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November 24, 2007


This is one of those stories.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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She's just trying to prolong her 15 minutes of fame.

Huh. All I get is Comcast telling me to upgrade my browser.

But then, I could be suffering from lack of sleep due to VERY VOCAL CATTLE!!! (So much for the peace and quiet of the country)

"...a man she lives with in the mouth." Tight living quarters can lead to friction.

sly-go eat a hamburger in front of them--as a warning. That might shut them up!

i have a hyper and vocal puppy that is about the size of a small sectional sofa. i feel you, sly.

I like Auntie M's idea. Go one further a put up a
"BURGER KING-COMING SOON" sign in the front yard. The bovine b@stards will move on.

How quickly we morphed into the Cow Thread - I LOVE this blog.

Mornin' Sly!

*igloo corrals wayward nd, sends to previous post.*
Must have more coffee.

Well, daisy, cows are kind of like women who were on "The Bachelor". Lots of mooing, not much in the way of motivation to do anything but stand around and look pretty....

daisymae, thanks for the simul.

um... cows ain't purdy. just an opinion. cheerleaders is usually purdy. cows, not so much so.

I didn't even bother sending it in as I knew Dave would be all over this one.

For sly: Former 'Bachelor' contestant arrested.

No heat in my apt. last night. I'd have loved to be next to that cow, for warmth, of course. Handcuffs a definite plus.

The story suggests that she might have reeked of something else, too.

Good mooooooorning, folks.

Is it possible to type the words "professional bass fisherman" with a straight face?

in florida it is! and alabama, and mississippi, and parts of louisiana. christine, i'm suspecting you might not live in the south??

The story froze my computer up twice also. I thought it was a conspiracy...it's a Cumcast story, and I'm a Verizzzzon guy. I'll get more coffee while you form these words into proper sentences.

"professional bass fisherman" Man, that must be ruff work. Take a whole lot of them to make a good days wages.

Christine, didn't see your post. I did not mean to encroach. My bad.

Me thinks there's something fishy about this story. I think the bass fisherman had a largemouth.


I think I figured out why the cows are so vocal. My daughter and I were on an errand on the other side of town and noticed the police had set up a road block. Cows had escaped and were strolling down the road. The cows out here must have been talking about the local bovine moooooooooovement. They also seem to be doing a lot of pacing.

How 'bout them Tampa Cheerleaders? If they're not dukein' it out trailer-trash style, they're... um...,"vacationing on the isle of lesbos" in a ladies room at some dive bar.

Where do they find these women?

& more importatly, where can I get an introduction??

It could have been worse, she could have thrown a can of gravy at him...

*dusts off old line to tie thread back together*
She was proposed to on tv? I guess it's really true - diamonds are for heifers.

sleyes- check to see if your webrowser accepts javascript.

All I get is Comcast telling me to upgrade my browser

This is annoying and lame. If they're going to put checks like this in their code, they need to keep up with the market. They apparently haven't heard of SeaMonkey. slyeyes, click the "you can still access Comcast.net" link towards the bottom, then go back and click the story link again.

"...a man she lives with in the mouth." Tight living quarters can lead to friction. *Snork*, CJ.

so ms. delgado was the 'one who got away'?

"i almost caught a cheerleader whose ramparts were this big!"

"she got away?"

"yeah. restraining order."

This is why I stay from reality - TV or otherwise.


AWAY from reality...

(stupid butter coated fingers)

psst...Punkin - it's snot your fault - blame the baby...or a squirrel.

Also, MAJOR MAJOR true happy happy thanksgiving day to you!

Punkin I agree, like winning a million bucks can be considered reality.

... was taken into custody just after midnight Wednesday on a battery charge

And the so-called UN does nothing!

She gave her name as Maribel Liliana Delgado. A telephone listing for the pair could not be found

It would be unusual for them to have separate numbers, no?

Sly - at least they were roamin' free...you know what they say about 'happy' cows!

(alert viewer of the "Happy Cows" commercials)

I like a girl with a bit of spunk.

Ew, SW. And on a holiday weekend, too! LOL.

Upbeat worms
They been jigglin' with upbeat squirms
'Til now they never had a backyard high
I'll bet their mother nevatode them why

I'm gonna try for some upbeat worms
They been livin' in their loam-filled berms
As long as any worm with double puds
And now they're looking for some extra grubs
There in the mud...

slyeyes, the cows are probably so vocal because it's weaning season. Usually, sometime between Sept. and Nov. calves are taken away from their mothers and the next 72-96 hours are incredibly noisy. The pacing you described also tells me this might be the case.

If they haven't stopped in 3-4 days shoot 'em.

That was the only Bachelor I got my husband to watch because he knew Byron.

It will be interesting to see if Byron shows up on ESPN's coverage of the B.A.S.S. with a fat lip!

And, yes I "get" to watch because my husband actually grew up fishing with Aaron Martens who won the Angler of the Year a few years back. (sigh)

...I see magic profiles near the heart of a luminous pine-tree...
Yo, Francesco Spambaldy - I've spent the last 5 hours near the heart of a pine tree trying to get the dang thing to stand up in my living room. It ain't luminous - it's sappy.

Sly - give the momma cows beer and crank a radio for the babies and they'll settle down faster. If that doesn't work, try boxed wine and tv. For you AND the cows.

AAAHHHHH! The bad existential poetry guy is back. My rebuttal:

Listening to the
sound of a delicate
cow, and recalling
some chick, I see
magically arrested
after her 15 minutes
are up;
the sirens fade
away, the cares of
the blog describes
off topic topics and
never in silence,
our beautiful gravy
flies through the sky.

snork@ blurk (I'm still wearing Kevlar from last night)

*snork* @ Auntie M, aka "Auntie-Sp@m."

*snork* @ Auntie M, aka "Anti-Sp@m."


*Thinks Sly won't get any sleep till the cows come home*

*snork at blurk*

The weaning makes sense. I've had wine and don't hear them now. Coincidence?

aww man...Mary!! and I thought you guys would make it...


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