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November 26, 2007


They take action.


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improper exhibition of a firearm

And pray tell, what's the 'proper' exhibition of a firearm? at night in Winn Dixie?

Have you seen how slow they can be? Probably justified.

Now I'm off to fight Darwin. Hope I don't have to brandish a firearm- Ta!!

Did the other guy have the last can of gravy?

(Not easy to make something like this funny...)

It amazes me when You read Daves blog, Hiaasen's column and books and realize that they are not making this stuff up. Even Big Trouble had a lot of truth behind it for a work of fiction. People like this guy in office makes me want my parents to move back up north.

Imagine the headline if there had been a gunfight...

Death of Salesman

Snork w/ oneblankspace.

"do you know who i am?" i love when people say that. clearly NOT. and in this case, even if we did, no one would give a crap. a miramar city commissioner? the OTHER miramar city commissioners probably don't know who he is.

Good point, judi.

I also think "Fitzroy Salesman" is an excellent name for a politician.

"Salesman pulled his gun from the small of his back and pointed it at the man in an angry and threatening manner, according to the police report."

As opposed to?

*Ditto SNORK @ oneblankspace*

Decommissioning of a Salesman, soon to be published.

And this guy keeps getting reelected? Just what kind of people live in his district?

This is why I shop at Publix. If they won't let you be armed at Winn Dixie, that means all the guns are outside. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel safe.

That settles it. When I'm down south I'm sticking to Pigly Wigly.

Shootout in Aisle 10! Bring a mop!

That's why I only carry my machete when shopping.

Snork @ Siouxie!

I am assuming that, in strict accordance with the policies of the blog, that we are not to make fun of the guy's name?


Who names their kid that?

jeez, cant we just make fun of his name?? wbagnfarb, besides.
this is the first chance i've had to come in here - i've actually had to do a LOT of work. da noive!

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