the job quite adequately ...

OTOH, even tho I've had brushes with variations of them described in that latest link, I also find it comparatively easier to obey the speed limit and stop for red lights ... HOWever, sum places still use the "speed trap" philosophy, so it would appear to be obvious that they're on a "revenue enhancement" program of traffic safety management ... merely sayin' ...

Clifford Clark for Knoxville Mayor! He's got my vote!

I wonder what kind of load is recommended for this kind of hunting. Can I be electrocuted by field dressing a mechanism such as this?

I hope it becomes a fad.
The song by Tom Lehrer comes to mind, I believe the title is, "Two Game Wardens, Seven Hunters, and a Cow."

All charges were dismissed against Clark, after a Knox County deputy confessed to shooting a redlight scamera. Seems cops don't like being replaced by private contractors in Australia and Commie China. That explains why cops and prosecutors destroyed all ballistic evidence in this case, and destroyed all audio recordings of Clark's alleged "confession" and "consent" to search, which Clark vehemently denied. Frame job of a retired millionaire with 2 college degrees. Clark never even got a redlight ticket, so no motive. Camera contractor Redflex refused to testify against Clark, after Redflex was fired for suspected contract fraud and bribery. Mayor Billionair Haslam, who approved the Redflex contract in Knoxville, was convicted of price gouging for having the highest gas prices in USA at Pilot Oil.

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