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November 29, 2007


Keeping the Streets Safe

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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Until just a couple of years ago she used to scrub the front doorstep and pavement on hands and knees but has had to give that up because of her age."

gotta keep that stoop tidy in case prince charming finally shows up.

I think they should leaf her alone.

I think I'm doing pretty good if the welcome mat is cleaner than the shoes being wiped off on it.

ellie, if they don't crack down hard now, before you know it there'll be gangs of stoop-cleaning old ladies swarming the neighborhood, sweeping at all hours, clogging the gutters with leaves, intimidating the stoopless, and starting violent stoop cleanliness wars. Nip it in the bud, definitely.

gotta keep that stoop tidy in case prince charming finally shows up.

Posted by: crossgirl | 09:04 AM on November 29, 2007

so THAT's what I'm doing wrong.

She should get a leaf blower. No sweeping.

Yep, Sioux. A blower will attract Prince Charming, no doubt about it.

a swallower will ;-P

But Meanie, it couldn't be worse than guys who use blowers to send leaves into the street AND other people's yards. Admit it, you've done it!

1) We have lots of huge old trees surrounding our home (on a 1/3 acre lot), and they drop enough leaves to fill 3 dumpsters - ISIANMTU. We compost as much as we can, and dispose of the rest. I would need a tornado-scale blower to handle these.

2) Our town used to permit leaves to be left at the curbside to be scooped up by bulldozers.

3) See 4

4) Oh, yes, there is a 3.

5) Now the town requires that leaves be bagged for curbside pickup. Grrrrr, and double-grrrrrr!

6) I'm still sore from the last 3 weekends of leaf bagging/hauling.

Also, someone told that this is why God made chainsaws, but we're not planning on going that route.

In Germany you can get sued for not salting snow and ice from your doorstep; path; and the pavement just in front of your house, if someone slips and falls.

I imagine the rules would be equally harsh for rogue leaves.

Once or twice I was a little anxious about what I would do if it snowed during the day, while I was at work, and Deutsche Poste had a letter for me...

ANTI BROOM LAWS will soon follow, even if the lady promises to "Turn over a new leaf"

ANTI BROOM LAWS will soon follow, even if the lady promises to "Turn over a new leaf"

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