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November 12, 2007


Miami-Dade schools are closed today, so Sophie went to a park with some friends. She came home very excited because they found a squirrel skeleton, and Sophie got two bones. ("Stella got the skull," she said, a bit ruefully.) Here is an exclusive CrapCam photo of the squirrel bones with Walter, who is looking unusually masculine by comparison.


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If you flipped that over, you could have a somewhat gruesome smiley face. I'll leave it to those funnier than myself to make the penis/smile jokes. :)

Congrats to Sophie! That is a rare find. Those terrorist bastards never die!

Why, Walter...I had NO IDEA how manly you could be up against a squirrel. RrrOOoorrw!

That's just what I was thinking, Siouxie!

Finding squirrel bones is a little like finding the ancient elephant burial ground...

Now that she knows its location... there is a chance the squirrels will come after her.

Walter and the return of the bikini-lady ad! Coincidence? I think not!

Dave, you should award Sophie the title of 'Honorary Guy'. And be proud!

Now's the time for a rendition of (not by the CIA) Ray Steven's song about the First Church of the Self-Righteous

And Dave remained adamant that he had no idea the squirrel bones were there. No really.

I LOVE that song, JEC. Ray Stevens is hilarious.

Have to say it!

Squirrel Bones and the Walrus Penis WBAGNFARB

Hooray to Sophie, the budding archaeologist! Now, tell her to go wash her hands.

Squirrel bones and walrus penis
Cannot mend this heart of mine
But I've lightened up my sorrows with this stunning outdoor find
Or they might be from a bunny
Be they legs, afore or hind
Squirrel bones and walrus penis
Cannot mend this heart of mine

(from the Springfields' only hit, before their girl singer Dusty broke off for her solo career. Among later others, like the Dead and Ronstadt.)

Dave, you should award Sophie the title of 'Honorary Guy'. And be proud!

Posted by: fivver | 12:19 PM on November 12, 2007

I think that's backwards. All you "guys" are Honorary Kids.

But then, I have to admit, most of us ladies are, too. *sigh*

mm, maybe you're right. I just know that if Dave ever hears Sophie tell her friends, "Hold my juice box and watch this!" he sould intervene immediately.

and i, for one, am jealous of stella AND sophie. i never get squirrel bones.....

*SNORK* @ "hold my juice box..."

Is Walter now the guardian of the squirrel bones, oh yeah, and what is their name?

Have joy, Sophie.
And a big stick.

daisymae, chip and dale?


Maybe Sophie could ask Santa for a squirrel skull of her very own? You know, if she's really, really good?

*suspects that this is not going to be the new rage for the Littlest Pet Shop none-the-less*

Anyone else bombarded with the theme song from the "My Little Pony" commercials?
"My little bony,
My little bony...."


*SMACKS* Annie! NOW I am.


Ow! Sorry.
It's a small bone after all.

Is fivver a veteran? Does he get a free-typo pass today for his 'sould' @ 12:55?

The bones might be a result of a training accident. Posted on the other line...

Ninja Training

Ha, Annie! I laugh at your attempt at an earwig. I watched High Noon on Saturday and ever since then I've had that scrubby instrument that sounds like a leather washboard THROBBING IN MY BRAIN LIKE AN ALIEN LIFE FORM. AIEEEEEEE!!

Poor fivver. Maybe watching this will help.

Ahhhh... memories... I had a "My Little Pony."

I totally quit playing with it like last year, though....

Siouxie - two threads back.. thank you!

Since CTProf brought it up again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CTPROF!

Welcome old man!!

*ducks and hides behind Annie*

and yeah yeah..I know...

*I'm* still older ;-P

Siouxie - you certainly don't look it or act it. That's the main thing, right? Please?

6 years Siouxie :)

and thank you Annie

uh..yeah RIGHT!! that's it, Annie.

*goes to bus stop to wait for geezer bus*

;-P again, Prof!

*smacks CTProf for Siouxie*
mind your manners...you couldn't keep up with Siouxie if you tried. Shoot, this BLOG couldn't keep up with her this weekend.

True... she is hard to keep up with

Actually, I think this would be more appropriate to fumigate your earwig, fivver.

hehe..thanks Annie!

HELL *I* couldn't keep up with me this weekend. Or casey. She's got a lot of energy. We were running on pure alcohol adrenaline.

Het CT Prof. I hear it's your birthday. Have a happy.

Back to the topic -

I haven't had a bone for so lon - wait, what are we talking about?

In case everyone doesn't know, "Het" is Hebrew for "hey". Really.

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