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November 28, 2007


Whatever  you do, do NOT click here.

(Thanks to Claire Martin, a woman)


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Puff the Magic Dragon

Butt usually just
Puff on


I've heard of peeing fire before, but not like that

You gotta love the photo caption: "A dragon - not the one on Mr Bevan's penis though" What kind of pointless reporting is that? Of course we want to see the real thing!

You can't see much when it's asleep but it's a monster when it's awake!'

A little cocky aren't we???

And he wonders why he's got that burning sensation....

My attempts at convincing members of the fairer sex that it was a magic dragon never ended in success, he's just taken it one step futher.

At first, I was angry that there were no pictures... then I thought, he's 63 ... and it's Puff. No thanks.

Snork @ Siouxie!

had an acquaintance in the Corps that decided he wanted a coral snake tattoo. took 4 sittings and a lot of whiskey, but what a sight to behold when finished. or so I'm told.

Umm...did it have to be "awake" when it was being tattooed?

Sorry Dave, You have never proven Claire really exists. I think she is a figment of your imagination. That would mean that she is a purple dragon that lives at EPCOT Center.

Where can I get one? Where can I get one?

Jazzzz, the article says exactly where you can get one.

of course, "Nessie" would be more my size style

Ah. Going for fiction, then, Jazzzz?

*winks at Jazzzz*

snork @ Jazzie

Men...ya gotta love em...or not.

Someone sent me pictures of this - it was pretty amazing (as were some of the camera angles, IKYIM)and looked like it was ridiculously painful. Also, he will be forever in the waxer's chair to keep his "canvas" clean.

Or is it more the theme of "something that few people are sure they've really seen"?

I saw it Suzy Q ... made me sweat

Susy, don't share. Thank you.

gld, I'm assuming at the sight of the needle, Puff goes "poof" and disappears.

Well somebody's got to share these pics. with the rest of us. I have one tattoo, and frankly, the idea of this is making me hurt in a place that I don't even have.

Why do I find it disturbing that he's had a character from a children's song tatooed on his love commando?

Little girl, do you wanna see Puff?

Sio, LOL, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I want to see the finished artwork.

That is what I was figuring though. "Come on out. It'll only hurt for a minute...okay a couple hours...okay actually for several days."

and I DID mean gjd.

I've got a Sasquatch in my crotchatal area.

(I promise, I'm only kidding. Scuse me while I go bathe in bleach with steel wool. I've made myself sick)

What's also kinda disgusting about the photos is that this is obviously NOT a young guy. He has a saggy, wrinkly little ass.

fivver, "love commando"? Should't that be the purple helmeted warrior of love?

I just skimmed the article at first and when I saw that "it extends from his belly to his back", I almost fainted.

casey - this guy is old enough for a Yeti. IYKWIM.

Or Throbbing Python of Love, casey.

"Nessie" would be more my size style

Posted by: Jazzzz | 12:39 PM on November 28, 2007

You can say that, but can you back it up?

Wait, that didn't sound right...

Not that I've spent much time wondering, but.... was the needlework done while the Johnson was asleep or at full attention? If the latter, was there Viagra involved? Damn these lazy reporters

Mine is already mythical.

Wait, that didn't sound right either.....


I blame my frequent innapropriate outbursts on the fact that I have red hair and was raised by a hippie-freak man that liked the ganja, IYKWIM. It's really not my fault.

ellie - look out, Jazzzz is backing it up -
"Beep, beep, beep, beep!"

SNORK at jazzzz!

OMG - ^5 Jazzz!


Wait'll the swelling goes down - he'll be left with the Geico gekko.

Casey, did you have an innapropriate outburst?

Does little Jackie Paper know about this? And wasn't this a stoner song?

*SNORK* @ Jazzzz

Well done, but can you parallel park?

AD. I still wonder about the string and sealing wax.

AD - The guy who wrote the song, Peter Yarrow, says it's a song about children growing up and moving on to adult interests. Other folks decided that since the group, Peter, Paul, and Mary, were popular with the hippies it was about pot.

Do you think the guy goes around saying, "Hey baby, wanna puff on my magic dragon?"

pogo, and now we come to find out it's all about some perv wanting someone to "puff his dragon".

AD - if you remember, you weren't really there.

Ellie....I'm not even going there;-D


Jeez, now when you let it be known you need your dragon puffed, they call you a perv!

LOL Daniel Jazzzzzzzz

Allright, I'll leave it alone. ;-)

John Bevan's blog answers some of your questions...

It is a real tattoo, and pain was negligible as I used a skin anesthetic, AMETROPE. The genital and pubic area took 50 hours of work whilst the rest of the shorts took another 35 hours. It has not been ‘re-touched’ at all, and the colors get brighter when erect. I think this is due to the extra blood supply during erections. It was very difficult to tattoo due to the ‘mobile’ nature of the skin and its very variable nature/texture. (go on have a look!). The scrotum skin was stretched out over a wooden spoon. The head is totally covered, it DOES have eyes nose and mouth. The apadravia piercing is a 5mm by 34mm long bar.
I was not erect while it was being done, we were both too busy getting the wriggly little thing in the right position to ink him. Erections while so called healing was taking place were never a problem.

Key phrase: The scrotum skin was stretched out over a wooden spoon. WTF????

I'm too lazy to scroll up to see who said it but..I also hurt in places I don't even have!!!

i went there, and came back, i think.

Coincidentally, my @ss is draggin'.


Zoodle, that was WAY TMI!! Thank you!!!



boat paddle

um...I'm not going to link it, but NOW I remember someone sending me these photos.



adds an S up there.

zips in*™

Sheesh. I've been away from the blog for days and this is what I find when I come back.

I don't think I'd want to swallow a dragon, IYKWIM. ;)

ooops, did I just say that out loud?

*zips out*

and may I say...YIKES!!

mot, you sure it's not ceiling wax?

Siouxie, while I appreciate your efforts, I believe I'll pass on your link. 'Cause there's definitely SWWT.

Annie, I don't remember anything... so I guess I was there...


OK..but Annie can peek, right???

This is from his bio:

It started life as a water transfer and felt tip pen drawing applied to the area and over time evolved; with Dave’s help; from a snake into the design you see today.

Dave is always lending a hand.

while i can appreciate the art, i don't think that this is particularly appealing. i have tattoos and piercings but i don't think i'd find this appetizing (IYKWIMAITYD). if faced with that, i'd probably run the other way.

CG, ceiling wax would be way too kinky for the 60's.

wicked, I'm witcha! RUN FAR FAR AWAY

btw, the guy is gay (nttawwt) so maybe his partner wanted to puff the dragon???

Sio...just what do you mean by lending a hand?

I looked at the pics. and I'm sorry, but... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! If I was...ummm...presented with that. I am sure I would be rolling on the floor in absolute hysteric laughter. I hope Puff finds a cave that is happy to let him live there.

Jazzzzie!! *smooch*

Dave was the tattoo artist. Not OUR Dave.

LOL gjd, again...I don't think it's batgirl's cave he's interested in (iycmd)

Don't you think the piercing is a nice touch? Kinda like a bit in Puff's mouth.......Whoooooooa boy

I don't care if it's batgirl or Robin he's after. He's just laying there w/ this look on his face thinking he's all that and I'm snorking Fresca out my nose.

GJD, apparently this guy bats for the wrong team so it's unlikely you'll ever be presented with that. I would of thought that a 63 yr old man would have more sense than to do that, I mean who the hell is he trying to impress anyway.

*snork* Jazzzz. Rein 'em in.

I can't believe you guys actually looked! I feel like such a prude...

I guess he needed a new gimmick to add to his sales pitch.

"ouching needle, hidden dragon"

ellie, you can hardly recognize the thing for what it is. Definitely not what I would call porn of any interest. Just don't be drinking anything.

I did not puff, nor did I inhale.

And is "dragon" a bit of a stretch?? I think most of the time it's just a gecko.

I remember a book entitled "The Dragon Riders Of Pern" maybe it was the inspiration for this bit of epidermal art.

ellie....not one to look at other guys dangly bits,(NTTATWWT) but curiosoty about something I wouldn't even dream of.
BTW....one look was enough

Mott - there were several books in the Pern series. I don't think any of them would have inspired this.

Mot, do not insult the great Anne McCaffrey with THAT guys pee pee.

*snork* at insom.

who wouldn't look?!?!

*Removes extra "t" from Mot*

Hey guys I'm not being disrespectful of the one of the best SF series, I'm merely thinking this wanted his dragon to be ridden.

LOL @ insom

Many guys describe their bits as dragons, but most of them are just lizards. Maybe I'm just shopping in the wrong places.

And I shall just trust you guy's descriptions of the dragon...I'll just leave it to my imagination.

*Imagines* Runs screaming

Insert "idiot" in the appropriate place please.

I'm gonna get a tattoo of a rooster with a noose around his neck on my calf.
For those of you who can figure that out...it's the only way that's gonna happen.

I tried to look. Sadly Gladly, I did not see what I was expecting.

And, for you Pern aficionados, this discussion is occurring in a "thread".

lol insom!

I've been on the internet too long. My first thought on seeing this was 'old news.' I've seen other stories. With pictures. People who send me links are often times evil.

LOL, pogo. Quick, throw water on it. Fire. SOMEthing.

(BTW, I'm throwing an apostrophe up to my previous post.)

I'm reading a book where one of the baddies is a girl with a tattoo of a snake which starts at her ankle, runs all the way up her inner thigh, round her butt, up her back and ends with the head sinking it's fangs into her neck. Now that's kinky.

hangcock, blurk??

Close, Siouxie.
Because then I'd have a c0ck that hangs below my knee.

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