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November 28, 2007


"Everyone is going to jail."

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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From the judge's mouth to God's ears.

I feel his pain. It takes just that one last ring to send a person over the edge.

But, at least he could have released the folks that didn't have cell phones on them when they were frisked, eh?

Cell phones, indeed.

Graduate of Kim Jong-il law school?

My new hero!

Judi- How did you miss the "hunky Santa" video to the Left on this page????!!!? Why didn't you tell us?

If you heard the conversation I heard on the guys nextel that was sitting in front of me last night, you would agree with the judge. Why would anyone have a conversation about his s*x life on speakerphone on a crowded bus. I had my MP3 player on high and couldnt block it out. Give that judge a raise.

No phone for you!!!

I love this judge.

I think nomination to the Supreme Court would be appropriate here.

That judge should get a medal... We nearly had a fist fight in the reference room over cell phone use in the library - where my signs telling people to turn it off are routinely ignored...Mostly by people who can't figure out how to turn the &*#$ things off, since they're always on them!

Dave! Running mate! Get him on the ticket now!

Actually, that would be ballot wouldn't it...

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