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November 21, 2007


Cooking With Pooh

(Thanks to DavCat)

And just in case you were wondering if this is an actual book...)


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On a secondary note, I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. The blog is a great place, and I'm thankful that Dave and Judi are around to make that happen. Have a safe time on the road (if you dare to drive), and try to have a good time in spite of the relatives! Love you all!

I know you resent it, CJ, but it builds character.

Dave & Judi - you're THE best. I am truly thankful to you for providing a special place to share all kinds of fun and friendship with yourselves and with a marvelous bunch of very disturbed yet lovable people.

Wishing you all and your families and friends the best Thanksgiving ever,

Steve, aka Meanie the Blue

From an infrequent poster and daily blurker, a Happy Thanksgiving to all! Y'all make my day with your wit and good humor as well as your compassion and obvious love for one another.

I sent Mr. gjd out for a gallon of milk, the poor unsuspecting soul.


I am having guests tomorrow that are NOT family. For this, I am thankful. However, 2 are a couple who do not have children. The pressure makes me loopy. I will survive and it will be good. We will eat and then I will get to watch "Miracle on 34th St."

gjd, parts will go badly, but not because you sent the Mister out. It's because you place irrational limits on the number of freezers and refrigerators that are allowed on the porch.

Happy Turkey Day my fellow bloglits!

And special thanx to Dave and Judi for all their hard work in bringing to light all the silly news stories and good band names out there in the world.

I made reservations for Thanksgiving dinner!

Where you eating, ddd?

It feels much later than it is. In about 12 hours the turkey needs to be in the oven, so I guess I'd better go take it out of the freezer. (just kidding) I hope you all have the best of days.

Dave and Judi and families, thank you for providing this place for us.

The Vinings Club, just outside of Atlanta. Nurse Tammy's sister and my mother both married their (not they're) respective spouses there (not their). Mom and my aunt are meeting us. Any other bloglits in the ATL want to come?

Whoops! Mom

I am thankful that there is wet stuff falling out of the sky for the first time in weeks here in Atlanta.

Who is getting married? THe Vinings is a big wedding place in HotLanta; if'n I recall c'rectly?
Go Seminoles!!!!

*slowly rises towards the surface, chomps Igloo on the butt*

*passes CJ a mint, to get that igloo taste out of his mouth*


OH, and Go Seminoles

Was it a winter fresh mint, diver? tehehe.

Hey, Med, thanks for the card. I couldn't load the software, so I just e-mailed back.

Spearmint is better, mint-wise.

So we've got 5 (yes, count 'em), 5 whole degrees outside right now.

oops, spoke too soon. back down to 4. sorry, thought we were gettin' globally warmed for a minute.

Hey Wyo, it's been snowin' here today! Thought of ya, but we're a tad warmer than V.

we got several inches yesterday, but hear they got 10-14 inches up Montana way.

LOL... Wyo said we got several inches.

Anyone ever tell ya that you're easy? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


I just got through checking out TV Land's top 100 quotes and catchphrases list and somehow "We need to set up a perimeter!" and "DAMNIT!" didn't make the list. You'd think that with this blog's stature in modern mass media that we alone could have gotten them ranked as high as #s 2&3. Sheesh!

Wyo - I don't know about out your way, but MY globes are pretty warm! Just sayin'. ;-) Tee hee!

Doc - you alone should have been able to get those on that list. We have to try harder!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and may you all have safe journeys. I'll be thinking of all of you during the day.

For those bloglits with no holiday plans, but looking for some humor to get through Turkey Day (in case Dave and Judi are busy) here is something fun to keep you occupied:

Monty Python sketches!

Good morning. Enjoy a light breakfast of cinnamon rolls, but leave plenty of room for dinner! Happy Thanksgiving! (The ground here is actually wet. That makes it a happy day, indeed.)

I have a million things to be thankful for, you guys are one of them. Have a happy happy Thanksgiving.


*sets out English Muffins with cranberry jelly*

Morning everyblogy! Just catching up a bit after a loooong winter's nap. Is it spring yet? Apparently not. No accumulation here, Wyo, but we are having snow floozies.

Thanks for the cinnamon rolls, English muffins, and coffee. Brewing more now for any latecomers, leftcoasters, highwhyans, etc.

Most of all, I want to say thanks to Dave and Michelle and Rob and Sophie and judi and Walter (the oosik) and Walter (the CMD) and Ridley and Peter and Molly and Fighting Pr0n and Jack and Chloe and Ramparts and Edgar and House and the Academy and my mom and BM (the Pooh) and all you bloglits and blogsters for making this such a fun place to hang out and snork and arrrr and learn.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The official Pooh's sequel might be an interesting stuff to watch. I don't know how my kids will respond to this movie since they love so much pooh bear coloring pages compared with any other toys and stuff. Let's wait and see

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