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November 29, 2007

OK, BUT...

...most guys already have one.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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awww...how cute. A little dangly sack.

Being an athletic supporter myself, I'm really liking that idea.

jon harris, you ok?

*scratches Suspensory, goes back to work*

So surprised that MKJ did not send this in!

Hence the term, "Hey, baby, don't keep me in suspense."

"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."

psssssst Annie?? I'm thinking this would be a nice Christmas gift for someone special to keep the danglies warm during those cold winter nights in Montana...

A stocking stuffer, if you will.

Um, no.

That's a great idea, Sio! It could even be fur-lined...oh. Nevermind.


Siouxie - it doesn't come in his size.
Oh, and Siouxie? Neener. ;p

That's a great idea, Sio! It could even be fur-lined...oh...nevermind.


Siouxie - it doesn't come in his size.
Oh, and Siouxie? Neener. ;p

Ok, that was weird.

wheewww...I thought I saw some posts disappear.

The bot seems to be having challenges today.

must be blurk's uh...err...taking up too much blog space.

The first thought that crossed my mind is whether or not he would get more or less money if they were advertised as used. I need help.

Yeah, that's it, Siouxie.
This is also known as a 'dragon castle.'

If "Click to Enlarge" really worked, more men would need one of these.

Maybe if it came in some flashier colors..

It needs something...maybe some lace. Or pearls.

Something shiny, Annie.

I KNOW!! we can get the Bedazzler and shiny it UP!

Glow in the dark trim?

Agh - the Balldazzler! That wench in the tv ad brings back baaad memories of college roommates from Long Island. If I weren't still having flashbacks, I'd write a freakin' sitcom about it. (Not during the strike of course.)

Glow in the dark trim is among my favorites!

It's okay, Annie. Here. Have some chocolate.

Siouxie - it doesn't come in his size.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 03:34 PM on November 29, 2007

You mean they don't have extra-small?


low blo


OT/ I just panicked b/c there was a Papa John's pizza delivery truck in my driveway and I haven't ordered any pizza. The guy gave me a poinsettia and a card to thank me for my business. How weird, yet neat, is that? /BOT

Don't think that I've ever heard of poinsettia used as a pizza topping before, gjd. Is it only the vegiie ones?

gjd - it means you're ordering too much Papa John's! ;-)

Well, I'm off to the local Christmas parade. g, j, and d are all in it on their various scout floats. Have hot cocoa on the blogbar later, 'kay?

*blushes* Really, we only order once or twice a month. Honest!

Are these to be used while the balls testicles are still attached to the person (ususally male)?

Enjoy the parade, gjd!

usuSally almost always

Jazzzzie, now that you mention attachment, I'm thinking these would be the PERFECT wedding gift for the bride.

Man: I do

Woman: I do

Priest: You may now give your new wife your testicles.


I'm beind Bot focked

g frikin whiz!!

Apparently, I never understood the symptoms correctly.

Now if that came in black leather, I'm sure Mrs. Dread would have already purchased several.

DPC - I'm not even gonna ask why she needs more than one. Just as long as you bring enough for everyone.

Actually I just use my 1 quart resealable bag that I use when flying, held up with an old belt. I find that I don't get searched that much when going through airport security.

Don't you need at least 3 of everything? 1 to wear, 1 in the drawer ready to wear, and 1 in the wash.

ArcticAl - one quart bag? Have you been puffin' the magic dragon again?

Well I have my toothpaste and shampoo bottle in there too.

and spare change...and keys....

I believe this is item #136 on the list of Things You Do Not Want to Buy Used.

All I want for Christmas are my two...

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