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November 29, 2007


The bocken cam is up.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Dave, ignore my last email. I'm glad I'm not the only one excited about the goat.

yay for flaming goats!!!!

I may have read the story a little too fast, but do I understand that the goat is pregnant and possibly retarded?


Sly...story, what story?

"The new chemicals are water and snowproof - and often used in airplanes -so we are very confident that the Gävle Goat will make it this year. "

What self-respecting Swede can resist a challenge like that?

daisy - click the link on the left "In English", and then the "History" link.

vot shtory??? all i got is a pic, and a bunch of swedish.... vere iss de goat?

WOOO HOOOO the Focken Bocken is UP!!

I will not sleep now!!!!

It didn't burn last year and by golly we want goat BBQ! BURN BABY BURN!!

um...I'll lay off the coffee.

carry on.

A watched goat never burns.

What do they care if it burns to bring in the New Year? Flaming Goat seems like a festive way to get rid of the gawd awful ugly thing clean up the holiday decorations.

C4, det cord and...BOOM! Voila...flamin' goat.

*zips in*™

Good morning all!

I liked it better before I switched to English, was way more interesting when I didn't have a clue.

It had darn well better burn this year, or I'll... or I'll... or I'll cry.

Thanks, Meanie. Now I know the story of the flaming goat. I thought it was a reindeer. Who would think anybody would have a goat as a symbol for Christmas, nttatwrt

It's the Goat of Christmas Past, daisy. Everyone knows what.

EG's gonna cry? Guess I'll hang out a while to see that.

Sheesh...burn already. Or cry already.

Please be aware that you can send e-mail to the goat: [email protected].

Dear bocken goat,

I hope you burn.



p.s. Merry Christmas!

Please tell me Gevalia coffee has nothing to do with goats. I luvs my Gevalia in the morning.

Mr. Bocken Goat,

Act now!! You can't beat our deal on Vi@gr@!! All you need at super low prices!!

What's so strange about a Christmas goat? Heck it was first built in 1966..Dude..IT WAS THE SIXTIES!

Somehow, I don't think it will burn.

Someone needs to spray it down with compost additive so it rots away in under a week. That might be cool...

Snork @ Siouxie's 'Goat of Christmas Past'

"At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, the goat went up in smoke. The perpetrator was found and charged with vandalism. The Gävle Goat has been burned down 22 times since then."

So, the first guy they caught, but the second guy has pulled it off 22 straight years?

If Guy Fawkes had been that clever, England would be a smoking ruin.

Yay for the Bocken! Burn, baby, burn!!!

**Note to Bocken - it's nothing personal, we're all just pyros in disguise.

Is it just me or does the Bocken look a little bedraggled this year? Are those bones or something sticking outta his legs? I wonder if a well placed flaming arrow into those (what appear to be) openings would make our dreams of burning bocken come true?

I've waited all year for this. Is it wrong that I pray for the Bocken to burn? Or, at a bare minimum, for someone to spraypaint his butt orange and dress him in frilly lingerie?

Bwahahaha! The Bocken has a blog! Watch out Dave, you have some mighty stiff competition! Well, I'm not exactly sure about the stiff part, but you know what I mean.....

Maybe we could have a blog vs. blog snark contest. Our oosik vs. their twiggy goat.

Oooh, the goat's back, thanks! I was thinking along Casey's lines, that the goat looks a bit shabby. Since it didn't burn last year, maybe they just stored it and put it on display without sprucing it up. Oh well, there are some homes that just leave the Christmas lights up all year.

tink, they actually do store it to be used over and over again, until it is burned, of course. After reading the bocken's blog, I have learned that he is not quite "finished" this year. They are still working on fixing him up. There's still hope for orange spraypaint!

BTW, Dave talked about you at his Miami Book Fair strumpet. You are almost as famous as our fearless leader!

fire on the bocken
the camera's on the air
watching for the goat to burn
means it's Christmas everywhere

"BTW, Dave talked about you at his Miami Book Fair strumpet. You are almost as famous as our fearless leader!"(Sorry I don't know how to make the italics)
Hmm, what'd he say? The book events are so much fun!
*wonders if this fame is a good thing*

...burn bocken burn!

I had to follow the Moose Park link.. and found there I could be led by a moosepert to see a moose in person and clap it.

Clap it? WTFBBQ?

tink, he was talking about how the book ideas started and that they were essentially books for tweens, but it would seem that people of all ages not only enjoy them, but really get into them, then described your appearance. Coupla other comments thrown in there, like how your husband had to ride with you on the subway or train or whatever, other stuff like that. It was pretty cool.

Thanks, Casey. I do love these books, and my husband is indeed a patient, sainltly guy.

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