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November 26, 2007


That's not the term this blog would use.

Cringe-inducing photo and words.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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A pole in one.

He needed that like a hole in the head.

They should ban those safety rails.

Unique Horn

*does the pole dancing hat trick*

mebbe not...

Get this bloody thing out of my head

Yeah. This blog has said that alot too. Giant pole in the head, Barry Manilow tune--same difference.

Cool piercing, man!

Man, shades of Phineas Gage! Hope the young man in question doesn't suffer personality or other changes.

Those sidebar stories are interesting coinkidinks.

Pole dancing for breakfast? Not everyone's cup of tea...

Bump Ahead! ...

*SNORK!*@ Pogo.

This is your brain.
This is your brain on safety railings.
Any questions?

When will these kids learn that the piercing fad will pass?

Never had a Pole in my head; the voices I hear are strictly Hungarian...

An hour on a rickshaw? Holy CRAP?!

It's a shame he had it removed; think of the career he could have had appearing on stage with Marilyn Manson.

The saddest part was when he was admitted to the hospital, they operated on his knee.

I coulda had a V-8!

(lol, meanie.)

*snork* @ Vic!

*snork* @ Vic!

Guess it was worth two, after all.


"Brave Rajpurohit had to slide his head up the pole before he could be cut free from the wreckage, but still could not remove the object. "

Dear Higher Power on a Pogo Stick. If I had male parts, I think I would be able to hear them crawling inside me at this point.

Where were these 'Angels' when BEFORE the pole went through his head? Hahahaha - angels, HA!

I would also say that EVERYBODY else on that bus was luckier than him.

On Scene Reporter - "So, when they were trying to rescue you, what was going through your head?"

LMAO Annie!

I witnessed an accident years ago where a plumber's van stopped short at a stop sign. The car following him couldn't avoid rear ending the van..

Unfortunately, a length of copper tubing protruding from the truck, pierced the windshield of car behind containing an elderly woman driver and her female rear seat passenger. Rescuers had to cut away most of the car's roof to extract the two ladies (Who suffered head wounds due to the pipe neatly passing through their sculls and exiting the vehicle through the rear window.

I observed the rescue,while two EMT's
lifted the women up out of the car by each holding an opposite end of the pipe.

Miraculately, the pipe suffered little damage.

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