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November 29, 2007


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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First time I've ever heard a man say that!

If it's that small, maybe they could reduce it to a Miss demeanor.

I guess his cellmates will be quite disappointed then.

I see he got his comeupence.

Did they put him in a holding cell?

*changes an "e" with an "a" after checking a dictionary*


while standing naked in the front window of his home

If you're not allowed to expose your bits in your own home, how are you supposed to get a shower or use the loo or even change your knickers?

Defendant: Your honor, I would not expose my weener in the manner described as it is embarrassingly small.

Plaintiff: Objection!

Judge: Yes, naturally, but let's stick to the testimony .....

I'm glad to see that nature balances out...

Judge: How do you plead?

Defendant: Like this. Please, honey. I know it's small but pleeeeeeeeeez

If you ain't got it don't flaunt it.

Reminds me of Mie Tyson's defense all those years ago.

This suspicious looking character in a grubby trench coat steps up to two young ladies hurrying across a very snowy Central Park. "Hey ladies" He calls, "It's so friggen cold, do you mind if I just describe it?"

I didn't see a thing.

Maybe the "victims" should be arrested for being window peepers.

He was also spotted naked

Offers the obligatory 'Spotted d!ck'.

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

Meanie.....did you mean testiclemony

Snork @ the headline 'small weener defense'

Heck, the guy was putting a new spin on a comedic stand-up routine.

Brevity IS the soul of wit.

He could tattoo a dragon on the tiny thing to make it more appealing to the eye. Then maybe he'd be proud to show it off.

And still no comment about "the measure of a man?"

His poor wife....

*wonders if she is the charitable hooker*

This article is useless without pictures balloons.

Was the evidence circumcised circumstantial?

There was a young law student named Rex
who had very small organs of sex.
When charged with exposure
he said with composure,
"de minimis non curat lex."

(The law is not concerned with small matters, a legal truism.)


I think I'm gonna die.

Please, no responses here. Just thank you all for being my friends.


Siouxie - check mail

I did, back at ya.


No. words.










Call me.

Words. escape. me.


Prayers, many of them, are with you.

as to the topic at large, well, i guess that's an overstatement...

Between yesterday and today, this blog has ceased being fun.

NOOOOOOOOOOO don't say that, Mot. Just a little snag. I'm sure and I pray that it all works out. Let's have a little faith huh?? ;-)

we love you Punkin

ok..a BIG snag. Still. We can send our good thoughts and prayers their way. That's what we do too.

Faith. That I have, enough and to spare. But your first post (at 1:44) was the most eloquent of the day, Mot.

Punkin, I am speechless. Something is rotten in the state of ...whatever.

I've been praying for the past hour and will continue to do so.

ok..picture's gone.

This is a real downer. Now, what's the backup plan? There has to be some recourse here. What state is it?

Siouxie, great!

Pogo, I don't know that it's a good idea to discuss it here.


Denmark, Jeff. :-)

lawyers, character witnesses, bribes. surely something can be done. i mean besides prayers.

exactly, gjd. I know Punkin is doing everything that needs to be done.


Our talking too much here can actually make it worse, so let's just let Punkin know we support her 100% and that'll be good.

I agree, gjd. She knows we all love her and wish her the best. I just wish THEY would have read all the positive and happy posts.

Amen. (to Sio and gjd)

Exactly, Sio.

Rumor has it that there are people in the world with little or no sense of humour. *sigh*

this is just so wrong.


gjd - I think you can put a period after "sense."

Oh no, I think I'm gonna be sick to my stomach. Really. This can't be real. There is no way this can be happening. I love you Punkin.


Punkin, anything we can do. Anything. At. All.

(((((Mom and her daughter)))))

I'm so sorry Punkin. This is just ridiculous. Please contact me if you need help specifically in Ohio, but if I remember correctly you're in another state.

{{{{{{{{PUNKIN & ALL POOS}}}}}}}}
So manymanymany prayers and good karma coming your way from the West Coast - we KNOW it'll work out.


I'm sure that things will work out once common sense is used. We're all praying for you.

Punkin. My prayers, thoughts, and hugs go out to you and your family.

Thank you all. I want to die. I have waited 17 yrs for that baby. She was so loved. She did not thrive in the hospital until I spent hours and hours there every day, rocking her and holding her and loving her. The nurses said she suddenly "came alive". And so did I. This is so unfair.

Tell me it's "God's Will" and I will hunt you down and strangle you. If God gets his jollies jerking us around, then he's a sick bastard.


This is NOT God's will. God's will is that YOU have this baby. This is some warped and vicious HUMAN crap. It's NOT fair and it's NOT right. Please have faith and fight this. WE are ALL behind you and praying for you.

I love you, susy

I'm with you too, Cheri.

Siouxie, you managed to say what I wasn't able to put into words.


Love you too, my dear friend.

Cheri - Please, don't think I'd ever say this is God's will; I do not believe that. Siouxie is exactly right when she says, "This is some warped and vicious HUMAN crap. It's NOT fair and it's NOT right. Please have faith and fight this. WE are ALL behind you and praying for you."

All my love and tears.

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