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November 26, 2007


Know your rights.

WARNING: Do  not play this video in your office.

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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First to comment that I cannot watch it at my office anyway

Minutes earlier... it would appear that the woman he was harrassing skipped the "pepper-spray-in-the-eyes" technique, and went straight to the source.

OK, I so did not even read the previous post.

That is hilarious.

Are you saying that the right to scratch itchy nuts is enshrined in your constitution? What a wonderful country.

What gjd said. The best part was the cop trying not to laugh as they guy kept dancing around and asking that question all guys come to at some point in their lives: "Would you scratch my nuts?"


Of course, I don't know why he wouldn't just let Mr. Twitchy scratch his own nuts.

Jeff - Maybe they thought he would flea.


Mr. Itchy Nuts wbagnfa Simpson's cartoon character?

I'm ever so glad I cleaned up my act before they started putting video cameras in police cars.

Then again, I may have missed my one chance at fame.

Well, it appears this guy already has had a Florida driver's license and is eligible to also drink in Florida. However, he did not get the official "Scratching Nuts" license when his drink was delivered. Then again, he'd have to have asked for it and apparently, it didn't occur to him until he really needed it.

This video totally made me ROFL - I'm glad all you guys enjoyed it too!

I wonder what the people who know this guy say to him, and what new nickname he got out of this!

The suspect seemed to be getting a little testy...

man- he musta had japanese beetles crawling around in there.

(sorry for that mental image)

(not really)

Jt - don't you mean he's getting a little teste?

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