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November 27, 2007


A Very Strict Place

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I'm afraid to post.

*hangs up on prank call to India*

perhaps he forgot to call collect

We're sorry, that number cannot be connected as dialed. Please hang up and say your prayers. Message code 666.

It could be worse. KIJ could have required that the manager dress as a bride.
The Blushing Bride

Hey, the writers are on strike and it was sweeps week. They gotta entertain the people somehow.

the first day:

"here's where we would keep office supplies, if the

capitalist rutting pig, geoerge bush let us have

any. and this is our 'break room'. here we break

the fingers of any employees not found thinking of

our glorious leader, he whose radiance issues from

every pore, whose potency makes women he thinks

about pregnant, kim jong-il. And this is your

office, don't mind the bullet holes! remember, at

pyongyang party supplies, employee satisfaction is

job #2, after servicing every whim of the emanation

of truth and beauty on earth, whose toenail clippings

make dick cheney wet his pants..."

"It is aimed at educating (North Koreans) to control society and prevent crimes," the group's head Venerable Pomnyun said in a press conference.

Hard to find humor in this one, but would Venerable Pomnyun and the Executioners BAGNFARB?

Tried to come up with something funny to say but couldnt. Instead I will just say he is free now and monsters will never track him down.

Someone should execute Kim Jong II for that hideous outfit! oh and for having a girl's name.

I don't get why the North Koreans would be afraid of Kim Jong-il, he wears a track suit for God's sake! And then I read this story and begin to understand...

Belly laffs at everyone else's posts !!!

(Came here to say what "gid" said; now, I got nothin')

Geez, what would they do if they caught him blogging on company time? (Not that anyone would do that, of course).

*said over office loudspeaker*

"Lazheeboy, come to the stadium now, please"

I guess you can't hear me now.

The executions will continue until morale improves!

They didn't need to execute him... they just had to put him in the crowd and watch him get crushed to death with the 6 other people that got crushed to death leaving the stadium. And I thought going to a football (soccer) game in Europe was dangerous.

Hmmm, a stampede to leave an execution for making international phone calls. What a surprise...

I really didn't know that much about North Korea, you all should watch this documentary on YouTube
put your text here

Anyone that complains that the United States restricts our privacy, violates human rights, or is a horrible example of a country should try living in North Korea.

He should have known not to sub contract Chinese toys containing lead.
Ironiclly, he died of lead poisoning.

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