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November 15, 2007


We spoke yesterday at a school near St. Louis. One of the students, a fourth-grader named Emma, drew this excellent picture of a scene from our book, featuring a giant snake and a flying, pooping camel.


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The school of fantastical realism. I love children's drawings.

yay! for emma and the flying pooping camel. if anyone needs me, i'll be off to b&n to get my copy now. i have got to know what this is about!

I apologize that I have not read the book yet...but is there really a flying, pooping camel?

***wonders whether to put it on son's Xmas list or on the 'do not buy under any circumstances' list***

***realizes that if true, the pooping camel is probably very funny, and son will love it even though mom won't***

If I were you, Dave & Ridley, I'd ditch your old illustrator and hire Emma. (I bet you can pay her in "My Little Ponies")

And yes, I still really love frosting. So, for today, the monniker stays.

OT/ Baby Sadie comes home from the hospital tomorrow! Her first official act as blog-baby (after pooping herself) will be to post her first comment on the blog! Look for what I'm sure will be mature and inspiring words from my genius newborn, tomorrow afternoon!

/OT Proud Mommy Rant

Yay, Punkin!

Yaaaay Punkin!

*we're supposed to poop ourselves first?! dang, missed that memo*

fivver - First, or during...as long as it gets done. We don't keep anything bottle up inside, here.

Yay for Sadie coming HOME, Punkin!!! Have there been more pictures that I've missed?? We will, of course, insist on new ones at least every day, please. As our newest blog-baby's mommy, you have a responsibility!

Punkin, no offense, but if Sadie sees a pooping camel and your blogname as presently constituted, I'm not sure you'll want to live with the results.

Congrats on the homecoming!

yes viginia, there is a flying pooping camel.

As I said earlier, Punkin...


And Congrats to Emma and her very inspiring illustration. I see a future in the Arts....or in collecting camel poop. Still, a great future.

Hypothesis 1: A depiction of events in the book.

Hypothesis 2: (given that the person in the bottom right corner has on a blue shirt) A literary criticism.

Hypothesis 4: The kid likes flying, pooping camels. (and who doesn't)

Better than a flying pooping elephant.

air expresses punkin-the-blog-baby's-mom-who-really-loves-frosting a case of sharpies.

Hooray Emma!

Dave, I think you and Ridley have missed a unique marketing opportunity. I suggest using a poster size version of the drawing for the rest of your strumpets. Perhaps you could even make that the cover for the paperback edition.

We were waiting for the school library copy, but maybe I'll pick up the book on the way home. For my daughter of course...

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!!*

*nice bumping into you, too*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Birdie, birdie in the sky
Why'd you do that in my eye
I'm sure glad that pigs camels don't fly.

For Hammie and Siouxie.

Start the bidding at one million dollars! How cute!

For Hammie & Siouxie.

"Emma and the Flying Pooping Camels" would be an excellent name for a teenybopper punk band.

Congrats to the punkin patch.

*looks in the sky for flyin' camels*
*goes back to drinkin' coffee*

.... at Annie!!


awwwww that's sweet!! thanks, Meanie & Annie!

Yay Punkin and baby Sadie!

Frosting for everyone on me!

Back atcha', Meanie.

AA - I'll pass and leave the frosting for Punkin and the other bloggettes.

young emma a nice picture drew
of a fictional camel that flew
the blog had inspired her
and everyone admired her
depiction of flying camel poo

Animal crappers in my soup
Camels and snakes and falling poop
Gosh I'll need a bigger spoon
Are these the secrets of Rundoon?

Trying to savor every word
But then here comes a dropping turd
Why won't that camel fly the coop?
Animal crappers in my soup

Yay for Punkin and the whole Poo family!


Posted by: Punkin "really loves frosting" Poo | 09:22 AM on November 15, 2007

"Baby Sadie comes home from the hospital tomorrow! Her first official act as blog-baby (after pooping herself) will be to post her first comment on the blog!"

Punkin - I have some extra chocolate icing if you'd like to commemorate that in some way. (I'm referring to the "First Poop," of course.)


LMAO @ mud and Stevie!!

YAY for Sadie! Heartfelt congrats Punkin!

That's some mighty fine work there, Emma.

Mary - Thanks! (Will never look at choc. frosting quite the same way again!)

Yay, Emma! Fantastic picture. That's almost exactly how I imagined that scene when I read the book!

And YAY Punkin and the Sprout! Can't wait to read her first post!

Okay I'm gettin' this book now.

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